12 October 2017

Beautycounter Holiday 2017 Reveal, Part 1: Makeup Gift Sets!

Beautycounter Holiday Gift Sets have arrived and you are going to love the 17 new gift sets! This is part one, where I reveal our makeup gift sets! 43 new colors ...

hi everybody at Shari Allison from

Milwaukee Wisconsin I am so completely over-the-top excited to bring to you today our new Beauty counter holiday gift sets they just launched a couple of days ago I will be doing two videos because we just came up with 17 new collections or sets I should say so today I'm gonna focus on the makeup sets because you know come on I'm makeup obsessed I'm not even a makeup artist I still sell beauty counter I have people that say to me I would love to to beauty counter but I'm not a sales person not a makeup artist and just in case you've ever been considering doing something like this I want you to know that the girls on my team come from all walks of life most of them have never sold a thing in their life but really you know what selling us it's like telling your best friend I just found the best restaurant in town I got to tell you about it and when you see these gifts you might be ready to jump in and join us so let's start with this one this is our ultimate new collection brand new look at these beautiful boxes I can't get over how gorgeous they are let me take this out of its box and it

comes with a little card to teach you how to use the eyeshadows and give you a bunch of different looks if you're not quite sure how and this is it look how gorgeous this is these shades eighteen brand new shades they're reformulated they are mattes and shimmers but the shimmers are very light I'm in my 50s and you can see I use the bronze E one today and it's not giving me any kind of shimmer in the wrong place which I think sometimes when you're older and if you use shimmer can age you I don't feel as those these shimmers do that at all they blend super easy they're very pigmented this is going to go a very long way six different shades with their deaths and this corner here is a brand new eyeliner and you can wet it or use it dry either way so gorgeous this is $88 what else they love about this feature you get this for brush there's a slant brush and then in all of our I brush and then on top of all that the mirror comes out so check this out kind of hard to do on film sometimes but the mirror comes out and I love that because sometimes when I'm traveling there aren't good mirrors in the hotels or I like to see the back of

my hairs because it's springing out all over um and then when it's time to repackage you can keep them in so that's the ultimate nude collection $88 I would say the value on that is close to 200 it's a really phenomenal deal our second gift this is so exciting because so many of you have said we love your lip sheers but we want something more intense that hold so voila this is our color intense lip set these are a set of five satin formulas I've got one on my lip right now and I thought eh I have a lip shear over at a brand-new lip shear but these are them they are so gorgeous they are anything from a very bright red like that I will just quickly show you them that's one of them the next one is kind of this beautiful it's a little bit darker than twig kind of an everyday brownish you know this one is more of a berry color that's super super super luscious for you pink lovers this is a gorgeous pink really really pretty and then finally we have this is a much deeper berry super gorgeous color again they hold for a much longer time they give you more of a satin finish and they sell for $88 when you think of it it's really a good value because one of our

lips shares is 30 so five of them for $88 again it's called color intense lip set our next collection so exciting right is our collection of brushes so this is called best of brushes I love our Beauty Conor just because they are made can never open these boxes on camera and do it gracefully do you know what I mean like I'm the kind of person like the holidays I would just want to rip it all open and get to it but anyway these are brushes and you get a collection of four of our top sellers so this one here is our thick all-over brush you know for powder for bronze things like that the next one is an angled brush that's really great for blush the next one is in all of our I brush and the final one is kind of a narrower brush that's really great for going into the crease it's like a crease brush it's got more of a little bit of a point dear Russell brush head to it they're all what I love about them is when you press them into the product they pick up just the exact amount that you need and then you can put it onto your face or your eyes whatever you're applying and the brush set is part of me for having to look but

I don't know 58 dollars so you get four of our best selling brushes for $58 which i think is a steal because so many times you go into a store and just one brush is $20 right okay the next gift is their brand-new winter jewels palette and what I am loving about this is again this is with our new formulation now some of you might look at this and say I don't know if I can wear these colors but I have hazel brownie I have hazel eyes I played with these the other day and it was gorgeous christy coleman designs our eye colors to be universally flattering actually she designs all of our makeup to be universally flattering so it doesn't matter what skin tone you are you can use these products new highlighter this is a new eyeliner blush bronzer you could also use this white as a highlighter highlighter just just super beautiful colors winter jewels palette it's $58 and I will say our palettes tend to sell out very very quick so if you're interested pick it up fast because they do sell out some of this is going to be part of our permanent collection but we're not sure what yet so you're gonna have to stay tuned then we'll cross our fingers and

see what happens the next thing that came out that I'm so excited about and I have it on my face today is our illuminating trio it's just kind of fell out I'm afraid this is gonna fall aren't these beautiful so these are used these are for contouring highlighting and a blush so there's three different colors one of them is bronze and this bronze color I have used I used to kind of in here I drew a line down here and blended it in and then in my high in my forehead area and that's the bronze color super super pretty okay and it's got a light light light shimmer to it but not anything crazy and then I used the rose color the pink glow on the apples of the cheeks do not pull it into the hairline you just want it right in here and then finally we have the white shimmer and the white shimmer is terrific for using on the top of the cheekbones down the nose into the Cupid's bow a little bit in the forehead I've got all three of them on today you can see that they're giving me a very very lovely bronzy kind of glowy look to them this is the illuminating trio and the illuminating trio retails for $55 and I can't say enough about this trio

it's so gorgeous okay there's more do you believe this alright so the next one is called the smoky eye trio and we've got two of them alright the first one is in charcoal kind of a slate charcoal so this is for the lids it's a liquid eyeshadow you get a liquid eyeliner and then a mini size volumizing mascara and then the same one is in bronze so you get a bronze liquid eyeshadow again another mascara and a liquid eyeliner these retail for $38 which is a steal I've not been able to play with these yet because I just got this last night so I will be doing some tutorials on individual products but I just wanted to at least let you see what they are again these are the eye smoky eye trios I don't know all the names yet and these retail for $38 these are great gifts I mean for people that have never used beauty counter before you're not spending a ton of money great for a sister your mom your bestie yourself so you can look glamorous for holiday season whatever it might be but they are really well priced and the values there because our makeup lasts a very very long time all right we're almost getting to the end we've got a few more I'm so

excited about these next two these are our perfect pout trios in nude and pink so let me show you the nude one first okay so so so gorgeous they're falling out of the box here we adjust this so you can see how pretty this is these are the nudes I actually have this one layered over that brownie color intense lip lip color that I showed you before okay and then this is the pink this is the pink tone super super gorgeous and this retails for $38 again this is really a great deal too because normally one of these is thirty so now you've got three of these for $38 and again just a great gift who doesn't love a lip gloss what I also love about our lip gloss and the new color lip intense is there's a mint taste to them and it I mean honestly when I first put it on I was like oh I feel like I just put a peppermint in my mouth it's really refreshing really nice no harsh chemicals because you know when we liquor lips and swallow if there's lead and untoward chemicals in the product we're swallowing that kind of all day long so you don't have to worry about that all of our products are safe from any kind

of toxic or chemicals which is the beautiful part about beauty counters you see my babies in the background Charlie just made her appearance online and our very last set is this gorgeous little poppy lip duo when we went to our convention Beauty counter convention back in April they made this particular color poppy for the consultants and they gave it to us as a gift this is just a gorgeous kind of ready pink color it is so pretty on I can't even tell you we all got one so I've been wearing this color for four months now and not only do you get the lip shear but you also get a lip gloss with these these are full-size poppy lip kit $38 again an incredible price so if you have any questions feel free to message me I've used everything except for the brand new eye trio and I will be doing a tutorial on a lot of the makeup products in the upcoming weeks stay tuned for power to wear I will go through the brand new skin face baby and kids gifts and if you want to browse or shop you can go to my website at Beauty counter comm slash sherry Allison if you liked what you saw today please subscribe to my channel I would really

appreciate it have a fabulous day and I know it's too soon to say Happy Holidays so I will just say happy day have a great one and until next time bye