21 December 2018

Best and worste of beauty eyeshadow toppers mascara and liner

hey y'all welcome back to my favorites

and fails for 2018 today we are talking about mascara eyeliner and eye liner top eyeshadow tars eye Stoppers yeah okay so for our toppers I don't have a worst category everything I try this year I loved so I'm gonna speed through this section because you've probably heard enough about these products but best Stila steel with glitter and glows and steel shimmer and glows I love so much if you haven't tried them get a mini set you put it comes with three minis and it is $25 I haven't gone through any of my minis yet the chrome paint by Tarte I don't like the shades but I love the formula so if you like warme Goldy shades you'll really like the shades but for me they're just all too warm now this isn't an eyeshadow per se but I use it as an eyeshadow so this is the 2000 stick on it um the fenty Beauty duo kilowatt foils and the this one is the one I have I just like I can't even tell you guys how beautiful they are like I don't know if you can even see like how much of a dent isn't that brown one but these are the two shades let me try to find some room so that is the brown one and there is the minty blue oh so good if you guys

have not tried these try them do a simple eye look and then add these on the lid best thing ever best oh my god I love it so much um I'm the hourglass scattered light I have only used the shade smoke so far but in its glittery it is smooth it's not chunky no fall out during the day it is so good highly recommend um but Sephora we're watching you we see that every time there's a 20% off sale those sell out and then the day after the sale are in stock again conspiracy no you're being shady as hell anyway um then I also really like and I hope to show you guys this because it's hard to explain um it is the Natasha Genoa crystal topcoat so these are not a single shadow so I am like really digging in here and then I'm just gonna put some like right here so see how you can barely see it it is a top coat it is something to go on like on top of a mat or a shimmer now you just want a little bit of sparkle on and it's not something that is like the chrome paint so I don't even have these on my list coz I just got them recently but I wanted to talk about them this is the color pop super shock glitter shades

and these are really pretty but these are more sheer in my opinion these are definitely something that you need to put over so let me do that real quick with the shade frog cuz you really need to like understand about this so I'm going to just take a deep so there's the muff by itself now I'm gonna swatch frog so that's frog I'm gonna swatch it by itself I actually if you watched my anasazi review this is what I had on so that is frog by itself and that is frog over a mat so it really makes that mat pop by itself it's not impactful so I like it for that use but I was kind of not upset I was kind of disappointed that it didn't have a big enough face but you know that's just me I'm getting lipstick everywhere y'all okay I lost I lost it okay um oh and the other one is the RI gloss by pure I'm gonna put this in an okay category because it's nice but it's nothing like to write home about what are you trying to find a brush first of all this netting is absolutely ridiculous like you have to really push in there and that's what it looks like so it's okay

it's more like glossy eye than anything else so I guess that's why they call it I don't know I just don't it's not that great it's okay okay so let's talk about mascara and eyeliner sorry okay um the Marc Jacobs mascara most probably 99% of these Arminius that I get as 100-point perk so I can try so high in mascara without paying a high end price tag for it um the Marc Jacobs mascara is okay um it's really flaky and that's my number one pet peeve with mascaras it's like during the day um I really ought long eyelashes so I don't need a lot of help in that area but if it flakes it's it's gone um same issue with Tarte lights camera lashes yeah same thing just flaky what am i hair doing right now sorry all um and for eyeliners it's the NYX waterline pencil so bad so trunky me my eyes get so irritated and then the NYX you go liquid liner it's just not pigment so here's the eco it just didn't do much for me pause this is the only eyeliner I can use my waterline it's the Marc Jacobs I really like it can you tell how like baby I am oh okay let's just get lipstick everywhere okay anyway sorry um the mascaras I enjoyed this year the

Tarte maneater the NARS climax is officially like my favorite let me just show you guys the wand on this like it's just so wonderful and this may be a TMI if you get ready in your pajamas or whatever just stick the mascara in your pocket or in your bra whatever and he's something mascara and this it makes this one work like a billion times better I really love that and the mascara from the Sephora brand lash craft big volume love this one love this one I probably won't repurchase the NAR just because it's so expensive this one's 14 this one's 24 and I just wanted to buy this one to try it it's it's good I just don't think I want to continue to buy something that you have to replace every three months for that lunch and then I also really enjoyed the Wonder beauty for the days that I want a room natural lash I love the wand on this and it was just really good and the two eyeliners that I use the absolute [Music] yeah find the other one of course can you tell I'm like so whatever um but it's the fifty Beauty one the fenty beauty and the Physicians Formula are the two best eyeliners that I've tried

let me dig through this for a second to show you guys other ones cuz I don't think I listed everything um let's see Kat Von D like the eyeliner don't support the owner so definitely won't be repurchasing Marc Jacobs one it's great um I have so many of these eco ones because epsy sent so many this brand the chante blue is literally the scratchiest eyeliner I don't know how anyone uses that on their waterline no thank you the vintage one I tried from boxycharm and it was okay the caution one I don't like just because I don't feel like it ball you mises enough for me I like to have a good curl with my lashes and it's just okay um the double-decker I should probably throw out because I got in August's overhead in three months now um it just didn't do a lot for me and then the cush I loved it like really really volumizes the ice so yeah that's the best of worst and eyes guys so thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one