23 May 2018


Cleaning makeup brushes can be a hassle and a tedious task. This makeup brush cleaner takes all the effort out! And best thing, its only $1!! This is about to ...

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took her Elena in the back and I was gonna do another look for you guys but my brushes are extremely dirty and I recently found out this soap which is called soft soap which it looks like this it's like a big pink bar oh so it smells like lemons or whatever but I've recently found out about this soap and it is like the best freaking brush cleaning soap I have ever used like ever use in 97 cents at Walmart I think it's like a dollar maybe like at most in most places but this is like the best freakin soap I have ever used in my life to clean my brushes so I just want to show you guys and share with you guys my experience with this and how great it is and I want to show you guys that firsthand like how excellent it works and how everything looks after it's done and cleaned so here we go [Music] okay so the first thing that you're going to want to do after you open it up it looks like this it's a big square of paper pink box is to find like a Tupperware container that's like this size will fit within and just like right there I've used it one other time so that's why this soap is not here on this

side but the zone is still here on this now what you want to do is that you want to do and I'm gonna show you guys the brushes before and I honestly I didn't pull out all of my brushes that are dirty but I did get a good variety of them that are dirty so you guys can see the difference so I have a stipple brush in there of a couple sample brushes like my sandwich brushes are to use my foundation with but these bad boys turn nasty like a nasty and disgusting it's just nasty like that is gross and like this bristles was originally white and look how dirty it is like the tip of this is usually white and it's red as hell so what I do first like I said is I just get a little bit of it there and I scrub it down okay so I just rub it like this just to get it like a little bit activated I guess I don't know what I don't know what the railroad is there but in my mind it's reactivating this soap okay so then I'm going to put it on cold because if you put it on high it's going to loosen up the glue that's in your brushes so we're gonna put it on cold [Music] not like dripping dripping whip it's wet

enough dirty okay and then we're just going to go back and forth and I make sure to roll the sides as well since you know like foundation it really like seeps in like all angles of this brush it's nasty okay so we got enough of that up there I just really just roll it around in my palm ooh so during roll it on in my palm roll around the signs make sure that I got that's soap like really well incorporated in the brush okay and then runner rinse it again [Music] and I'm literally as I'm running underneath the water I'm going to write this on my hair well [Music] just to make sure that I'm getting all of that soap out of the mud I'm gonna do this in real time usually I speed up my videos but for this one brush I'm really showing you guys in real time so you guys can see how quick it is to clean your brushes and stuff [Music] [Music] okay are you squeezing this so and do y'all see like Brett you mean to tell me

that a 97 cents um well get my brush is this freaking clean ain't no way ain't no freakin way and then it makes your brush to smell really good like I said it had like a lemon eel I'm talking the scent to it but I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna clean out the rest of these brushes show you guys what the after looks like for these brushes I'm gonna show you guys one more time what it looks like before before I start up that I'm not going to I'm not going to show you what all the brushes look like but I'm going to show you guys like the variety of brushes and how dirty they are just so after we're done cleaning we can see if the Zoet really really really works so like I said here is that blending brush before that was originally white and it is nasty and this is another blending brush the tip of this is usually white as well [Music] and then this is like a contour brush this is like usually that kind that's right here that's the color the brush but it's so matted and nasty I hardly ever used this brush anymore but I did and it was mainly because it's dirty and I just was lazy and I didn't want to

clean it but I'm going to clean that with today so this is how nasty that one is and then this is obviously a flat concealer brush it's like super matted as well with concealer and whatever else so we're about to clean these bad boys oh here goes another good one that's originally white and it's blue so we're gonna go ahead and we're going to finish cleaning all of these and I'll show you guys and after here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so now we are done cleaning all of our brushes it literally took me about 15 minutes to clean all the brushes that I had down that were dirty and this is the remaining bar soap so it is wet obviously but look how much you still have left I've only used this one other

time guys like this is gonna last me probably all year I'm exaggerating it probably last me at least a couple more months though and like I said that was only 97 cents like you can't beat that and I know you guys saw that I had some very salty and very stained up brushes and that stuff cleaned it like it was brand new okay so let me show you guys what exactly the brushes look at now they are all clean none of them are brown November blue none of them there Pete none of them are orange nothing yeah all of them are back to like their original colors honestly they are pretty pretty dry and like considering that I just watch them for some reason I feel like this soap just dries them a little bit faster than I could be ready to use like I used before you see his Tide laundry soap and that one was fine but tight is more expensive and it just wouldn't try I just see my good luck like a kind of like a film over my brushes like I guess that may be due to the fragrance that's in it I don't exactly know but these though these are like mostly dry now and so this will be dry in about an hour which is another

great perk about this as well is that you're not have to sit and wait for it to dry for forever like overnight or whatever but I just wanted to share that with you guys I hope that you guys enjoyed it I believe a tab link below in a picture of what it actually looks like well we probably hear a pin right here where the actual picture of what the packaging looks like since I've already taken it off the package see that you guys know what to look for and if you guys enjoy this video please give it a big thumbs up and make sure that you like comment and subscribe to my channel and make sure that you hit that Bell button down below so that you're notified whenever I post videos which is a weekly and I thank you guys so much for tuning in we'll see you next time