16 April 2018

Best Hair Products for Natural Hair | Affordable Products for Type 4 Curly Hair

There are soooo many different products for natural curly hair, however these are my current favorite products that are awesome for moisture, curl definition, ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm coming back to guys with this new video of my favorite products and I did this video in the past but recently I've gotten so many new products and my hair is looking so much better than it used to I figured I would update this video for you guys so I'm not gonna talk too much we're just gonna get right into the video so let's get started okay so I've broken up all my favourite products into categories so the video is not all over the place so the first category that I'm starting with is going to be Co washes so I have to to show you guys and the first one is the Aussie miracle curls co wash you might remember it from my Aussie miracle curls video but this co wash is so so so amazing like it gives your hair so much moisture and so much life like it's just like just imagine when your hair is dull and you give it that perfect wash and go and it looked like it was never dull to begin with that's how this co wash is it's just so good it's really really creamy its rich doesn't leave your hair dried any point of the process of using it like it's just really really amazing the next one

that I have for you guys is the as I am long and Lux Gro wash now I'm not going to spend too much time on this one because I am going to be giving you guys a video on this collection because it is amazing and everybody needs to like try this collection but I love this mainly I'm not gonna lie mainly I love this because it smells so so good it's pomegranate and passion fruit and it smells amazing but I love it because it really like gives in moisture to your hair but also it really defines the curl as you're like washing it and it just smells good and it feels soothing on the Galip I think this one is really really relaxing and I think my hair really loves it because it's not anything like too moisturizing but it's not it's just like the perfect like chill wash or I want to call it that so after the washes I've got this one standing shampoo that I'm just gonna kind of call a clarifying shampoo because that's kind of what it is but this one is really really good I used to use a I think which Tresemme is clarifying shampoo that I used to use in the past and I don't know lately my hair has just not been groovin with it like

I'll use it and follow up with the deep conditioner how I usually do and then style that as usual and my hair is just like so frizzy so after I got this one which I really liked a lot which is the do Sucker Free moisturizing shampoo this one like perfectly strips your hair in a way where it like strips it and moisturize it at the same time it's actually kind of strange this combination of like ingredients that the way it like makes your hair feel when you're washing it but it does a really really good job of like cleansing the hair and if you follow up with a really moisturizing conditioner your hair will be super super clean it'll definitely be really shiny it'll look great so the next category I have for you guys is shampoos and this is just one by itself this is the Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus curl and shine shampoo I think most sizes come in this light little tube thing but I love this so so so so much like I often want to leave this and the conditioner which I want to talk about in a sec I just want to leave it in my hair and go because it just makes my hair like if that could be the perfect state of how

my curls are it's pointed to drenched in this and it smells really really good and it just feels light on my hair but it cleanses it at the same time and it's amazing so the final category and the kind of like sham whoo conditioner thing is going to be conditioners so I've got to like I mentioned this is the Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus curl and shine conditioner you can see how much of this that I've actually used because it's so perfect like my hair really really drinks this product up it's creamy and it really defines and moisturizes my hair like my hair looks so good after using both of these products and I don't even need to always use them together like I can use a different product and then use and follow up with this and it'll just look amazing like I can't tell you guys how good my hair looks like I can't explain it in in words I don't have enough awesome adjectives to tell you guys how much I love this collection but what's interesting is I don't like the other products in the collection I really only like the shampoo and conditioner but they're amazing so I mean totally worth it ok so

the last conditioner that I have for you guys is the Aussie mega moist conditioner and I love this everybody needs to own this and have it in their closet I will be linking all these products where you guys can buy them below but I mean you need this it's inexpensive and I know I talked about getting moisture in your hair a lot on my channel because for me it's one of the big staples for curly hair like curly haired it's hard for curly hair to retain moisture so products that really give your hair moisture are really really important to me and that does make or break whether or not I like a product like I don't want a product that doesn't waster eyes my hair and the Aussie mega moisturizes my hair so much like it doesn't matter what I'm doing to my hair it doesn't matter what shampoo I use before what co-wash anything and moisturizes my hair so much and it's so inexpensive and it smells like neutral it doesn't flake or anything like it's just great and you just need it like if you don't have a good moisturizing conditioner that you like I highly recommend this one because it's inexpensive and it's awesome okay so the

next category that we're going to be moving into of my favourite products is gonna be gels and like stylers kind of products so the first one I have for you guys is the Jane Carter solution frizz free styling smoothie smoother I love this product a lot it works really really well if you're doing twist outs or braid outs or any kind of style like that it really if you use it with a really good gel or really good like curl pudding or whatever you want to call it pomade whatever it works so so well I mean like your hair will come out frizz free sleek every strand is exactly where it's supposed to be like it works really really well I also like to use it if I'm like just fixing a few curls like I'll put it on my hair first and then I'll follow up with like a gel or an oil and twirl it back into place and it works really well for that also I really really recommend this product okay so the next product is going to be our dear friend eco styler gel now I consider this practical holy grail of mine I used it before my hair was curly transitioning now like I love this product so much you can get such a big jar of it for like $5 and it's like

the end-all be-all like it does everything you needed to do if you're trying to do a sleek low ponytail a sleek high bun lay your baby hairs just gel your hair down so it just looks smoother like curl your hair twist your hair shingling method like I can just keep naming things that this is perfect for and I love this and this is the only one that I use for my baby ears I do not let anything else touch my baby hairs unless my hair is in like braids or something the next product after that is from the do and it is called the light it's a weightless shine mist I really just like this one because it really does make your hair shiny and it's not heavy or anything like that at all and it smells pretty good too it kind of reminds me of Christmas but I just really like this one it's also a thermal protectant I haven't tried using it because I haven't put any heat on my hair but it's really really good the last product that I have for you guys this is another one of my Holy Grail products it is the aunt Jackie's don't shrink flaxseed elongating curling gel I love this product so so so so much like this is probably my fit the jar of

it and they give you like they give you a lot of it like that's how much I've used but they fill it all the way to the top and I love this gel so much like you can curl your hair with it twist your hair up with it which is what I did for my wash and go I used this product and it looked so good it really defined all my curls there's no flaking there's no crunch they're not dry like they bounce they move they look really really good I love to use this for twist outs for braid outs honestly for anything under the Sun that involves defining my curls this is my product and it's so inexpensive you can get it for like nine or ten dollars and a little goes a long way like I love it so so so much now for anybody who might be wondering I'm actually not gonna be mentioning any of my favorite oils in this video because I'm going to be doing a separate video just based off my favorite oils alone for growth for shine manageability definition all of that stuff so the next category is going to be my like leave-in detanglers because it seems like now everything is a leave-in and a detangler so that's the category and the first I'm gonna start

with is my aunt Jackie's kwench and this is a moisture intensive leave-in conditioner I love this one so much it's like overly creamy and like it's it gives your hair so much moisture and like the moment you put it in your hair even if you're dry just like bounces back like I just loved this one a lot it's a really good frigid moisturizing your hair and like bringing your hair back to life so if I like leave my hair in the tower for too long after it but in the towel for too long after washing it like and it's like dry now I can pop this right in my hair and my hair will come right back like I had just washed it this stuff is amazing the next one is going to be the Jane Carter curls to go untangle me weightless leave-in I'm obsessed with this I don't have any left like but I am obsessed Swift this product like I don't know why it's amazing but it is like I could almost put this in my hair and put do nothing else to it and my hair would look great like it smells good your hair is not heavy it's not flaky it doesn't dry your hair out or anything like that it defines your hair and it gives your

hair moisture and shine and it like detangles it seamlessly like detangling is so easy when I use this I just I'm obsessed with it it's great and the last one is going to be my Aussie miracle curls leave-in detangling milk this one just makes detangling a breeze as a leave-in I think it's a little weak but as a detangler it gives your hair so much like slip I use a detail is a Denman but now I use a tangle teezer and it makes my tangle teezer really just glide through my hair almost as if my hair was just dripping wet it's just really really good and it smells great I love this and it's also really really inexpensive all the aussie products are inexpensive and they work great I'm obsessed okay so the final category I have of my favourite products to share with you guys is going to be the like treatment mask deep conditioners so I have three the first one is going to be the Aussie 3 minute miracle curls now I'm obsessed with this one because it really makes your hair bounce back even if it didn't need to bounce back from anything like it just breathes life into your hair and your curls like I love to finish up with this product and style it

because however I style it it always comes out perfect even if I like mess up or do something wrong like when I use this before it always comes out perfect this is also really good for my washing gos which I don't like to do like I do not like wash and gos I don't like having my hair in my face but this one makes my wash and gos amazing and seamless and it really just moisturizes your hair and kind of repairs it in a way and I do leave it in for three minutes and it it works so the next one is going to be the Amika nourishing masque now you know I don't know this is the Amika nourishing masque now apparently a lot of people are not apparently but a lot of people I know are not familiar with Tameka and I was actually sent a bunch of mica products by them so that's actually the only reason I know about a mica but I think way more people need to learn about a mica because this mask not only does it smell like heaven and sunshine but it is amazing I use this mask after I've had my hair in a protective style so like braids for example and it really really brings your hair back to life like I

know it can take a few washes sometimes to bring your hair back from a protective style especially if it if you kept it in for a while you know like your hair just gets dirty it gets tangled it gets dry it needed some attention but it was in the braids or whatever you were doing with your hair and this one just works is so good it just immediately like snaps your hair back like I'm I imagine that using this after putting some heat on your hair which would snap it back to because it just works so so good like I'm obsessed if you don't know mica you need to get to know me good okay guys so the last like treatment mask that I have for you guys is going to be the shea moisture jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore treatment masque now you guys have probably heard me talk about this mask before because I am obsessed with it like I love this mask I did not like to go along without having this mask in my cabinet because I'm obsessed with it initially when I had bought three bought this because I ran out I was skeptical because they had changed the ingredients but don't worry about all that because

it still works the same way now this mask is amazing because it increases the elasticity or not increases but it restores the elasticity of your hair so even though we might have a love a relationship with shrinkage shrinkage means that your hair is healthy so if you've been having some elasticity problems I try using this mask maybe once a week for a few weeks and watch your elasticity snap back if you're interested in you know improving your growth in your hair I definitely recommend using this because the jamaican black castor oil and the peppermint are definitely going to stimulate your scalp and you know which helps promote growth when you have increased blood circulation in your scalp which happens from that stimulation from peppermint and jamaican black castor oil we've just promotes growth make your hair grow like a weed all of that is in here and I think using this every you know once a week for a few weeks is amazing like it's just everything about this mask is great like from the fact that it increases your elasticity or I keep saying it increases it restores your elasticity and it can

define your hair it makes your hair moisturize and make sure hair is shiny it makes your hair super manageable like I love this mask I'll leave it on overnight with a um a shower cap a plastic shower cap and it'll drip all down my neck and everything but it's okay because my hair will come out looking amazing I'm obsessed with this and if you don't have it I definitely recommend getting it ok guys so those are all of my favorite products they are all amazing and of course I will link below where you guys can buy all of these products and I will be updating more of my video so if you guys think there is a video that you think I should update definitely comment down below or shoot me an e-mail or a DM or anything like that and I will look into updating it but until then I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music] you