17 April 2017

Beauty Tips #1 - Skin Care

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what's up you guys Saudi Makaha design

on beauty tips number one which is for a basic skin care guy everyone thing is gonna be effective in a cha-cha degree not all those happen in terms of the year of my skin and all that good stuff and also mahogany samantabhadra accessible on a Logano Hanina Manasa relates to new mantra envelope Reducto at in a magician and one week's time setting in your LAN effects in your knee the unification difference for this no just take a little time all product guys lahat not last year for doctor except for me toques Akita a new Shannon popobawa began the Shalimar three weeks four weeks a month or two months but waha yah mahn beside to iowa noona boosting a sample dr. mundo Alicia one week's time to examine educational resources we're very very patient Louis after dr. Gilligan is new and also my mom economy on sale and renovation time if it's a been catalyst co-op worth equal in power and if I make Papa restaurant product or gamma-gamma thousand embargo moisturizer toner and fellies common accommodation time you need to be the cancer navona para allergy life for Segura around 45

days and then after that more adamant in doing so methylamine and so Monica I'm gonna get on Anthony along human no Bowl unify these come one week's time to which side marrow per in totally wanted and everything am proud of me and parabola an oval a dementia continue using it guys be patient with products especially this is a manager mama had a product sness in here skincare products no be nearly no and it's a waste for gonna be in Chicago meeting just wait for it the mug decrease welcome corona result the beginnig ammunition for kids so the Union Commission picked included as effective a little patient will go for a good spin here so wait for it wait for it okay wait for it very very patient with your speaking first Donovan guys is that Fukuyama garbage dump a property brothers guys you have to insure me on paying sunscreen SPF SPF of rating actually be beside the moon since a marine and iron sssss SPF it will be a plus plus plus at low class field will surely help you guys to Sakuma gamma K no Papa body products Apple adamantane kilogram in a sunscreen or SPF or your front of

mineral and sunscreen or SPF well an equestrian guys see me what you think affect my bulimia community Omaha and against the FY especially for those simplify retool ayuda alumina bus we're going out now and I want I in all that so you'll be able to take effect you might be part of the guinea gaminess I'm oiling to ha- Avenue home on animal hair sunscreen so it sure any whitening products new be honest enough sunscreen to my gramma cane evolution or whitening that my son's finish I'm on moisturizer again again we can compute a job at my sunscreen dead or koala guys make sure to buy what a good quality of skull screen guys will help usually anti-aging and a population aboard sunscreen arraign at the same time your whitening products will doable it's a no capacity or double its effect Americans consume or your product or your nano sunscreens make sure the mayor of sunscreen got a meeting or you'll be building in front of my sunscreen que se para market on your card annually so Tonya so for widening make sure you have sunscreen or narrow Sun soon your products come on I have been having a number one number no Munna

Silla then again especially on by you know each Panaji no comment in your pattern when you see Maggie money piecing Killians apart that postpartum incremental of Yin an early age 25 years old Ninny's right-hand man build should have taken sure that your feet in your hands echo hands given day in Pyramus Mabini safar penicillin de l'avenir hummable a slice so Yampa camino you have to ensure enough a very moisturization area young farinelli element each garden i'm family to move automata regime de novo dismal very own homemade pioneering in urban a linear in each nano una cielab say that no diva so you have to ensure that to moisturize those area what i do guys is every night young powerful and letting even a petroleum jelly suppose the land again when i'm some in throughout the night you know in angola and kidnap opossums like a truly moisturizing bajo pepper event Nippon Development Fund released on booties at fund wrinkle up on early so make sure to moisturize your hands and your feet very frequently on a Google skin over my monoi story survey of an alleyway of my

moisturizer gonna come at five Papa body KOCO got me clean and clean solder then a couple day hey you have to use that appointing an authority in Maine over your budget man intense that but I'm going servicing or property products to send a vacation Salamanca Petaluma animal imagery lesser and budget method what you use in the morning a meeting arranged like a be Panama's double effect in vinegar make new guess a second big eyes nabilla juvenile skin at the Malaga absorbed silly I'm skin and in Sega be number five guys hahahaha skin any Leland so Messiah what is not about me that's why Kunigal ocean deo for example son Joseph additional personnel for business the same time Nikita and osela firmer and foetus today and kenneth dannegan firmer syllable minimus i plus you will have a happy skin and also someone had in from the moisturizer KO messiah Ninio moisturizers and i know very fast plugin for a box para mas stretch audience can attend much less reinforce just massage your skin guys a half this game will show up an idea and also move a budget K of Thomas on a pallet V number six guys is whose

opinions not really each natural shown a Playmobil Islamic Asian skin you sack of a guy is tribal and butter for the moisturizer skin is the more the less dynamic age celibacy moisturize oils moisturize Makaha prevent Selena Eugenie so set up a guys then we go on the quinoa oils or movie shark or aggression factor if ever you should be needs any like olive oil and for my healthy oils argan oil shea butter some haha pay attention in love cebongan even you know aloe vera it's a good moisturizer as well but some are intense moisturizing Iligan ischemia senga bay it will help prevent the aging process it's happening in a Martinez acaba New York and should be the model among each so number seven guys at Kalashnikov bring a lot of vitamin C I will help you tear the skin needling Solana haha along internally externally and haha Silla will heal wounds your intimate impulse nakahara sunako blame us for this no it will absolutely hear that so they fight the music regularly you guys every day brings your vitamin C good wanna go on that shuttle buy lemon art elements and put it in your drink and that is a good source of vitamin C as

well and yeah so drink your vitamin C guy is very very important that's it for maybe protects version one I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy it please do give me a big thumbs up and also to modify or including above your powers on Facebook Instagram and Twitter in liquid has sent us a description box so go ahead and check me out there but I snuck in China's gonna forget to subscribe in my channel just hit the red button down there and automatically you will be subscriber here and yeah guys that's it I hope you guys enjoy this video thank you very much guys for watching don't forget to be happy on the diamond have a baby I'll see you guys soon bye [Music]