04 March 2018

Best Makeup UNDER $10

Today we're talking AFFORDABLE makeup! I'm sharing my top beauty products under $10. These are my top 11 favorite affordable makeup and beauty ...

it is been a hot second since I shared

any beauty related content here on but first off if you've been around for a while you might remember that this used to be an exclusively Beauty only channel and if you're sort of curious why don't really create a lot of beauty content anymore I'm actually writing the entire blog post about it so I'll put a link to my blog down below but today in the spirit of being frugal I want to share with you my favorite favorite favorite beauty products under $10 that are absolutely worth your money let's dive into this let's start with skincare the first thing on I share is this skin food it is the black sugar wash off face mask this is an exfoliating mask so what you do is you just buff it onto your skin sort of like an exfoliant and then you let it sit on for about four or five minutes before you rinse it off it's made with Brazilian black sugar and moisturizing honey which I've talked about in the past honey is amazing for your skin and this stuff just always makes my skin feel so buttery soft the price does vary somewhere between $8 and on the high end you might be spending like $11 or 1150 but you can definitely get it for under $10 if you shop around

and I'll put links to all of these products and where you can get them for under $10 in the description down below next up I want to talk about the Garnier micellar water micellar water we seal your water micellar water this is an all-in-one cleanser you're just gonna drop some onto a console odd and usage to remove your makeup what I love about this stuff it is super super gentle it is so great for sensitive skin but it still gets all the gunk off of your face but it's basically just like a multi-purpose cleanser that helps to lift away dirt and oil and makeup from your skin I use it every single night after I've cleanse my face to get whatever residual stuff is sort of left on there it also comes in white forms which you can see I really like because my package is empty area lipstick mica for less and move on to hair this new product I am obsessed with right now it is the L'Oreal L buy or repair damage erasing balm this is B something just like a hair conditioner or like a hair mask if you put on your hair in the shower let it sit on for five minutes even a little longer if you can't but

holy guacamole you guys this stuff is amazing I have not used a mask that made my hair feel so good as this stuff does this stuff was like $6.99 seriously if you take anything from this video I would say go I'll get you some of this let's move on to makeup I have two foundations to share with you that are under $10 in my first one I think is under $4 it is the wet and wild photo focus foundation I love this foundation I got it on a total whim was not expecting to like it I'm definitely one of those people that thought that a foundation under $5 there was no way it was gonna be good but I was so wrong I love the consistency of this because it's sort of a lighter foundation so it applies really nice but it literally sets into a really comfortable sort of like Demi matte finish so it doesn't feel wet or heavy or dewy on your skin all day long which is a huge pet peeve of mine also means it doesn't settle into fine lines I highly recommend it less than five dollars what while is great cruelty free definitely check this one out my other foundation suggestion is if you're looking for something a little

more full coverage it's the L'Oreal infallible total coverage foundation it's definitely a thicker foundation more of a full coverage but it's got this sort of like soft mousse sort of consistency so it goes on like really really nice and natural it sets really beautifully it wears great any one of my biggest problems with full coverage foundations as they just like look full coverage you know especially after a couple hours of wear they just don't look so great and this stuff does not do that it's definitely gonna give you a lot of coverage you don't mean full coverage it's not for you but if you are looking for something that's gonna give you a lot more coverage and you haven't tried this one out you're really gonna like it when it comes to applying your foundations I always go back and forth between sponges and brushes but if any sponges are really gonna kind of my ride and die I use them a lot more and my favorites are the Real Techniques these are the smaller it's like their miracle contour ones they're like designed for contouring I use them for my eyes but there's obviously the larger orange ones as well and the singles of

these are going to cost you somewhere between four to eight dollars depending on the size that you're getting if you buy big packs like this then you can get them for either even cheaper you can get them fully three dollars each and I like these just as much if not more than the expensive sponges they work wonders for playing foundation and under-eye concealer I get two eyeliner choices for you the first ones could be the L'Oreal super slim liquid liner I love this liner it is a felt tip applicator super easy to use it comes in a couple different colors in case you're one of those people who likes to use Gray's or Browns what I like about it is the formula just wears really nice and it is a really simple liquid liner to use if you're sort of new to liquid liners it's a great one to start with because it's just a really easy application but I pretty much always have one of these in my arsenal it's kind of my go-to liquid liner the other smooth liner that I love and I have loved for years is the wet and wild mega liner this line is maybe a little trickier to work with because it's actually a brush applicator and it goes into the little pot of the liquid

liner but if you want something that it's like a little more dramatic you're gonna get an even more intense black than you would get from the L'Oreal one the only thing I'll say about this is it's not waterproof so if you have really oily eyelids or you're gonna be somewhere where it's gonna be really hot then it's maybe not the best one to use but I do think it comes out waterproof formula just have never used that one so I can't speak to it but you have two good choices one's gonna be a little bit more of an intense full black a little trickier to use other one is like a great everyday can't go wrong with it when it comes to brows under ten dollars I think my favorite is the Maybelline brow drama line they have a few different things that I really love this is the brown mascara this is basically just a tinted mascara that you put onto your brows you can sort of just fill them in and give them little bit more definition and you're out the door in general pretty much anything from the Maybelline brow drama line is gonna be under ten dollars and it's great for brows I probably played a thousand mascaras under $10 that I love

not gonna lie that might be exaggerating but there are a lot of really good ones so instead of boring you to tears I figured out to share my current favorite under $10 and it is the L'Oreal lash paradise this came out last year got a lot of height people really loved it I actually didn't like it the first time I tried it and found that I actually just bought a dud bottle and it was dried out just sort of weird and then some ones I bought another one it was brand new I was like wow this stuff is great the best thing that I can compare it to is the Too Faced better than sex mascara which i think is kind of what they were going for because clearly the packaging looks very similar to that it was just a great easy to use mascara you can build it up or to sort of do one coat you don't want to be super dramatic sometimes Cara's sort of after maybe two coats like that's the best you're gonna get both this you can continue to build on it and still maintain a nice fluttery look there's a lot of good lip products under there for under ten dollars but the one that I always think about and it's always been my favorite is the Revlon Ultra HD matte lip colors I have

even probably every single color that it comes in because I love them that much they are so comfortable to wear it does say that they're matte but they do not feel maps they more kind of look like a Dem I'm at when they're finished this has a great variety colors and they last beautifully they wear really really great this color right here is the color HD crush this is like one of my favorites is sort of a purple what's really funny is actually for this what video did I wear this thing I wear this and the ten things that you should cut from your budget and I'm having so much hate for just so funny so we need people in the comments were like I really like this video but like you shouldn't be wearing that lipstick or what are you doing your makeup I don't know girlfriend once wear purple lipstick I'm or a purple lipstick I like it it's fun I enjoy it I'm sorry if you don't like it another lip product that I just have to throw in there because I feel like it is my PSA of this video it is the blistex lip medics I've tried every single chapstick lip balm lip medication all of them to help my

flips this stuff does it like overnight I have told everyone I know about this and every person who's tried it it was like Cal you changed my life because your lips will go from chapped to happy in 24 hours flat alright my friends that does it it has been a little while since I shared any content with you and it's really fun these are products I absolutely love a use of daily and/or weekly in my routine all the time under $10 so it won't break the bank I hope that you enjoyed this if you have under $10 makeup products that you really like let us know in the comments down below share in love so we can sort of learn from you what products you're loving under $10 also don't forget to tag me on Instagram or in your Instagram stories I always share when you guys tag me out on my stories and I even have a highlight reel right on my Instagram profile where I highlight all the stuff you guys have shared of me whether you're sharing products with me or you tried one of my DIYs or one of my hats I love to hear from you as always I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I will see you all in my next video [Music]