05 January 2018


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hello guys it's me Nikki and WA hello

hello so today is not a winter wonder week video because winter one a week ended last week and I took a little bit of a break and got to my creative juices flowing back into the body it sounds so weird I got my creative juices back and I am back on the channel after a very short four five day break five day four day five day break hello I'm back so I wanted to ring in the New Year I wanted to ring in 2018 with my 2017 all-time favorite hits of the year so these are the products that may 2017 even better I mean I recorded a video with Jessie J Kim Kardashian and Patrick Starr in 2017 so 2017 was pretty lit if you ask me but these products that I have laying on my on my lap right now my lab these products that I am holding right here really made a difference for 2017 and really improved the makeup in 2017 for me so today is all about that and I tried to make the list not too too long because I want it to be very very selective these are products that if you run out and buy them after this video I wholeheartedly agree with and totally support also you don't want to miss the end of this video because if you're

ready I am ready I no longer have a cute intro like which one a week so um let's go alright the first product that I really like is no shock to anyone I've been watching love island and it's it's so much fun I look like Hannah right now alright so the first product I really wanted to mention in this video is of course this one right here I talked about this a lot in the later part of 2017 this is amazing cosmetics aluminate primer highlighter in the color Glo this is a primer that gives you a glow we finish this will give you that very luminous dewy skin look and I just applied it for that because I thought it was gonna be really really good for an Instagram video because you thumbnails and I noticed that I kept going back to this because I noticed that my skin looked really flawless her up the day and like it kept my oils at bay and it just made my face look really flawless and perfectly set off throughout the day and it totally kept it that way so as soon as I didn't use this I was like something's I'm missing a little bit of life in the skin I'm missing that longevity like it really

improved the longevity of my makeup and yeah ever since I can't put it down I love it so much it's so so pretty they do come in more color so if glow is too light for you they do come in a couple of different colors as well this one is a must another primer that I really want to mention here is by Becca this is called the Becca velvet blurring primer perfecting base in the car apricot haze this on my t-zone keeps me in lock all day when I first tried this product I was like this one because it's so drying I have dry combination skin dry face oily t-zone I wanted to try this to keep the oils in my t-zone at bay and at first it was so it's such a velvety dry finish that I was like oh my god it's gonna enhance every dry patch on my face put this on your t-zone to control the oils and this will control the oils and it will keep your makeup looking flawlessly until you take it off right for fun - lets just blast through it because we all know how much I love the hood of beauty foe filter foundation this just captivated my heart and never let go and like roast it with Jack the NARS soft matte complete concealer in the light one is just whatever color you

are this concealer has saved my under eyes I used to go in with really really creamy rich creamy like rich and creamy concealer underneath my eyes and throughout the day I would notice that if I was wearing eyeliner or mascara it would stamp onto my concealer because basically officially even though I said it and I baked my under eye my under eye was too oily and too rich with product that didn't really settle in this is a matte concealer so it's not as wet and this I noticed that it just it completely conceals everything like any flaw any darkness gone it has a beautiful sort of skin texture once you blend it into your skin it just it looks so much like perfectly flawless Photoshop skin that I cannot put this down I need this under my eyes I put this on my t-zone I do this pretty much ever I could do my entire face with this and ever since I moved away from the more wet concealers to this more dry matte one changed my under eye game like no more eyeliner stamp enos going on like no more mascara droopiness going on no more black stains I looked I looked all day long this concealer oh oh my god if you do not have this concealer what

are we even doing here Mac select cover-up in nw15 this to cut the crease to cut the lid to cut the brow to brighten the under-eye the concealer for all you creative Souls out there want to carve out that brow boom now forgive the plot twist want an eyeshadow base that isn't an eyeshadow base boom this right here I've been using this as my eyeshadow base because I saw Paige Louise do this on Instagram and a lot of UK artists have been using this to like cut the lid cut the crease they've also been using it as an eyeshadow base and I was like wait how it's a concealer it's gonna crease and somehow when you Pat this into the skin so instead of buffing it into the skin you pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat that brush it sort of dries this concealer and transforms it into an eyeshadow base so I've been using this as an eyeshadow base even today it totally clears up any flaws it gets you nice bright and flawless and it stays there all day long I love it this powder has been with me for so long in 2017 and I'm never letting go this right here the oh okay let me do that again this right here the Maybelline fit me loose powder in Oh 5 this for my fair

people out there to bake your under eyes with is a dream come true it's a that looks so good on the skin when you bake with it it just melds into the skin and you brush it away and boom flawlessness crazily enough I don't use it just at my entire face usually I only do my t-zone and under eyes with it to bake and really brighten but I should probably get a ten this is o five I should probably get a ten to set the rest of my face with but this powder is bomb and it's affordable and I love that oh my god this is for breaths ever since I did a video on this I haven't put this down and my brow game has transformed I did a first impressions video on this iconic what does this even called sculpt and boost eyebrow cushion I did a full video on this if you want to see my first impression on it I've been mixing the two colors together so there's no longer like a line and like the difference of colors and you said two colors together this for the brows is everything that stays on all day long it gives you amazing precision I love the color this is in the color medium and just I love the brow cushion I think the

brown cushion is awesome it gives me so much precision it gives me so much control so much power when it comes to the brows and once it sets it sets if you haven't noticed yet when I do my makeup I want it to last until the earth is destroyed when I do my makeup I want it to last until cockroaches crawl over this list is already longer than I ever planned on it being so I'm so sorry in advance see when it comes to eyes shadows it's really hard because makeup brands have literally come out with a trillion and one new makeup palettes in 2017 and it's really hard to like pinpoint exactly which one like stole your heart there is one eye shadow that I've been so obsessed with and I use it pretty much every time I wear makeup I'm wearing it on my inner corners it's by a fairly unknown brand let me actually grab the shadow from this right here is a shimmering white gold shadow and it's by Melchior cosmetics this color is called festive gold this hmm this on the brow bone this on the inner corner this as a highlighter on your skin is everything that golden dreams are made of

I love this color so much like ever since I got my hands on that color it's been on my inner corner it's been a crease it's been on my face to highlight it's it goes everywhere with me but like the formula of the powder is very creamy super super pigmented and very easy to work with my favorite part being that Melchior is super super affordable Melkor has so many shadows out there and a lot of the UK artists use this to do their shadows with and it's just packed with pigment packed with blendability these are some of the best shadows on the market out there but if I have to pinpoint one shadow that keeps making me happy every time I use it it's festive gold like I use it today to brighten up this very natural look at least natural for me and it just it makes me so happy and it gets me in a mood and and I feel like a lot of people should feel what this shadow does took me what it will do okay moving on this is also no surprise this came out fairly late in 2017 but this has been my favorite Julia's palette Julia's place palette of 2017 when it first came out my good my I saw the previews and I was like oh I love it

but you're only gonna use it like five times I was so wrong this color right here is as the softest definition in my crease and outer corner today this color right here is bomb for highlighting inner corners and brow bone and sort of like what festive gold does this one right here on the lid oh my god this color for a party oh my god this color for a night out oh my god this for more definition in the crease and more warmth basically the only color I haven't dipped in much into is the green because I hate green shadow but that's about it I've been using my palette so much it's been going everywhere with me and you can do the softest of soft with it you can also do the brightest and colorful zuv brightest and colorful and you can go ham and smokey it's such a good palette and it's so affordable I love it so much another palette that I've been loving this this is by morphe it's such a big palette and when I first got it and I was like this is like the 35 vote but like with a couple of cool tone colors like I saw this that I was like that is the 3500 with a red and a lot of green and blue but I've been using it a lot they put colors that they

thought people would use a lot of as bigger pans in the center and then you know different colors smaller surrounding it and I think this palette is so bomb it is strongly pigmented I love that like I love this because these shades you actually do use the most of I love that you can go cool toned green toned never go in there warm toned less warm toned neutrals it's such an all-around beautiful palette and I love taking this with me because it's a 1 palette and go type of palette like if you bring this palette with you on travel or like whatever you're doing like a night out or you're staying somewhere and you need a palette to like bring a look or seven books or ten looks this palette has got your looks because there's so much diversity with it I love all right the first thing I want to talk about this blush although you haven't been in my life for a long time I'm already like hitting it so hard that I feel like I need a new one because I'm gonna run out soon this is a Mac fairly precious extra dimension blush oh my god oh my god I put my nail in it this blush right here gives you that natural glow irradiation trying like I pop this onto

my cheeks and it gives me that little bit of Sheen it gives me that little bit of glow and it just makes me look very healthy and glowy and very radiating from within what am i a heater what I just kazoo that very naturally flushed beautiful like oh my god you like a pregnancy glow I love that blush that's my favorite blush for those of you who thought I was not gonna do it you're wrong hello my favorite highlighter of the year when it comes to like cheek highlighting and just overall lighting glazed donut this is my highlighter I made this highlighter this is this is my baby I made four highlighters with Oprah cosmetics glazed donut then we have a medium shade which is glow goals and then we have a darker shade for darker skin tones which is blind to haters and then if you want all three colors together it is ever globe glazed donut is my baby this will make me look like I am sending signals to Jupiter's like in my honest opinion and yes I am very biased because I created it it is the glow of all glows like you can put a tiny bit of this on to make it very soft and dewy but you pack it on to

like basically in the summer when there's people on the beach and you're wearing this on your cheeks and you send in the right angle with the Sun people will tan faster because of the reflection it's a really good highlighter I love it so much and I'm really really proud that I got to create my dream highlighters with Oprah in 2017 so um two products for the lips this I feel so bad talking about this product sometimes because I'm like it's such a small step but it's one of my favorite steps in my makeup routine this is very wave they came out with lip liners in 2017 and they came out with shimmer Reed lip liners in 2017 this is jus a long wear creme lip liner in pink champagne shimmer I define my Cupid's bow with this so I put it on like I draw my Cupid's bow in then I buff it in with my fingers and it gives me the most naturally voluptuous effect on earth and it's such a tiny step in my makeup routine but it does so much into like to my face alright there are so many lipsticks on the market that I will not go there I cannot pick one as like my favorite of the year I do have a lip gloss that has

taken my ass and took me to heaven this right here is my Maybelline this is the vivid hot lacquer in the color 60 T's um this has been with me for so long this is about my third tube when I'm wearing new glossy lips this is the gloss I'm wearing if you see me on snapchat Instagram stories with Instagram photos and you see me wearing a ah see new lip it's this don't ask me what it is you don't even have to read the caption if it's glossy and it's nude it's this one right here probably the best lip gloss formula out there because it's packed with pigment they stay on for so long I mean every lip gloss is sticky but this one is a non like irritating stick you like it's a nice sticky I feel like this has pigment it stays on it's beautiful it's affordable they come in a bunch of colors the best so those are all the products that make my 2017 even more lit ma 2017 even better and now my final question is what is yours what were your 2017 Holy Grail products that knocked you off your feet and got you back up from the ground and just caressed you until the very and I don't know what I'm saying now I do have a special surprise because you know 2017

was an amazing year and you guys haven't so so so supportive of me and I want to thank you I'm giving away and this is crazy I'm giving away it's a for a gift card of seven hundred and fifty dollars is Sephora gift card of seven hundred and fifty dollars to one lucky person out there and we will shop Sephora together like I will message you and I'd be like hey you won now let's go shop together we go shop Sephora together we can Skype it we can do what we can we can FaceTime it probably and we'll go through support together and I'm giving it about a week until I close off this giveaway and pick a winner because I want everyone to get a fair chance all you have to do is be subscribed to my channel you know this from winter wonder we could be subscribed to my channel you have to like this video so give it a thumbs up and like I said comment your favorite all-time products from 2017 that enters you into this crazy that concludes this video right hearing you so much for making 2017 of the year of my life thank you so much for the unforgettable amazing moments that happened you made winter wonder week

amazing and I miss you guys so much but a Mac and I want to thank you so much for watching and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one I love you and