25 March 2019

BEST Drugstore Eyeshadow EVER? | Juvia's Place The Tribe Review

A review and 3 looks using 1 palette from Juvia's Place, specifically their THE TRIBE eyeshadow palette. I keep hearing this is the best drugstore eyeshadow ...

HIDA gorgeous happy money-saving March

to you if you haven't heard every video coming out the entire month of March is drugstore themed and I'm also doing five videos a week so please subscribe so you don't miss out on any videos coming out this month kind of bummed that this is the last week though aren't you but I have an awesome palette I wanted to share with you today and it it is the one from Julius place called the tribe and this is the first eyeshadow palette that I've ever purchased from Julia's place and I've been seeing so many of you requesting for me to try and eyeshadow palette from this line so I'll first show you what it looks like up close so you can see the kind of eyeshadows that you get the colors within this they are very vibrant and real intense and everything that you would expect them to be really does come off in swatches and on your eyes and I'll show you that coming up here and some of the looks that I created with these eyeshadows but I first want to mention that this palette retails for $20 which may seem like a lot but when you break it down there are nine eyeshadows in here so it comes out to about two dollars and 20 cents per

eyeshadows so when you look at it from that perspective it's actually really affordable and for the quality my goodness when you swatch these it is insane the level of pigment that you get they remind me a lot of the makeup forever eye shadows that's what I am reminded of with these in terms of the pigment that you get and if you ever tried any of the Ben Nye pigments these remind me of those two the just awesome incredible color payoff the shimmers are very crumbly I'll warn you now when you go to put your brush into them to pick up some of the color they tend to crumble fast underneath the pressure of a brush and you don't even have to apply that much pressure for them to do that and your brush tends to really grab these on strongly so a little bit goes a long way with these and the mattes are amazing amazing very easy to blend easy to work with as you'll see in the looks that I'm getting ready to show you I also want to mention that with the shimmer shades and this pallet particular I'm not sure if it's this way across the entire brand but what I experienced was a lot of transfer to my crease and upper brow

bone area after wearing them for some time so if you have hooded eyes or deep set eyes I would recommend applying the shimmers with a glitter glue or something like that if you are concerned about transfer throughout the day and you want them to last a little bit longer other than that top-notch quality with these to create the looks that I am showing you here the first one is the very first look that I created with this palette and whoa I was really impressed I took the shade my side and applied it on the inner half of the lid we're talking neon yellow green extremely vibrant you don't need much on the brush once again it intense color payoff then I took the eyeshadow Tootsie applied this on the outer half of the lid once again I don't really need to keep reiterating the same thing shocking color payoff here for the crease I went in with the eyeshadow ashanti and while this appears to be a neutral brown off hand it has a green tinge to it so it really goes well with a lot of the other eyeshadows within this palette finally I took the eyeshadow Oromo and I used that to blend out the edges of ashanti

towards the brow bone and I thought mm something's missing I want to add a little bit more definition to this look so I went back with the eyeshadow sand from this palette and I used that to define the outer V on the waterline I did add one of the LA girls shockwave neon eyeliners in the shade I gotcha for the lips I don't remember what I put on the lips I haven't looked at the footage yet and I didn't write it down so when I go back and edit this video I'll have listed for you below in the description box so what I have on my lips and what I have on my eyes in terms of lashes this next look I'm getting ready to show you was my absolute favorite with this palette I loved how this one looked and I think you'll be able to see why so for this look I use the eyeshadow kubja on the lid very intense shimmery bluish almost green it's such a gorgeous color hard to describe but amazing on the eyes and then I took the eyeshadow sand which is that deep greenish blue and I used that to deepen and define the crease this is such a beautiful eyeshadow to work with it's so easy to blend I love it and I got a

little bit more brave I decided to take the eyeshadow Tootsie and blend out the edges of sand with it towards the brow bone so this turned more into a blueish green very mermaid like looking combination there isn't it and on the waterline I applied la girls a gel liner in the shade gypsy teal looks like I wrote down all the eyeliners with this look but for some reason I just decided I was gonna write down the lipsticks so I can I will have the combination listed for you below in the description box for the last look that I'm showing you with this palette it's actually the look that I'm wearing in today's video so if you've been curious about what's on my eyes this is it to recreate this look I took the eyeshadow Koro applied it on the inner half of the lid and this is a very vibrant yellow green it's very deceiving how it looks in the pan but it's simply beautiful on the eyes next I took the eyeshadow chaga and applied this to the outer half of the lid and this blends in so beautifully with the first eyeshadow color you wouldn't think these two would go together but they play off one another very well taking the eyeshadow ashanti once again I

applied this into the crease and blended it towards the brow and this shape played really well with the first shade I applied Koro because it's a green leaning neutral so because there's green in that yellow shade and there's green in that neutral Brown the two really complement each other very well I can tell you what I have on the lips because I've just applied it a few minutes ago it is the elf liquid matte lipstick from their modern metals collection I love this color it's that really beautiful terracotta color and on my eyes my lashes are from my line inky inky lashes and they are in the style I do if you're curious about what's on my cheeks today I went in with something new that I've not used before but it's been in my drawer for a little longer than I'd like to admit that is the NYX blush in the shade bronze and I picked this one up on a whim but really liking it overall I can't even begin to express to you how insanely impressed I have been with this palette and it has made me want to try other eyeshadow palettes from the Julius place Brandon even if this color range didn't speak to you and it wasn't something that you'd

be interested in still there's so many palates to pick from from this line so if it's if you like the color payoff and you liked the intensity that I showed you check this line out they are absolutely worth it and for the price point you really can't beat it when you look at the quality that you get so if you're interested I'll have it linked for you below it will be an affiliate link so if you click through and purchase I'd like to say thank you in advance for helping to support this channel and our family let me know your thoughts on Julia's place if you've tried it or not or you have an opinion just based off of today's video would love to hear your comments thank you so much for taking the time to watch I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow for another video in money-saving March