26 March 2018


THE BRAND THAT STARTED MY MAKEUP OBSESSION. The best of the best Charlotte tilbury makeup products that every brown girl should own. Here are my ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel I am

Shweta if you're new and you're just visiting please make sure that you stick around and hit that little red button and be a part of my family and after you hit that hit that little bell icon so that you will be notified every time I drop a video but today's video I'm a little bit hyped up because so many of you had written to me asking what are my favorite charlotte tilbury product now as a brand charlotte tilbury is one of my favorites yes it is extremely expensive her makeup is it's expensive you guys there's no denying that but what you're getting for your money is quality so for those of you is living under a rock who has no clue above the makeup world Charlotte Tilbury is UK's leading makeup artist the best thing about Charlotte Tilbury it's cruelty free so without wasting much time let me tell you what are my favorite products from her line now this is my opinion you guys opinions differ maybe what I'm about to show you right now you probably will be thinking hey no I don't agree with her opinion but that's what YouTube community is all about we are here to share our opinion so don't get offended if none of your favorites are there in

my top list the four years that I've seen in London I have visited Charlotte Tilbury encounter so many times I've have their makeup artist do makeup on me use their products on me so I know exactly what works for me what doesn't work for me if you are thinking of investing your money then please pay close attention to these beautiful skincare and makeup products that I'm about to show you let's get started alright so we are going to start off with skincare and the first product is the goddess skin clay mask now I discovered this mask last year and I love it because it just evens out your skin texture it just soothes out any bumps that you have on your face it cools your skin alright and it brightens it so if you're thinking of going out and you want that five minutes or I would say less than 10 minutes facial you're trying to give yourself a very good facial before you apply your makeup you want your skin to look much more brighter please buy this mask you even get sample sizes go check it out that's the best thing about Charlotte Tilbury counter is that they give you samples it

makes your tired skin look really nice supple and bright and suddenly you feel your skin is much more smoother much more plumper and former I really love this this is like your facial in a tube okay this is amazing it smells wonderful it smells like you know sandalwood and Jasmine I don't know whatever that is infused in it it smells good alright and you really need this this is my first recommendation from the line now the second skincare product was saying to me and let me just tell you that every time I used to go to the Charlotte Tilbury counter I used to you know sample out her magic cream because I really liked it and even if the sachet was really small it would last for a very long time for me because it was so expensive you go ahead let me be honest when I first tried out the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream for the life of me I could not understand the hype I was like what the hell are people raving about this magic cream it has all the vitamins it has vitamin E it has hyaluronic serum in it and you guys know what a big trend hyaluronic serum is if you guys don't know I have explained it in detail in my

top skincare okay I spoken about the ordinary hyaluronic so this is a very thick moisturizer and you do not need anything else before you go to bed just a little bit after about a month of use I started noticing a huge difference on my face this is why I included in my top skincare I mean I know it is expensive but guys this is an amazing cream and like she said it is a magic cream this is not a cream that you only have to wear at night who can vary during the daytime and your skin is going to thank you for it you have to be patient like I said take the sample test it out see what it does for you take 2 or 3 samples of it and see how it works for you you will notice that you know your skin is a lot more hydrated and a lot more formal I really really recommend this I do have her wonder glow ok this is one of another product that is one of their bestsellers the Wonder glow but this does give you that soft focus filter please understand that her Wonder glow and you know her primers Charlotte Tilbury it's meant to give you that do you e effect so if you are someone who's got extremely oily skin then I would ask you

to skip these primers you really don't need it but if you have combination normal or even if you have extremely dry skin then these are the primers wait let me tell you what it states turns around tired dull skin in a beauty flash which are completely agree it's powered by fluorescent code that converts UV light into skin luminosity for an instance of focused spotlight effect can be used under over or instead of a foundation so if you do not like a heavy foundation on your skin but at the same time you want that very subtle soft glow then you can definitely just wear the Wonder glow put a little bit of compact lipstick gloss and you're good to go but let me just tell you her newest launch that was sent to me is the Hollywood flawless filter which was sent to me on PR purpose and I was like okay what is the difference between this and the Wonder glow this is something that you can apply again over your face before foundation this is recommended for before foundation even after foundation you can just you know take dots of it and you can just you know dab it with your beauty sponge or you can mix it with your foundation I mix this with my foundation okay the

time when I feel now I love a foundation that is really matte because of my oily skin but lately I have been mixing this one with my foundation and I just apply it and it just gives me a very dewy effect I don't know where which one to go for because both are such lovely products but lately I have been loving this one more than the Wonder glow I think as I'm growing older I have started realizing that my skin needs to look not completely matte it needs to have that little hydrated look you know a healthy look and that's what this one has been giving okay if you apply it on its own that's also fine because it's got a decent coverage it comes in different colors I am in number five tan so you can wear it on its own if you have really clear skin and you want that JLo gel kind of enough skin that glowy dewy skin you can bear it on its own beautiful this also comes in sample sighs go try it out my next favorite product from Charlotte Tilbury is the magic foundation if you guys saw my top eight favorite foundation for acne oily combination skin you would have seen this baby being featured there on my skin it works really lovely it's a

buildable coverage okay it gives you decent amount of coverage which you can build on but it settles so lovely on the skin I'm in the shade zero eight medium and this is so beautiful the magical thing about this foundation is if you have oily skin it looks matte if you have dry skin it gives you a dewy skin something about it just adapts to your skin texture and condition and just it works it really works and for me this doesn't oxidize I cannot recommend this foundation enough please go and get it because this is truly worth the money the next favorite item from her brand which you need which I have I could sing poetry about this beauty that is a compact powder this is the airbrush flawless finish I mean zero to medium I think every time I have done a makeup tutorial I have used this time and time again this is my second one it's almost about a hit pan I can't wait to go and get another one this is the best freak'n compact powder in the world okay this sets your makeup beautifully if you have extremely oily skin you definitely need this it is so finely milled okay it has a tendency of minimizing your pores

the more that you apply it it is so light and so like I said finally melt that it doesn't look cakey when you layer this powder on top of your existing makeup how I love to apply it is with a dry sponge I just like to dab it and I put it on my t-zone area it's very difficult to pick up just two or three things from my entire line because they are so amazing most of it but if you had your money and you had enough only to pick up just one then this is it okay now time for eye makeup and when it comes to her eye makeup raised she has got so many products out there you know she's got the eyes to mesmerize and she's got the color chameleon and but what I really love is this luxury palette this another quart of four beautiful eyeshadow in this tiny palette the colors are so bloody creamy and pigmented I really love it the best thing about this is it's so travel friendly because of how small it is it's got a mirror I love the fact that you know the transition colors the colors are placed in such a way that you go with the flow so you can start off with this first shade then the second shade and then you can go for the

darker shade and right above it to give it a little more shimmer you can go for the gold or the bronze the luxury palettes are absolute luxury these eyeshadows apparently they're so expensive to make is what I heard from the makeup artist as fine shimmer particles it's not that you know chunky glitter that comes out it's that very subtle shimmer you know that it's the finest of ingredients that has gone into making these eyeshadows let let me just show you a single eyeshadow that I have this is the silver leopard nocturnal cat eyes to hypnotise it's a shimmery gray black eyeshadow and it's got these tiny specks of glitter the camera is doing no justice but you will see when the light hits it it shimmers like a bloody lighthouse but two palettes are highly recommend is the vintage bra which is such a beautiful color it's got that Burgundy it's got the bronze you can do your smoky eye look you can take it from daytime to nighttime with that look and another one is one of their bestsellers and that is dolce vita ok dolce vita is another one that you could take from day to night that another thing that i love from her line is the color chameleon

these are the eyeshadow sticks especially the one that i highly recommend is for hazel eyes brown eyes dark eyes and that is golden quartz she created this that would complement you know your eye color I love the fact that these shadow sticks are so bloody smooth and so creamy to blend and once it blends it just says put on your eyelids it's not going to go anywhere so you have to really work fast when you're trying to blend this you just can't put it on one eye the other eye and then work on one night because by then this will dry up and it's very very hard to blend after that this one is so creamy can you see that it's got that olive bronzy brown eyeshadow that is going out here that works so well for a beautiful smokey eye and that's another recommendation of mine from my range you know apart from the luxury palette and the last thing from her I arranged that you need to pick up is the rock and cold eye pencil especially in bedroom black and I love the bedroom black because it's so creamy it's really dark it stays on your waterline for a very long time the next favorite product of mine is the contour kit this is the film-star bronze

& Glow I'm in the shade 0-2 this is for medium to dark guys this bronzer is incredible every beauty blogger in the UK owns one in fact beauty bloggers all over the world they definitely reach out for the film star the highlighter is so finely milled okay it's a beautiful highlighter but this bronzer it just blends like a dream it just melts on your skin it's a beautiful bloody bronzer look at this look at the packaging okay can we talk about the packaging this is amazing I love the fact that most of her products her packaging it's so travel friendly because it's got the mirror I love this I highly recommend this another product that has made it in the best category is the highlighter worn this is the beauty light one and not somebody who reaches out for highlighters you guys know because of how my skin is I don't like to emphasize my texture but this is a beautiful highlighter she needs to come up with much more colors many more colors like gold and bronze because this is more of a silver rose gold shade I love the fact that it comes with the sponge applicator you really need to twist you know squeeze just a little bit

because a little goes a long way and after you use it don't forget to twist it back and then close it okay look at how travel-friendly this one is this is not one of those highlighters that will knock you right on your face and say hey listen I'm here pay attention to me or you know one of those highlighters that will have NASA sending you a postcard no this is one of those highlighters that gives you that wet shine a very subtle look how a highlighter should be you know highlighter should not be completely jarring on your face pay attention to my skin no a highlighter should be that when you turn your face it gives you that certain beautiful glowy finish to it you know it's supposed to make your skin look much more healthy that's what a highlighter is all about this is turned out to be one of my favorite highlighters I really love this I highly recommend this this has made it in my best list now it's up to you to test it out and see whether you like it or not but this is my recommendation the last two of my favorite things from Charlotte Tilbury are her lipsticks that lead he knows the lipsticks when it comes to lip liners

she gets a tick mark when it comes to her matte lipsticks by the bullet she gets a tick mark when it comes to a liquid lipstick it's a tick tick tick as well her matte revolution lipsticks are to die for I would say that they are heavily pigmented you really need to work on it okay sometimes it just gives you like a stained affect on your lips but it's so comfortable it is so it's one of the most comfortable mattes I have ever come across in a bullet it is so creamy in its application this is one of her winning bestsellers basically Herm attributions are her bestsellers the three colors that are absolutely love from the matte revolution one is pillow talk the original pillow top lip liner which is their bestseller she made it into a lipstick and that is also now become a best-seller the second one is walk of shame which is such a beautiful reddish brown color it's that perfect nude for someone who is darker than me and the other one is born girl born girl is that brown lipstick with that subtle hint of red and it is a credible incredible lipsticks to go to our Charlotte Tilbury counter high lip

liners or her matte lipsticks or liquid lipstick whatever it is from her lipstick range you really need to pick it up because that's a no-brainer it goes without me trying to emphasize that you really really need it because those are her cult products I heard so much about these liquid lipsticks I never paid attention because I was like man I have so many liquid lipsticks and this is really expensive and if you had to ask me what should I pick up between the liquid lipsticks and the map or lipsticks by the bullet I don't say go for the matte lipstick by the bullet but if you want something that is a lot more heavily pigmented in your big liquid lipstick junkie then you should check out her new one because the formula is definitely different it is not at all liquidy it's not at all moosie it's almost like applying a thick cream on your lips okay but a pigmented thick cream if you see the wand applicator is also very different when you take it out it's got a little it's a doe foot applicator with a slight Bend and you will see that the lipstick is stuck to it because it's such a thick creamy lipstick all right it just doesn't move

so not many will love it because a lot of us love our liquids or a really moosie soft texture this is not a soft texture but once you apply it on your lips and it's and it just stays it is so comfortable and the two colors are highly highly recommend from her liquid lipstick our range one is this color what I'm wearing too bad and bad which is such a beautiful rosy warm rosy pink lipstick for women of my color my shade and the second one is showgirl and showgirl is so bloody beautiful I cannot recommend showgirl enough it's one of my favorite it looks good on everybody it is almost like a great deal for the matte Revolution Bond girl but it is to die for all her lip liners will suit everybody because her lip liners are so guys this completes the best of Charlotte Tilbury products this is my opinion these are the products that work for me and I know there'll be lots of comments saying that oh you know try this you don't try that I have most of them are right there okay but wanted to show you the best of the best things that are totally worth the money okay and two or three like the compact

powder the film-star bronze & Glow or the lipsticks these are things that like I said no brainer you really need to go and get it so I hope you enjoyed watching it please do leave your feedback in the comment section what you'd like to see next and I hope to see you very soon bye my lovelies