21 July 2017

BEST Makeup Products In The Drugstore

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hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channels so today I'm going to be doing my top beauty products from the drugstore now I myself have about a half and a half a drugstore and luxury products so this is pretty easy for me to come up with a big pile of stuff I love for the drugstore to save y'all a little bit of money on some products so let's get into this video okay guys so before we start was this huge little pile of stuff here that I'm probably gonna run through pretty fast go ahead and click that subscribe button down below I've put out five videos a week so you always have something new to watch and I would like really appreciate it anyways the first thing I'll talk about something I never hear people use and this is something that I just ran out of actually this is the air spun loose face powder and this one was in the shade extra translucent coverage translucent extra coverage and then I had to get another one because we ran out but this one is in the shade of naturally neutral I haven't used it yet so not sure if this shade is good but they ran out of this translucent at my Walmart now I'm going to show you my powder puffs and tell you this thing

lasted me over a year I'm a powder puff y'all the whole thing is brown but what got me is I open this new and up today this thing is like fluffy and white and pure like this thing takes a beating I use this every single day to set my face in the past year two years I haven't said my face with anything else this stuff works so well and it's only five dollars and lasts forever like this is a lot of products in here so definitely worth 5 bucks check it out here the translucent if they have it at your Walmart next is Milani blushes now Milani has some blushes and bronzers that I really love they have baked blushes and then these little powder ones which are super pretty they come with like little roses I've talked about this one before this is tea rose I'm wearing it today is one my favorite blushes now that are wearing blushes again and then we have some really cool bright ones like this one is called Coral Cove they're really pretty really easy to blend out and when you talk about twice with that brush that's all the products you need to go ahead and put those cheeks together and it's

really nice subtle and very buildable which I really appreciate because I hate a blush that she's like one touch in there it's like all of your face looking crazy don't like that what did you like those questions next we're gonna talk about highlighters wet-and-wild has some great options as far as highlighters we also have some little highlighting palettes this is the illuminating palette catwalk towel pink I believe I did a review listing for and then we have some lightness which are the highlighting powders and this one is in precious petals they're so pretty so blendable so blinding like gorgeousness I can't tell if you can tell I can't tell if you can tell anyways these are just super gorgeous and totally worth the $4.99 I think this one was I just have random kiddies you know my guys anyways as we go what products should I pick Nick Van Dyck one okay next she picks foundations this is the L'Oreal Paris Pro Glo infallible Pro gallery this is 202 but it's too dark for me I love this foundation the foundation coverage is good about a medium d finish is a gorgeous do we luminous glow more thin

look however they don't make one pale enough for me and that's Mellon complain about these but if you are darker than me in complexion which most people are this will work beautifully for you thanks what I have for the foundations is the infallible title cover does tonneau cover no it's like a lights medium probably a medium it's a little pink this is 301 classic ivory but I love the finish of it's very matte without being dry looking and it's like a creamy weird texture that I kind of enjoy next we have a dream velvet by Maybelline this isn't in porcelain ivory and this is really pink so I never use it on its own this is so pink that I have to mix it with something else usually with the turtle cover but it's such a pretty moosie finish like a moody texture it's soft as beautiful it's really easy to work into the skin a lot does soak into the Beauty Blender but I don't mind because I love it and it was like 4 bucks thing goes on sale next we have these fit be my Maybelline in matte and poreless 112 natural ivory love this it's a little dark but I don't know it's a nice dewy finish very liquidy so if you're not into a super

liquidy one don't go for this one but this was the one I fell in love with a long time ago and I still keep coming back to it this is my second painter of this one and that is for many foundations blush shoe as Rio she's got the sniffles we're gonna be able to eyeliner eyeliners from the drugstore NYX has the best without a doubt this is the curved eyeliner perfect for wings I love it so much this one's kind of dry now this $14.99 a little pricey but super pretty and then we have one that I recently fell in love with this is the NYX epic ink liner in black if a nice little felt tip pen and it's just a beautiful solid black color and it applies so nicely it's still wet you can just a little shake and things start back up you need to but I think it was $7.99 and it's just it's gorgeous black color with no stray hairs and the brush bristles are perfect really love it next we have lip liners these are some lip liners that I never see anyone in the world but Muse and I don't understand why these are the Jordana lip liners attractive these a million times I have baby berry and rockin roads I've used them almost to the bone they're only

$2.99 at Walgreens you go to like the view count or people check you out there's a little section right there and they're super pretty super nice creamy blendable well not super creamy but they're very blendable and for $2.99 who's gonna complain but my favorite drugstore lip liners that are a little too Yeley for me is the gel lip liners from wet and wild this one is in big pink flamingo pink flamingos I have a couple of these I think of three and they're so nice so blendable so gooey gooey buttery beautifulness but sometimes I don't so so creamy I think you might believe but overall love these gives you a nice sketch out where your lips should go wow that sounds where you live sugar you get it next more mascara this one is the big colossal big shot by Maybelline the man you a commercial really got me to buy this one and the beautiful gold and purple packaging but it really is good it has a nice huge wand on it the wand is very nice the bristles are good and solid and I like the brush because it's not super super long bristles they're not too tight where you feel like not getting in there it feels really nice

and balanced and I like it the formulas very very black and dark so I need to pick up another one of these the next thing I'll talk about is something that people use this duo eyelash glue all the time but the black one is something people don't use now they're using it and loving it so this is the strip lash adhesive in dark tone by duo it's like a grey black and it really prevents a lot of that white that you see on your eyelashes after wearing a few times to the start and it's not white it doesn't leave that nasty flakiness now it's a little bit harder to you know kind of take off the excess we left a few uses of your lashes it can confuse with the band a little bit but I love that I don't do that white stuff on my eyelashes or have to take eyeliner on some of my lashes and fix it love that lash glue and I definitely recommend the dark one next we have the wet and wild liquid lipsticks wetting wall has been killing the game in the past a year two years these are the these are both looking cat suits they also have some regular liquid lipsticks and they're so good there most of them are completely opaque our view

this entire collection swatched every single color for this collection for you I'll leave that video linked down below but these are so nice this is the shade nice - fuchsia and this is very recognize there's so many different tones it comes from really light colors - peaches - darts and dark wine colors Reds and really love them super versatile and they do drag on your lips a tiny tiny bit but not more than anything else and I think the last thing that I have for you for my favorites to the drugstore are the Milani metallic liquid lipsticks and this one is materialistic it is a red coppery color nice smells really good this color is like a good gorgeous metal copper color so I'm in love with it and I lovely smell the will avoid and look it look beautiful they're opaque definitely line your lips beforehand though so you don't get that weird edge but they're super nice and they're only $4.99 anyway that's it for my drugstore favorites you guys said if you guys know this video if you want to see more videos like this give me a thumbs up and I will certainly do it for you I love

you all so much I hope you have an awesome day raise your and I put out five days a week so be sure to subscribe for you leave guys