13 January 2018

Best Drugstore Makeup 2018

Best Drugstore Makeup 2018 // High end makeup brands always get all the glory, but sometimes we forget about the drugstore makeup that is out there, and ...

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Sunshine's so as much of a makeup snob as I very much am I also know that some ducts for products can give the prestige brands a serious run for their money so today I wanted to show you my top drugstore favorites that I'm reaching for on a regular basis going into the new year everything I'm talking about today is under $10 so super easy to pick up not a huge commitment but they're all products that I've been super excited about so this video would not be complete without me talking about the maybelline superstay matte ink lipsticks I have been obsessed with these ever since I first gave them a try they have a really nice pointed tip applicator that makes putting them on really precisely and lining the outer portion of your lips really really easy they originally launched with 10 shades which I will swatch night of them for you today because I either didn't buy one or I lost it so let's all pretend that were surprised now these are the longest wear liquid lipsticks that I've ever ever tried completely beating out all of the expensive high-end brands as well I probably wear these for like four days

straight without touching up if I really wanted to I don't I don't want to do that now one thing I really like about these is they don't dry my lips out I have had some people tell me that they feel like they don't dry completely or they're left a little bit sticky they do have a little bit of moisture and what I guess could be construed as sort of a tacky feeling not like a lip gloss just a slight little bit of moisture left in them now if that bothers you all you to do is take a little bit of HD powder on a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dab it around your lips that's just gonna set your lipstick and keep it from feeling sticky or so wet at all now you don't need to set these for staying power they are not gonna budge but just if you don't like that slightly more moist texture that they have that's a good way to get rid of it I actually like it because it makes my lips not feel dry especially in the winter time so I'm gonna go ahead and swatch for you nine of the first ten shades I thought I had all of them but there's one shade and Kreator that's kind of a like a brighter purple I thought I bought it but I could have just not purchased it

because I didn't think I was gonna wear it but more likely what happened was that I misplaced it somewhere I'm gonna need you guys to do me a solid and pretend like you're surprised all right so starting with shade number five loyalist it's a really peachy kind of nude number ten is dreamer 15 is creator number twenty is pioneer and this is a really perfect blue toned red 25 is heroine which I'm sure I'll be wearing a lot of this summer since it's such a pretty perfect coral 30 is romantic which is like the epitome of Barbie pink 40 is believer 45 is escapist which is a really dark purple and 50 is Voyager my hands is gonna be staying for like the next year a little support brush cleaner did the job it's oil based so good by colors now there aren't in more shades that just recently launched they're called the UH nudes and so they're all a bit more in the neutral range and they're really really pretty they run about $10 they're like 9 and some change versus almost 8 like the other ones and they are exclusively on Amazon right now I have not purchased them yet but I probably will be and as far as I know the formula

is exactly the same I don't let you guys know if I purchased them now my next drugstore favorite is something that was a haul over social media back in the fall it's the Loreal volume Asst alash paradise so far this one takes the cake is my favorite drugstore mascara now I've heard the word dupe thrown around as far as this one's concerned for being a dupe of the Too Faced better than sex mascara I don't really like the word Duke because it better be the same product in a different packaging if you're gonna call it a dupe of something I do understand why people were saying that though because if you look cheap with a brush how it kind of hugs in in the middle is kind of similar to the better than sex now this is the waterproof better than sex but if you look at it the Too Faced one is much more pronounced in the breast shape and I feel like that does make it a lot more volumizing that being said I kind of like that this mascara draws a line between being volumizing and lengthening sometimes with very volumizing mascaras they don't link that enough they just make your lashes look short and thick

and clumpy it does sound their website that it gives more of a feathery lash so it's more fanned out like a peacock and as far as staying power I feel like for a non waterproof mascara it stays on really well it's exactly what I would want no flaking no smearing nothing unexpected it just gives a really nice full trash lash if you put enough coats on and you know I do okay the next thing I want to talk about is something that just really caught my eye in the drugstore I was aware of it I saw it on social media but it wasn't until I was walking through Walgreens and I saw it I was like I think I need that it's the maybelline city mini pallets I feel like a lot of times drugstore eyeshadow palettes are kind of blah they don't catch your eye the colors don't look that impressive they're just usually not that exciting but these are just so cute and perfect for travel there just take little little tiny travel size now price-wise again these were really good they were $10 apiece and they were actually buy one get one half off right

now so two of them I got four five and two I got four tip now I know it's all well and good if a product looks really cute in the packaging and like it has bright colors but doesn't have any pigment so today I'm going to swatch the four pallets that I did purchase so that you guys can see what you're working with all right so here are the finger swatches of the downtown sunrise palette but the formula felt really really buttery and almost kind of creamy alright so this one was the city mini Shayla palette and I love the metallics in this one it was so pretty I think this is gonna make a like date night debut probably coming up this week this is the concrete runway palette and this is perfect for a smoky eye some of these shades especially this gray had such a creamy consistency to them even though they're a powder it almost felt like a cream shadow and lastly this is the urban jungle palette and these pretty like olive greens and golds are definitely my colors so I'm really impressed with those as far as shadow quality versus price I will definitely there were a few more palettes that I didn't get just because I don't need all

of them they were like I think maybe three at the store that I skipped over but I haven't looked up how many they made all together but for between five and ten bucks they are a great deal all right so this next product doesn't exactly fall into the category of makeup my skincare drugstore favorite is that the or a one-minute self-heating charcoal masks they come in these nifty little individual pouches so they're perfect for travel and if you're not a big sheet mask fan which I go back and forth on that don't shoot me I'm sorry they're slimy so this is basically kind of like a mud mask and when it comes into contact with water it heats up which feels really luxurious and really good during the winter when it's cold outside and also during the winter I feel like my skin tends to get more congested so a detoxing charcoal type of mask feels really productive the heat is supposed to help open up your pores so that the charcoal can draw out all of the impurities in your skin it says you can use it two to three times a week and that this product is hypoallergenic and non comedogenic so

basically what you're gonna do is wet your entire face and then dry your hands so that the mask doesn't activate on your hands it waits to activate until it gets on your face then you just open up the little packet put it all over and you leave it on for about one minute this mask is not gonna dry or harden or get tight which I actually prefer because it makes it feel a lot more comfortable and then you just rinse it off now I like the one minute thing because I pretty much always have a minute like I have time for that I don't just sit around with it on for 20 minutes and wait for it to work so it always fits in my schedule all right so my last drugstore favorite today is another product where the word Duke gets thrown around a lot I've heard this called a dupe for the tart shape tape concealer and while this is a favorite of mine I beg to differ so this is the Maybelline fit me concealer and a Maybelline's own website they say that this is a natural-looking product with a translucent base and lightweight pigments that allow the skin's natural highs and lows to show through so whatever that means but it does give

really really good coverage it does blend a lot more easily than the shape tape in my opinion and is a little bit more forgiving this is also non comedogenic and dermatologist and off the just tested it is also fragrance free so this is like my perfect under I can see there because it does not crease it doesn't make my dry thin under-eye skin all angry bright and happy so those are my drugstore favorites for January 2018 they've definitely taken up residence in my weekly routine and they're all available for under $10 so let me know what your favorite drugstore go-to products are I definitely feel like they can hold their own if you know what you're looking for put your favorite products down in the comments tell me why you love them so that I can try them out if you enjoyed this drugstore recap give the video a like and if you're new here I would love for you to subscribe to my channel so that way you don't miss any of the videos coming out for you guys on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and feel free to share if you know of anybody that could use a little sunshine in their day