06 February 2018

Best Feminine Hygiene Routine for Women 2018

Hey everyone today's video is going to be my 2018 feminine hygiene routine. This is the best feminine hygiene routine for women. This is a perfect hygiene ...

hello everyone it is Karla Stephanie and

today I will be doing a brand new updated hygiene routine I know you ladies probably what an updated hygiene routine these are really popular on my channel I do switch up my products like seasonally and things like that so I wanted to do an updated one especially with Valentine's Day coming up i 100% got you I'm going to just tell you guys my basic routine it is nothing extreme it does not take extreme tactics to smell good okay and to stay clean it does not take extreme tactics oh one second hello all right but the interruption alright but yeah you guys it does not take stream tactics to smell good okay I all I asks for you to take at least a shower daily even if you do not use or do the exact routine I do but I'm telling you you will smell popping you will stay fresh all day every day I don't know what anyone has said I want to hear anyone dissing my haiji routine this is national hygiene routine this is not your body and you cannot smell me okay I smell good so I'm gonna say that's how I do it so every single morning you need to be taking a shower first of all you're not gonna just

magically smell good so when I get in the shower the start of my routine is I use the Neutrogena rain bath rejuvenating shower and bathe gel this is the pomegranate one it smells really good I also really like their green pear one I'm pretty sure it's in my shower almost gone but I bought a new one a bigger one and this is a pomegranate one it smells delightful and I'm sure all of the other smells smell good as well so that's what I use to wash my body I will have everything down below in the description box I also really love well after I get well while I'm in the shower I should say for shaving I like to shave every two to three days whatever so this is the tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil this suits skin and helps protect against cuts so I like to use shave oil and this is for my underarms - underarms every other day for sure and this is just a shave oil it smells really good you just spray it out will not spray it out but it just comes out when you press and you put it on and it is an oil and you use it to shave the shave that shaving razors I like to use usually

have three to four blades I don't really get a certain brand in particular but yeah that's what I use to do while I'm shaving the shower so I get in the shower I shave then I wash alrighty so this is the Shea Moisture extra virgin olive oil ground coffee scrub it's extra moisturizing and that is a fact when I use this my body is unbelievably soft and the if you like the smell of coffee literally just smells like coffee it is very rough on your skin if you have overly like sensitive skin I would not recommend a like scrub butt like that but hey it makes you really really soft and use that once a week and your skin will be super soft like a baby's bum alright so when I get out the shower after I'm in shaving especially feminine areas I like to use the tree hut bare post shave soothing mist so this helps relieve itchy skin and prevent ingrown hairs which is us just that I have been using this product I will not stop using this product this is important to spray on after you are shaving because it will literally stop ingrown hairs and will literally just it burns at first a little bit but it's okay because it is worth it for the results your hair will

grow in correctly and it will soothe other things now we into the next steps we can through we get through it okay so from there I like to monster eyes my skin I'm going to tell you show you guys two different lotions that I would recommend so I always recommend cocoa butter this is Palmer's cocoa butter formula this is daily skin therapy with vitamin E and he'll soften so reveals rough dry skin 24-hour moister relieves rough dry skin so yeah I really love cocoa butter any type of cocoa butter there's so many different cocoa butter like brands you can use the Palmer's one is overly thick though I would say I don't like to use it every single day just because it is way too thick it is literally annoying to get out of the package but I do love it it works amazingly it does take a minute to rub in that one but there are lots of other good cocoa butters I also like this is my favorite right now this has coconut oil I love coconut oil and coconut anything that's hydrating for dry skin is pretty much my go-to lotion this is Jergens hydrating coconut it nourishes for visibly softer skin with coconut oil and coconut water

this say dry skin moisturizer anything that says dry skin moisturizer is what I use I don't have dry skin because of what I do but I don't know anything that I've used even for my hair I like stuff that is extra moisturizing and extra replenishing and things like that so that's why I like to use the for dry skin things and for dry hair but yeah that's what I do so once I'm done putting all my lotion on I like to go in with a body mist all over when I say all over I would literally take my body mist and spray on the every inch of my body body mist smells do not last long but it leaves a nice scent on your skin and I feel like it's nice to put on directly after lotion because I feel like the lotion absorbs the smell and it kind of gets in there this is the Jessica Simpson fancy body mist you can get this at like Marshall's TJ Maxx for super cheap there's literally only like six dollars my nine cents so SuperDuper nice I spray this all over my body after I'm done putting on my lotion so to add some extra shine if I want to have like a more sheen to my body or anything or I'm out to take pictures or I want to just glow I want to glow I use

the Vaseline intensive care Coco radiant with pure cocoa butter vitalizing body gel oil for healthy glowing skin and it is super rich in moisture and it restores moisture and it literally is like taking Vaseline oil and putting it on your skin so like this it looks like a little that I use but I use this so many times you literally have to take the smallest amount because it is so oily and will leave your body with a nice smooth shine to it I would focus that on my elbows in particular as well as my knees if I'm not using it for a certain day and my shoulders arms things like that that are going to be showing I actually did not put this on today but this is for when you want that extra boost of glow totally recommend it it is the best product you have to go out buying really expensive oils or gels for your skin because I promise you this does the trick as well so now for perfume perfume is so important after I'm done putting on my lotion in my body mist I always go in with a perfume even today everyday thing guys I use the Beast Versace bright crystal I also have the product candy which I really like it's like super low but I'm so managing

to get some out and then I also have the what is it Oh Jo MJ Jimmy Choo is Jimmy Choo something the Jimmy Choo one isn't lingering and doesn't last very long the one that lasts long is for me is the Prada Prada candy the risk ooh Versace homos drop the lid the receipt crystal Brite smells beautifully I must to respray but it does not nothing has lasted me as long as my product candy and I think I got on my shirt machine but Yolo Yolo I just sprayed on some perfume what you expect yeah the Prada candy is amazing alright so that is everything for my body literally I don't there's not like tons and tons of unbelievably crazy steps so then deodorant so important to have an amazing strong good deodorant I'm gonna tell you guys the best deodorant for women I'm gonna take that's the second best you're in it so the best by far I don't care what anyone has to say I've been through these deodorants like every brand for women and I me my deodorant okay I need my do during I don't want it to be when I sweat it to start smelling or none of that this what you mean secret clinical

strength visible solid stress response the stress response will literally react so say you get stressed out and you your armpits start sweating or you start sweating are you getting stressed or anything a suicide sweat starts going through armpits the smell starts come on armpits on flowers they butterflies like seriously amazing the odorant it is stress response so if you get stressed out it will react against the smell and it smells amazing I'm not even joking if anyone used a secret deodorant you know what I mean leave a comment down below I know y'all know what I mean it is the best all right second best cuz the secret is kind of gets expensive I'm not sure how much this degree one is but the degree motion sense and tropical rush it says it's invisible but none of these deodorants are invisible on black people okay so unless you're light-skinned to there or something on me no matter how invisible no matter how gel or clearer spray it is always has a white hue but it's okay that is my life but yeah this one's really good it's like second best it works really good but I'd retouch on this during the day

this one's just incredible it's like one and done this one is incredible but I'm like extra you know you should be really worried about how you smell this one's all right this I but it's like second best it's still very very good yoder I would still use it but why would I when I got the secret you know so yeah that is my entire hygiene routine if you have smelling problems you can literally smell your own odor I don't want you guys to be sitting there basking in a bad smell well you could just be using my hide routine subscribe to my channel if you're new to my channel for advice try on walls makeup tutorials more hygiene routines in the future and all types of things and care routine hair care routine oh my gosh you guys know my whole routine leave a comment down below your favorite like body washes or your like favorite thing that you using your routine I don't need any suggestions for me this is my go-to root Saint but I would like to know what you guys use coz I will definitely try your products out possibly switch up my routine next round so let me know your like must must must in your high G routine and thumbs up alright subscribe thumbs up I think I

said it all and I will catch you guys in my next video bye see the so strong I wasn't know [Music] one need to be made enmity black Barbie pretty face perfect body piece beats in