16 June 2019

BEAUTYBAY HAUL - new makeup & skincare

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joining you today we have got a beautiful and I am so excited to have a box of goodies here from with you today everybody every day and we did have a discount on the website so I just got a few products that I've had my eye on for a while so go through them I'll tell you about them I'll set the prices here stuck I've got two other posters here on the receipt so I'll go through it and give you the prices as well and a half of the original price I won't know what the price is action website now but it does have the discounted price that I got it for so I just kind of got like a whole bundle of products that all but kind of different I just haven't had a couple of things that I wanted and then pretty much majority of them aren't random purchases so I'll just show you what I got and I did get a few products but more like an excessive amount but a few good and scraping so the first one is from Martin Wilde and it is a bronzer and it's in the shade reserve your Cabana now as you can see it's not a bronzer sort of shade but I do watch Teddy strap on YouTube and she says that this is perfect for going under the eyes is almost like a sort of setting powder

if I can actually undo it it just broke my damn nail then I would be able to show you what it's like I can't undo it okay so I have paid two pounds 74 it's just ridiculous this is what the color of it looks like it does have an embossing in there but if I just swatch it for you I mean as you can see this definitely is not a bronzer it's just sort of like a lightening powder I don't know for your back see it on the camera but it has disliked in my head a little bit here it feels really soft Oh wonderful smell those have a smell just call my name I think it does have a smell but it's not very strong they don't know what it is at the edge like that this is gonna last a long long time and if it's gonna brighten up my under-eye then I'm the floor and I have actually had my eye on this for a while but I've never got it because there wasn't really anything else that I was overly fast about but I'm super excited to try that so next is something that I've so excited to get so I paid 12 per 50 for this which is just crazy and this is an oath for highlighter and it says here it

nikkietutorials cloud and this is in the shade shades it lays a doughnut and I haven't touched this I've been holding off but I'm so excited this is the packaging just sort of square act it and it's magnetic as well which is nice has all the nice deluxe feel to it and oh my god it just looks like a mushy gushy damn soft I mean look at that subject oh my god that's like pigment like pure I cannot wait to put this all over my face so I just want to whack it on everywhere and it does have a little mirror there as well does have a little PE bit officers have to take that off I cannot wait to use this and overall it is normally about 20-25 ish pounds I got this top on 50 and I'm so excited I cannot wait to use this I mean that it's just crazy and as I said it just feels so nice and I've never used never highlighter so I'm new to the game and I'm already impressed on how many we used it so next I got this lucky brush and it was just so cheap so I thought I would get I didn't necessarily need one I just resist and it's 107 angled contour brush this what it looks like it's just baby

pink it's a rose gold and then here is this Phil cuts off I mean it doesn't let me just do the brushed a minute no bristles came out it doesn't feel like the best quality in the world but I mean it was very very affordable how much was this this was do past 40 so I mean a brush can you really miss that I don't I'm excited to use it it might be good just contouring and yeah I mean it's a Lexie brush so that's quite good I think it I'm not sure we're gonna say yeah sure is I don't really know what it looks like so next I've got a product from Milani they've never tried this all heard anything about it so this is the stay-put brow made in the shade 0 - it's soft brown this what looks like just a brown so it says here 12 hours 12 hours where feels shades and pings brows easy on-the-go application and its water assistant gel formula that is thoughts how look at this open up and see what we're working with so this is what it looks like on this end you put a spoolie I like that has a little cap and then this end is the actual brow product it looks can see I've just kind of done some lines on my hand I think the shade will work okay

for my eyebrows my eyebrows are darker than my hair and I'm normally I go for like I say two or three in brow products so I'm quite excited to get this and how much was this this was five pounds sixty which I thought was really really reasonable for a brow product and unibrow might be my new favorite thing we just don't know I'm always on the hunt tech find a good affordable brow product that's quite easy to get hold of cuz the anaesthesia embedded and big anastasiya and the benefit ones I love I see sir so the next product that habits from la girl and this is a perfect precision lip liner in the shade nude and I don't I haven't loads of lip liners but I do not have like a really really nude one which as you can see it's like it's just here is it you can kind of see that on my arm but it is very nude like peachy sort of nude and I'm always on hunt for a good lip line I've never tried any lip liners from la girl so I'm not sure it's very good or not but on the arm it seems good yeah it seems absolutely fine on the arm it has a little waxy sort of consistency one annoying thing though is that so

penciling have to sharpen it but I'm sure I can live in it so I paid three pound 19 for this which is super super affordable for a lipliner I mean that sort of price you would pay maybe a little bit more in the drugstore so I am excited to get it going a free whopper it's good the next one here is a little set by Peter Thomas Roth and it says here the value of this X 57 pounds so that the retail is 22 but I pay nine pounds for this nine pounds and it has four products in here so let's see what we have so this is the first one almost looks like a little bit like a hand sanitizer this is anti-aging cleansing Jax's brightens with a glycolic acid okay so just a little cleansing gel that's a good size as well how much 30 mil that's pretty good you just have to pry it out if you like it this one I got here is a farm peeling gel exfoliant roll lift way dead skin cells when my sodium to skin multi-action enzymes help to uncover a new fresh connection okay so I assume that just like it's all that gets foliat face type thing next we have a cucumber gel mask which looks so cool and refreshing and this will be perfect

you can put it in the fridge and a nice hot day you just put on your face and relax because I love it when we did I just get sucked to cooling I'm sort of like feel to the skin and then last but not least we have here detox that's a hydrating gel which up my street and I've never tried any products from this brand so I'm hoping it's good because it is quite pricey so this will give me a good sort filter and see if I like them and then I can and get some more parts from them I'm so excited to use it I don't with nine pounds so I just could not miss the opportunity to try for that surprise so I'm so happy so I've got two more products now and they are both lipsticks so the first one I've got is an Oprah lipstick and I've had also that everyone think they love the formula all open up six I've never tried anything from there and I wanted like a nice summery color so really vibrant red and this is in the shade Sunset Beach and it's the long-lasting the liquid kind of finish it yes I assume it's where sometimes I do my own that's sick now but I don't want this color to be met if that makes sense how much should I pay for this

this was a 5 pounds 50 which is just crazy that's cheaper than some sort of drugstore lipsticks I haven't said that's a bit like pina colada oh good that's my beautiful if I just a nice so I think it would be like maybe like a satin sort of finish that's the color but I just think that it's gonna make a perfect in the summer you know some summary I'm just mmm I cannot wait to use it I'm at the tans well that would just look so good so I cannot wait to use this I don't really have that many colors like this in the collection think that's why I gravitated towards it the most up colors a reflection like brownie nudie nudie brownie nudes um that is super super different and a long sort of Road theme I got another red lipstick from Julie and this is from the sweetheart line and it's a long wearing lift I thought this would be nice maybe if I had mine on my lips and I could just add this on top and this is in the shade okay sweetheart okay so that is the shade and how much we pay for this so this lipstick was 8 pounds 78 so it was a bit more expensive another one but all this has a strong smell like smell

the smell of cakes but not like normal sort of icing on cakes or frosting it smells I'm not sure that's good but weird at the same time I'm not sure but I'm just gonna swatch this one oh so nice it's got those glitters in it it is still pigmented obviously it's a little so it's not like super super pigmented I've just switched on top here I don't know if you'll be a tell a difference or such but it is a little bit more sheer than the actual lipstick and this is a nice literary topper I do really like that they don't go together that would be nice because everyone's more sort of like satiny maybe a little matte finish and also this is a gloss so I'm so excited the one thing I don't like about sick already though is the packaging and it's not very comfortable to hold because it's square so it's just not the best I'm gonna open it it's quite stiff because the lid is like literally like this big so packaging not so good for me but actual lipstick itself I do like and I think it will be really nice on the lips and I can't like to wear it oh thank you for watching for all that

makeup it came to it was like 49 pounds something so just under 50 pounds which might seem a little bit unnecessary and expensive some people that I do just love by makeup and I just honestly cannot help it it's all addiction and just makes me happy so why not do it you know so just get on with it but thank you for watching