23 November 2018


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hey guys welcome to my channel is

naturally Jimmy now I was doing my makeup get him ready to UM record a hair video but then I remembered you know I was about to like I've already put on my foundation all that stuff and I was got to start with the eyes and stuff like that but I remember how much you guys asked me for makeup tutorials so I thought that I would like you know show you guys the the process of my eyes my lips my blush and things like that like I said I already had the base covered but I'm just gonna do the rest of my makeup on camera to show you guys how I do my eyeshadow looks and and then I also show you guys you know the lipsticks that I choose to wear or whatever but yeah so I'm glad I remember because I was really just like picking up some eyeshadow and be like I can record this so yes if you want to see you know like what I do for my makeup then just keep on watching so I'm gonna start off by using the urban decay eye shadow potion and you guys know that I this is pretty like the only eyeshadow base that I use so I used to prime my eyes and also to make the colors pop I'd already know what I shadow look that I'm going for today I think that I'm gonna

do something like smoky kind of I'm thinking about smoky we'll see and if you guys want to see how I do my foundation and my concealer and things like that just let me know in the comments below and then I'll do that as well in another video I'll do a video dedicated for and yeah I think I am gonna do a like a kind of smokey eye maybe like a glitter smokey eye look I don't know we'll see I guess I could use something from the naked cherry collection this is how it looks and then I think I'm gonna get this berry color and I'm probably just gonna use that above my crease and I already really really really enjoyed this palette like this is I just got it but I've been using it like every time that I do my eye looks so like anything Urban Decay Naked like I don't even use Urban Decay like that but when it comes to then get pilots I really feel like though these pallets are just like the best thing that they've ever come out with ever and then I'm gonna take the dark brown and deepen the crease area maybe I should going with a black so this is how it looks so far and today I already don't wanna do much with my

eyes I think I'm just gonna put so I'm gonna take a color from this it um palette and I already don't like this palette but we gonna make a work make it work let me take a conic which is this like deep purple color and I'm gonna put that on my lid I already don't like this probably because I just saw no I just don't think it has nice nice colors for like um dark skin so I'm gonna use this color as a base for my glitter so I'm not worried about how perfect the color is so I'm just gonna take this glitter from Too Faced and I'm gonna go ahead and put it all over my lid is just a dark brown glitter this would be my first time using it see oh no I didn't really like these glitters because it was like so easy to like transform the look and I've been like using it non-stop since up yeah tell me this good it's not popping I'm something I think I put a little too high yeah I was having so much fun with this glitter and I think I put it too high but it's alright when I try to blend it out so now I'm taking this pretty vulgar umm eye liner and it's like a ink kind of and this is like the best eyeliner that I've ever used and I'm just gonna take this

eyeliner brush I dunno just glides like ink so I'm also going to take this Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil in the color black market and I'm just gonna put that under my eye okay so that's it for the eyes so far I'm not done with their eyes but I'm just gonna move on to breath in and cheeks and I'm taking the color girl queen collection and ebony bronze so this is evany Bronx and you guys see that I hit pan is the only bronzer that I ever used and I'm just going to bronze my cheeks so for this it serves as a contour and a bronzer for me like sometimes I don't want to go in with another contour color so I'll just bronze on my contour line and then a little bit above so for highlight do I want to use I don't know not only use this I think this is to go for this look I want something just like that it's light I'm gonna use this to face aha strobing bronzer in pineapple paradise oh no it's called pineapple Sun and this is what it looks like I'm just gonna take my brush I was gonna highlight my sheets now I like this highlighter because it gives me like a very natural-looking highlight it ain't

too much I kind of do my nose with my hands just because the brush is kind of like too big to get my nose area then go back to my eyes and my inner corner tear duct area just put a little bit of it in there its pop it in there so I'm going to take a blush brush this is a blush brush I don't know I use for blush and then I'm taking just a little bit and put it on my cheeks just attack it and then I'm going to use this makeup forever mist in spring but these are my go-to that I'm showing you guys so wait for my face to dry now for my eyes I'm going to take the matte mascara and I'm also going to take things boos bosom bosom book some whatever it's called and I use the both of these because I ain't got no under under lashes like bottom lashes so I just try to try my best to like get them to come out so I use the Mac one first and now I'm going to use my lashes I don't remember what lashes these are I don't know I remember the lashes but there's some bottom lashes I think the brand for the lashes is called like a label inside person I use one lash and

so like hook I can't use it no more like literally so I don't open another packing soon well sometimes I open too right the other one does it does not like glam enough I open the second pack but I'm not the type to open a whole bunch of packs of lashes open most times I open one at a time shove it on a dark lip or nude lip eyes are kind of dark I sure think I want to do this car they want to do is purple okay so this color is a smashball color and it's called wicked berry 48 and it's the oh no it's not Smashbox it's actually Maybelline Wow okay so it's a vivid vivid matte liquid lipstick and clinics car like I said wicked bearing and that's what I use for the lips and I think I think it looks good I already think it looks good with the eye look but let me know what you guys think