21 December 2018

Best Makeup Products of 2018 | CORRIE SIDE

My favorite products of 2018: Nude By Nature Perfecting Primer - https://go.magik.ly/ml/ixnm/ Lanolips 101 Ointment - https://go.magik.ly/ml/ixnn/ Smashbox 24 ...

hey everybody Oh welcome back to my

channel today I'm so excited to bring you my 2018 favorites my most beloved products of 2018 if you're interested here they come let's start with primers so first of all I have my nude by nature perfecting primer I got this as a sample from Influenster or chick advisor I also feel like this was the year of Lanna lips for me I have two tubes of this one on one point mint and I like it a lot I use it on my lips pretty much 24/7 it's beautiful and last of all maybe most illogically this year I like almost any time I wear eyeshadow I was wearing my smashbox 24-hour photo finish shadow primer the eyebrows this year there's only one standout product to me and that is the glossy a boy brow it's been around for years everybody's tried it except for me finally tried it out in brown and I had to say it's worth the hype I really really like it a lot it's beautiful great hold for big furry eyebrows like mine for eyeshadow this is the most boring answer but it's also kind of a surprising pick it is my two pallets that I'm using in project pen 2018 a tart tart letí's palette and the tarte

graveyard girl swamp queen not really exciting palettes really just boring everyday palettes and I'm not going to show you how much I've used you have to check out my project pan finale video for more info but I love the way these eyeshadows smell I love that the colors are kind of boring so you can kind of just play around and see what kind of boring like you're gonna come up with today my go-to eyeliners this year have definitely been the 24/7 pencil eyeliners from Urban Decay although I don't know if I like them as much as my a cosmetics gel but I feel like they're probably a way better deal so I've been using those exclusively in my waterline and then for a liquid eyeliner I don't think I'm ever gonna get over this lore'l leaner intense in black mica just love the brush love the formula lasts forever I've done a wear test on it and as a fun eyeliner choice I chose the heavy metal eyeliner this is a glitter eyeliner and this is the color distortion and the video here is not doing it justice in real life it has like green and purple and pink shifts to it very beautiful and mascara of the

year I still have been using and loving my mocr big from Lancome I do think the full-size is a lot more like gloopy err and you have to really make sure that the brush doesn't take picking up too much product but the effect on your lashes are just so beautiful so feathered but so voluminous it's just a great mixture and I haven't found anything this year that I think really beats it so still loving that foundation is gonna surprise you because it's another chart product part of me feels really guilty for like like using so much chart but like I bought a bunch of hard stuff before the controversies happened but I haven't using this confidence creamy powder foundation and fair neutral and I traditionally don't like powder foundations I feel like they're kind of hard to get it right for your skin from me they're either too dry or too kind of creamy greasy but this one just provides a beautiful amount of coverage is easy to build i under a concealer I still am sticking with my Maybelline instant age rewind eraser for dark circles and then the brush that I use for this powder foundation is actually a different type brush this is

a big old tart kabuki brush with like this bamboo or wouldn't handle super densely packed like you can pretty much hit the bottom of it with your hand and it's not really gonna give like it gives a little bit but it's so great for buffing on powder foundations I use it for my loose powder foundations I used it for my pressed powder foundations it's really my ideal brush texture for applying powder foundations and for all my liquid foundations my spray-on foundations my BB creams everything else oh I still love my Beauty Blender so so much I actually ended up getting a Christmas package last year which came with this little glass egg stand for your Beauty Blender and I use that every day as well so so nice and I'd also like to shout out these brushes that again not a day goes by when I don't use them these were just some super cheapo brushes that a company sent to me it was big bang Beauty I think that's what they're called I have a video on that haul as well and these brushes never shed they're super soft they're easy to hold I love the handles just a great cheap brush set here is a kind of random

honorable mention this is the closed color swap cosmetic brush refresher I mean you don't need the quo one I just happened to have it because I live here in Canada it's like 10 bucks it's basically this weird sponge sponge type thing that you brush your brushes into like quickly swap out our shadow colors for complexion products my hg is if you've been watching me for a while we'll be kind of predictable but again these are products that I use every day I've been loving the Too Faced love flush in baby love this is another project pan so you have to check out my project pan but not only to see how much progress that I've made the fancy beauty and match shakes and amber oh you guys if you are super pale like me you want a really cool almost all of contour you need to check out this beautiful stick contour Charlotte Tilbury gold bar bar of gold I got this in a I think was a beauty lush mystery baked cut it's good it's just really subtle it's not really gold at all just a nice subtle highlight but on days that I really want to step it up not again I am still late to the party you guys I got a sample of champagne pop

from Becca in a Sephora favorites kit and holy crap I've never used a highlight that looks so like wet on your cheeks without emphasizing texture without really adding image type of color cast to your cheeks it is so beautiful it's also the namesake of juggs car which sadly passed away this year champagne poop may you rest in peace champagne poop one thing you'll notice is I have not selected like a favorite lip product of the year I feel like it didn't have a favorite lipstick or anything this year other than maybe mile an ellipse so I'm just gonna throw in a couple products at the end here as kind of like honorable mentions I used them a lot but they weren't like favorite favorites of course a huge shout out to my beloved patrons who helped bring this content to you guys thank you so much for your support if you would like to support check me out over on patreon or just share this video with anybody else who might find it helpful I would love to know your favorites of 2018 so leave your top picks down in the comments below or link me up to your own favorites video or Instagram post or

whatever you've created I'd love to see well that's not you guys I'll see you all in my next tip beauty video bye [Music] [Music] [Music]