23 May 2014

Best Nail Tips for Prom!

https://MediacomCable.com Are you getting ready for prom? La' James International College in Iowa shares how you can use CND Vinylux Tropix nail polish to ...


so we're going to start by finally make each nail down to the shape that she has desired we're going to we're going to take out the edges we're going to apply the CND vinylux color coat tropics dehydrate with your ass home they hired leading the nails to take any oils or contaminants off the natural nails so the color coat will adhere to the natural nail take our vinylux up to the cuticle area and bring it forward using a three-stroke method applying a thin coat to all five nails making sure we do not get it on the skin about any lifting from the cuticle area and sealing the extension edge as we do the three stroke method to ensure that there is no cracking or lifting the sandy vinylux is a seven day where as you wear it it cures in the natural light there's no base coat required to this system so that's one less step that you have to do seven and a half minute drying time so it's super fast to do a whole set with the manicure or pedicure endless amounts of shades they have launched a variety of shades and then there's also a technique that you can layer the colors and change what color you she's going back in with her second coat

pushing it back to the cuticle abbreviated forward using the three stroke method and sealing that extension edge two layers for coverage thin layers bender win then doing is definitely the quote but you can basically do as many ways just as a do nail art on top of it and anything and then finishing with the top coat which gives you the hogwash sign and we'll get you that seven-day weekly we're also with the the taco you apply a thin layer using the three stroke method why it's all five nails and exceeding that extension edge a few minutes by the time you apply to all ten fingers you can go in with the top coat we have one hand done already so we can show on to some oil with a 75 minute dry it drying time the client will be able to go and do their normal activities so we'll apply the C and D solar oil to the cuticle area to all five nails letting that penetrate through the vinylux and then we'll massage it in lightly all the way down to the tip of the fingers this will ensure you know any dryness on the cuticle machine hands and will help prolong the service wearing that solar oil this would be something the client

would take home and use twice a day morning and night and it will just help hydrate that natural nail and he final x and that is an application of CND vinylux tropics you