14 January 2019

Best cosmetics of 2018 ||| skincare and Haircare

Hello every one !!!!! How are you all doing? Todays video is all about best cosmetics of 2018 which includesn skincare, haircare and lot of other products. Do like ...

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name is Ruth oh and my channels - perky Nancy cornered now yesterday's upload was all about the best products of 2080 part 1 in the part 1 I have covered only haircare products which I never used till 2018 and I love using in 2018 like till 2018 mother 2017 tub and after 2017 2018 I have loved using these products and trust me they have given a good results to me so definitely if you want to purchase any of the product please go ahead I assure you I have used all this products which I am showing you right now or I've shown you ever on my channel I have actually used it and they does wander to your skin and here and whatever part I have been talking about so they does they did amazing to my skin hair and my daily routine and all of that so they are really trusted brands and very good products so in today's video I am gonna shoot few about eye products then about your body lotions and something like that about face washes and about fragrances so if you really don't want to miss the best products of 2018 part 2 keep watching the video before we

proceed the video please don't forget to subscribe my channel if you are new to my channel because I'm will I'm very sure this all videos will be very familiar for you to get to know what our products are amazing what products are really promising and what you need and what you need not buy after this completing haul of best products I will also be uploading the worst product of 2018 probably by next Friday I'm gonna shoot it but I will definitely be forecasting the worst loves of 2018 as well so without further adieu let's just get into the video and those who are already subscribed please make sure that you need the bell like in the Chhotu Savelle I can make so subscribe so that every time I upload will be notified so moving yesterday i covered head i covered face now it's turn about eyes and yes so for eyeshadow I have loved I have a lot of eyeshadows I have love highlights contours but I'm not going to talk about highlights and contours in this video I will be giving the name if you really want to jot it down you can jot it down not a problem but highlights and contours is something

I use occasionally so I forgot to include in this video but again I will give the name favorite eyeshadow is again from a very very renowned Instagram store makeup store beautiful I have made a video many people have actually loved that video so from that video this is my best I shadow palette I have ever ever ever started using in 2018 and I have absolutely been obsessed with it this is Miss gold color series night bright eyeshadow it has 12 colors this eyeshadow palette and I cannot tell you how much I'm obsessed with this eye color eyeshadow whatever you call it this has a combination of all shimmery shades as well as matte shades so let me just open the palette many I open them the cover I get this and this is how it looks like and when I open you can just see how beautiful colors they are right from normal light colors to all the glittery colors and every damn thing is beautiful if I talk about the pigmentation let me show you how pigmented this is I've taken one dark shade and oh my god I have taken nude as well so dark shades it is highly highly highly pigmented and this is so much smooth and creamy consistency that it

will not really hurt your upper eyelids to greatly extend that you are adding something artificial it is such a creamy consistency such as smooth and the color payoff is really code if I can show you guys yes they are super pigmented and my number palette number is two so if you really want to purchase this I will definitely leave the link in the description box every time I forget to give the link I'm so sorry for that but I will definitely give the link of this makeup store beautiful as Instagram store where you can buy amazing makeups at an affordable price this I purchased can you disguise only 300 rupees unimaginable like I am so thankful to make up store beautiful that they have launched so amazing products at a very affordable price which every person can go ahead and a food I'm very sure that you people must be in Instagram and if you're not in Instagram please please please go there and also follow me I'm in the name the season itself the underscore season underscore itself and also go to the makeup store beautiful and poor chase I'm giving a vouch that you will not regret purchasing from that website

so I shadows astern like definitely one thing I do not leave the house without doing my eyebrows like my eyebrows are actually initially I had very thick eyebrows then I started chopping them up and now they are like really really really thin so I have I do not go out of my house using my unless I apply my eyebrows I'm not getting language on them so I am using I started using in 2018 this miss Claire I grow waterproof eyebrow pencil if I can show you and also it has to brush your eyebrows it also have this and this is this is something I ordered from my car it's still available if you want the link do let me know and yeah it does a great your eyebrows it really takes thickens and it's very natural there is nothing artificial in this I froze I cannot tell you how huge and how amazing now why I started this retail for Europe in 65 or 95 I don't know but yeah this is very very good and it doesn't come with sharpener so you can use a normal shop now with your lipstick and all you get and then you can use it so this was my second I had to duct and that's it i as i said i just use eyeliner and eye eyeliner i use

like my iconic culture i use maybelline i use ln blue so these are only 3 cards else i use so i have not been focused on in this video because those are something I've been using for a very long time it's nothing I suddenly discovered in 2018 and started using so all this products I just started using in 2080 ah no eyes are done then for highlighting contour I use Shyvana palette it has a blush it has a contour it has a highlight if you really want to purchase you can definitely go ahead Amazon and you just type Savannah chief contour palette Shyvana Cinque like cheap contour palette you will get it and I have used the shade number 2 so please go to Amazon and you can go ahead and purchase that because that's what I got for myself now coming back to lips now I have used a lot of lip colors this 2018 so I will make a separate video of all the lip colors which are my favorites and must-have for every woman I will make a separate video but my favorites are definitely only the force out of which 3 is lip balms also a lip colors then one is lip balm

now lip balm first I'll try start with this is Maybelline Baby Lips color this is a highlight highlight vine I have spoken about this a lot on my channel this is how the new baby lips shade is highlighted wine now this lip color is highly tinted it's more like a lipstick so yeah this is what the color is this is a beautiful color I just highlighted wine actually such a beautiful color cannot tell you so this is has been my favorite lip balm in the Libyan babylips range and this we did for 175 or something changed next lip color is definitely from sugar cosmetics I won't say it's affordable but again when you start using the product the quality of product which they offer is the best so this is again from sugar cosmetics this is a smudge me not liquid lipstick this is what is my favorite color and I am in the shade 0-3 tan Phan has been my favorite favorite favorite product of 2080 the lip color and again in the sugar there is one more which is lip crayon now what it says let me leave this read this is matte shell crayon lipstick and I'm in the shade violet prolly this is my favorite color ie I love lot of plums and berry colors

so this is exactly the color let me give you a swatch of it can you see how beautiful this color is this is the berry shade and this is violet and I have just using this only this much you can sharp this you need a sharp now and when you purchase this you will get a sharp that along with it was my favorite lip color then the next is from Miss Rose the second Miss Rose as I told you this is Miss cold amber this is Miss Rose this is the lip color which I love the most in 2018 and I am in the shade Maggiore this is the amazing shade can you see the packaging the color of the lipstick is exactly the same so Miss Rose you can definitely go in and purchase this instantly right I got this from stamp T this is the color and let me give you a quick swatch of it this is a swatch of it guys so as the packaging looks like the color is X exactly the same the lip color is exactly the same dad with your lips and no I have a new product this is from oriflame tender care texting lip balms again the lip balm which is very transparent but again has a very very very good effect I everyday apply on my lips while sleeping it is non tinted it

takes care of your lips like hell in the morning your slips will be so smooth that you cannot believe that how can it chapped you know completely repair the chapped lips so this is again a tinted non-date dead lip balm yeah I am doing a separate video of TR Alabama at home I have used this lip balm as one base so I will give you a link in the description box you can definitely go ahead and make the lip balm for yourself at home next comes to your face washers and perfumes now for face washes I have already spoken a lot about VL CC cupcakes are German face wash I have kept it in my washroom so I'm not gonna bring that from washroom but I will give you a snap in the in the video right after this and also if you want link I will give you a link it's readily available in all supermarkets then about a lip are named colours I loved these to pop of colors from la tea I'm not gonna smoke a swatch it but these are the two two lip shades I'm seeing lip shades name colors which I liked this year very pop top very amazing Anya I loved it next is definitely how can I leave the soap the bar this is lavender handmade organic so from perineum this I got in

one of the subscription boxes I went ahead and ordered this again and again from the website I think this is this is something I got in in fact I yeah I got it in some subscription boxes I cannot remember but this is the favorite a soap which is handmade Anders in the flavor lavender yeah and then the other face wash which I love I have not been using this only Tim 2080 I have used in 2007 and 18s way this is Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser I love this product I left I forgot to mention the prices of the proton so sorry this is for $4.99 this of the cars the sugar cut cosmetics smudge me not this is for $7.99 both of them I got in subscription boxes I do not spend money on sugar they are really costly this is for 200 and change and this is for 175 change now for this facial this is for 300 change I spent prefer spending not in my face products because i do not use cheap products on my face my skin is very sensitive so yeah so this is my face wash and for the body lotion this is a new thing which i discovered this is from bio bloom this is again a face moisturizer and also a body moisturizer this also i got in the

subscription box ah love talking next i will come to fragrance which is the last section so in the fragrance i have loved johan masks for men you know if you have been following me for a long time or a short time you know that i love perfumes and fragrances of the williams of men I do not like mild perfumes so johan masks this is again men's perfume but i love it more than my friends love it like the male friends this is my favorite I vouch the smell is amazing this is citrusy amazingly citrusy the smell and will instantly pop up your mood I love the children's which are very citrusy and a little bit Wilder I can say not that one but again it stays for a very long time so yeah this was my favorite fragrance and after that this is from awesome shear perfumed body mist with aqua this is again my favorite product I have loved this is my fourth water so now this is retail for peace 225 which is super affordable and this retail for I don't know 200 yeah so super horrible both the fragrances both of them I tried 50,000 18 and I've loved it yeah I've loved it I think I missed in the head care regime in the part one best part of 2018 is the

copy equals facials 200ml hydrating conditioner hibiscus shampoo which hiccup I bra meandering Roger this is one of the favorite shampoo I have loved love loved using this I've actually made my hair really good it's like you know how can I forget bad this is only for peace 175 really affordable instead of using all the cosmetic products which are full of sulfate paraben chemicals I would prefer use more natural products and that has been my resolution in 2018-2019 resolution I will not reveal it unless it completes so stay tuned to my channel and keep following me that's it for today guys that was my all favorite products part number two of 2018 I hope you loved it and please do not forget to subscribe my channel and hit the bell icon and please please please follow me in all the videos because then you lose the link and then you start asking when did you upload it because guys you are not hitting the bell icon or you're not hitting the subscribe down that's what reason you will not be able to get all the updates regarding all my videos and all of that happens in the

next video bye bye stay warm stay happy and yeah bye be cleansed