30 January 2019

Beauty Q&A with Claire Howell and Flex Mami | THE MAKEUP LOFT | MAYBELLINE NEW YORK

Q&A TIME! Claire Howell and Flex Mami spill the beans on everything you've ever wanted to know about our Makeup Loft duo. That includes the one item they ...


hey guys we are hanging out of the Maybelline makeup loft I am Claire Howell and and I'm flex yeah I'd say I'm gonna take concealer just because you can get away with most when you look like when you look alive yes like what's a brow with no concealer what's blush with no concealer I can't survive without a lip balm oh that's not makeup that's medicinal but it like is [Music] night routine so you use an oil cleanser on dry skin to rub rub rub and then use water to rinse then we use white DS like warm or cold water Oh warm I know you shouldn't I'm a told ya and then I we use a face cream I know we use a night serum with glycolic acid for texture and then a face cream I have this like oil bomb cleanser so I take off my makeup with that and then I use an oil and that's all I do I try and keep it really really simple dipthong yeah lip balm and hand cream yeah moisturizing products I definitely have cooked brows at one stage like two blocky like black brows a dark black of hate thick brows yeah mine was when I got my lips done and I rely on them a small room and they

were like terrifying I look back at the time somebody told you um I kind of knew it was terrifying my boyfriend at that time did tell me to but that's okay you live in yellow I mean I feel like every year for me like every seat season I'd learn new things so I do change it up as soon as I learn something that's better for myself so yeah right now I'm just a lot about oils I don't I don't want to like to confuse my skin so yeah same thing sunscreen and moisturizer thick stuff even if it's a thousand degrees outside maybe I need to learn from you because your skin is like that thank you so much [Music] Oh browse I didn't have any lion eyelashes add a mascara maybe using the same product in your eyes and cheeks so using my water on my yeah or bronzer yeah I have a brother me using the same product I'm a cheat every lies yeah you can build the bronzers like a darker eyeshadow yeah yeah I love highlighter I feel like if you put it on every part of your face you look like you're amazing yeah maybe it is what was makeup before highlighter yeah literally using brushes

I find the sponge thing is very popular but I don't think it's the best way to apply your base okay okay now I'm yeah okay one second we're just feel like this second wind I feel like the greatest discovery is moving on from the paddle foundation brush and now actually discovering buffing brushes like all those different do know a lot brushes do and how to use the right brush to achieve the right outcome third wind [Laughter] [Music] [Music]