03 June 2018

Beginner Makeup Tips & Starter Makeup Kit | Drugstore Products for Women of Color

Beginner Makeup Tips & Starter Kit Drugstore Faves for Women of color olive to dark skin and combination oily skin 2018. The best highlighters, foundation, and ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm the more an agent today's video is going to be a beauty video these are basically some affordable drugstore products for beginners everyone doesn't have to have like all the most name brands makeup products you know you can always mix some cheaper products and then have a few of your favorite products that are more expensive and last longer or have better quality so first and foremost who will be able to achieve a flawless look you need to have the correct brushes these are the brushes from wet wild their collection I really have like five or six because I don't need the whole extended brush line now if you want to go all out you can do that these brushes are only a dollar for the most part they range from $1 to $3 this one is $2 because this is the bigger one this is the flat top brush that I use for my foundation I love it so much because it buffs the products out really evenly and then it also gives like it helps distribute the products around to Facebook first is a sponge which actually absorbs more than product so you can use a fake beauty blender or you know brushes like these they also have a

liquid brush that I used to use but sometimes for pictures it gives that swipe you know you can tell where you sweat so I just like to use a flat top brush for eyeshadows and um etc I like to use these the small eyeshadow brush for my crease for Michael aid only and then I use a smaller one if I want to do like a specific look on my eyelid this is a smokey minor and then the angled brush I use for concealer to clean up my eyebrows so these brushes can do more than one job and they pick up products well also elf has pretty much the same types of brushes but else is I think only available at Walgreens CVS and Walmart but these are carried at Dollar Tree 5 below most Family Dollar Stores in general and also target Wayne Reed and then all the drugstores Walmart Target or whatever but I just like these - they're like white and they have the pink and I think it's like clean looking but they're super cheap and they're still fun I do have a specific dedicated video for those of you who want to know what brushes are used for what like for contouring and everything like that so

if you click the link in the description box for that feel or I'll try to put a card up now next we're going to go with foundation so I do also have a dedicated video on like a whole series on these types of foundations like whether they last or they're not or the post cons so you guys I'll link that whole playlist the foundation play with people or see those foundations like 50 and all those kind of foundations also these foundations that I'm listing do not have those toxic chemicals in them that are cancer-causing so for now I just use the go for me I use Neutrogena skin clearing and I use I don't use black oval but that's one that I want to use that does not have phenoxyethanol in it but in general if you guys don't care about that kind of stuff my go-to was the Revlon Colorstay I also like I said I do have a separate review on that I love these super state by Revlon which is no maybelline superstay also the Maybelline fit me matte poreless also the mainly smooth and dewy if you have dry skin so those are my top 5 basically didn't list those yeah rub my color stay Nugent Revlon Colorstay Neutrogena maybelline superstay you know I just had

somebody's day that's my boy okay maybe fit me matte and poreless and then gonna say Neutrogena I don't know if I did it whatever but um a runner-up would have to be a BB cream actually by Black Radiance I really like that one so now for concealers I like to use this la girl pro HD concealer dupe since the LA girl concealers have actually ethanol in it and it's toxic so I use this one as the dupe these are only two dollars actually and they do have correctors as well so we can K yes Pro HD concealers and look at the product come on there's much more in this on the knees so yeah I really like these four concealers I'm not sure if most concealers that I use to use have phenoxyethanol in it so I don't use those anymore so I just kind of stick with that one but some other ones that are pretty good is the wet wild photo focus concealer and also the fit me but as far as actually concealing like bags and dark scars the only girl pro protein concealer was the best that one and then the Tarte take shape but another turns cancels don't hang some you know I used mica k so also you need to know the difference is between

correctors corrector concealers and also regular concealers regular concealers are just those that match your skin tone you're just covering it up well also if you've got like super super dark or super red pigmentation issues then you can get a hot up like a yellow corrector a green corrector they have lavender they also have peach and they have orange now for women of color I like to use peach which is a mixture of the yellow and the orange together because the orange showed up through my foundations and it just was a mess but it's color correctors are used underneath your foundation I don't understand why people will use it on top I think that's done so I use it underneath my foundation like today I use the yellow and then I just put my foundation on like two minutes afterwards and then you can't even see it right now so that's the difference between color correctors and regular concealers so for highlighters most of the highlighters that I used to use which was my favorite being wet wild highlighters the pressure pills they have phenoxyethanol in it so I don't use those anymore because

it's toxic but I found the Maybelline master chrome and multi-goal and they have a couple of other colors and also the essence highlighters from Ulta don't have those toxic chemicals in it so those are the top two conceal how they are really light for those of you don't care for you know you don't care about the products that are in it I really like the wet and wild highlighters and then the LA girl now I do have a separate video comparing all of these highlighters even the ones that have toxic chemicals but to show you guys the swatches you can click the video and then in the description spots it's basically the top concept the top high letters for women of color from Olive to dark skin so you'll see the champagne ones the pinky ones and the gold one so yeah check that video out moving on to contour I don't use contour anymore but my favorite contour was the Black Radiance true complexion how it actually has highlighter in it and it also has contour they have two palettes one for meat lights skin to medium skin and then medium skin to darken I used me up to dark skin and it's only eight dollars really bond but I just don't use

contour anymore like that so yeah so onto lip glosses lipsticks I used to love the NYX line nips is by the total like best for lipsticks but unfortunately a lot of the NYX lip sticks have phenoxyethanol in it which is toxic so the dupe for the nicks or like in general like really really good matte lipsticks are at the Cokie from Walmart this is like the next do they have a lot of different colors and they come on really mad and they're actually like like soothing you're not like really really chatty that makes sense also the mica kick that they get whoa the knee-jerk a true matte lipsticks the matte lipsticks are only two dollars they have lot colors like the Kylie K colors and have to jump start colors and they last like all day like really really good quality matte lipsticks I think I'm gonna go ahead and do a lip swatch hype you guys have been telling me to do it yeah those matte lipsticks are really bomb and they don't have to two chemicals also the Ruby kisses for ever met this is more so like the cuddly K do in the Kim Kardashian Kollection

like you could even look at it and tell like the packaging it has like a little drips on it and they have a few colors I think about twelve they have new colors that the girls love and even the dark brown colors I do have the Browns don't know where it is also Nico K has lips lip glosses that you can try also that are pretty good these are all $2 and then the dupe for the NYX soft matte lip cream is the Cokie lip veneer clean gloss now this is the met but it's like a gloss now they do have a matte one that's kind of like the dupe for it also so the longer what if the matte one of the shorter one is the gloss really nice all many has really good lip gloss is like almost like sheer tinted lip boxes that are not toxic and I love these I'm wearing this one right now on my lips also maybelline vivid hot look hair these are really really good lip glosses and they're like really lipstick damn thick consistency this is the color unreal and it's really like its new I'll put it on Alex like it's new I don't know what I just did there but also the wet and wild barely legal for the wet allowed lip glosses I don't believe that they have that chemical in

it now the Revlon lip sticks the old-school lipsticks these aren't toxic free really fun and affordable like I said okay so for setting sprays my top my favorite actually is the wet and wild photo focus the natural and also the regular photo focus setting spray really bomb I use it right now it makes your face look really really do it but it's actually met but not necessarily like super super meddling you can even put your face like full tops but it feels really good now they do have a matte version also which is fun and to me this is the dupe for the Urban Decay all nighter so yeah this is $12 from also the bigger one is $24 but these are only like three or four dollars so yeah setting powder my only go to setting powder is the black opal true white the black opal deluxe setting powder this is the best hands down it does not be any flashback I'll show you guys a picture of that on flash and I also have done a whole entire two videos on how to not get flash back you think that so you can see like live me you know demonstrate that in the video that's popular card or link in the description box but yeah that

setting powder is the truth and it comes in this is the color medium so it matches be kind of kind of goes where on my skin tone they also have dark and then they have feet and then they haven't light up so and then they have neutral for the lighter girls so yeah eight dollars at Walmart in my favorite mascaras hands-down laurio telescopic it is the best I'm wearing lashes now but just for the video purposes but on everyday basis like my lashes pop like this kinda sorta like it really goes in long a short lashes it's like twelve dollars down but my second favorite for my bottom lashes anyway is the Big Shot Maybelline Big Shot the makeup Shayla one I also use the lash the Leto by Maybelline but yeah that's basically it for this video I hope that I didn't make it too long thumbs up this video if you found this video helpful please thumbs up and share this video to Twitter and stick around and Facebook on your timeline and if you can't you can tag me in it too so that people can see this video and check out my previous videos on makeup tutorials and product reviews or in here here key to this is here for my hair company by

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