27 January 2018

BEAUTY PRODUCTS YOU SHOULD TRY IN 2018 | Cheap Makeup Dupes, Hair, Skincare, etc.


hi guys I'm Katherine and welcome back

to my channel Happy New Year everybody I know I've been gone for like around three months I'm so sorry I'll let you guys know what has been going on but first of all I just want to say that I miss you guys so much I miss talking to the camera I'm just so excited right now but first of all I just want to start this video with the giveaway that I need to announce like thousand years ago and I was from the carbon code code review part two I said that I'll be giving away the activated charcoal but I've been doing so many things at the same time and I kind of forgot about it I'm so sorry I know some of you guys come into down below asking me who's the winner so the winner is Leah and I'm gonna DM her on Instagram and just letting you guys know that I'm not lying I will be giving away stuff and that was just my first time doing such a giveaway thing I kind of got sidetracked it's I just want to say sorry to you guys for this long-awaited giveaway anyway I was basically applying to some colleges in the States because I want to actually go back to university this is my year off if you don't know that but I'm gonna be taking fashion

design which is Bachelor of Fine Arts if I get accepted I would definitely make a vlog about that so in today's video I want to talk about some products that I would love to suggest you to try in 2018 if you don't have any of those you can call this like a 2017 annual favorites video but I just want to give it like a little tile to start a new year with some new products so yeah let's just get started um first of all I want to talk about hair products so the first one is our popular hair dryer Dyson it saved me so much time so the length of my hair is around like above my boobs my hair is pretty thin this can dry my hair within 5 to 10 minutes they have some new technology with the engine inside that's why it has like a really strong power so this one is the cool down button and this one is the power button this one is where you adjust the speed and this one is the heat so I'm now on like 3 full speed and 3 heat I'm gonna like turn switch one if I blow it on my face I can't even open my eyes but here I'm just going to show you guys with my hair like you can see how straw

it is I don't know what kind of clip that I got in there because I couldn't see you guys at all this hair dryer also comes with a diffuser and two different heads and all of them are magnetic the things that I love the most about this hairdryer is that first it dries my hair really fast it saves me so much time second of all it's really light and it's small third one which is super important so as a girl who has long hair I really can't tolerate if my hair gets caught so Dyson doesn't have this on the back and it's actually hollow where the air goes in this actually on the bottom and they do have kind of like a protective net so the second tool that I'm going to talk about is this Amica hair straightener bought this on Sephora this is the mini version of it so the round bristles are the heating iron and the side of it is actually just regular bristles kind of like a brush so this brush is supposed to help you to straighten your hair while you're brushing your hair my hair is a little bit curly I'm just gonna give it a try to show you guys how it looks so I just turned it on and I'm just gonna let it

sit for a little bit and we can talk about the third and the last hair products that I want to talk about this is the orb a dry texturing spray again it's so popular you've probably seen this brand so orb a can be called a luxury brand in the hair products industry and it actually smells amazing it's like heaven have a look of the bottle it looks so good anyway so this one is supposed to help you to kind of give your hair a little bit texture but it's not like hairspray in highs a little bit like tacky and wet so this one is basically kind of like a mixture of dry shampoo and hairspray so basically you're just gonna spray it here and you're just kind of like rub it in and you can feel the texture in your hair it's like adding up to it I can also do this side and basically you're just gonna like rub it in work it out and kind of just briefly brush the outer layer of your hair after you're done and not only this you can also back comb your hair I love talking about these kind of stuff because I have really thin hair and I just want to figure out how to make my hair look bigger

I think our brush is ready I'm just gonna use the brush my hair is a little bit damaged on the bottom so it's kind of hard to brush through I'm just gonna like brush through my hair and it's kind of like a flattening iron between brushes the piece that I just grabbed it's already flat and straight I think this one works really well if you're in a hurry and you just wake up from bed and you don't have time to really actually fix your hair as you can see the curls and the puffiness is already gone my hair is kind of curly on this side it's like an overnight hot iron curl and this side is after using this brush since my hair is so damaged that's why it looks a little bit wavy I just worked like a straightening iron I'm not a hair expert so I just kind of want to have some easy tools to help me get through my morning let me just finish this side of my hair and I'll be back with some makeup products alright guys I'm back the first favors I want to talk about is this bare minerals foundation this is called bare Pro and I'm using the shade golden nude number 13 um this is actually the one that I'm wearing if I look really cakey or oily or there's

anything like even foundation that's because this is an overnight makeup anyway I love this foundation is because first of all it has some better minerals in this I know that foundation or makeup wise is just really not good for your skin and if you don't clean them completely you will have like breakouts and stuff before I sometimes do go to parties or like if I work really late you know just something happen and then I forgot to take out my makeup the second name and face will be gross and like I will see breakouts already but after using this one I actually noticed that there's no more breakouts or maybe like one or two tiny little ones I just feel better for my skin it's kind of like drinking diet coke makes you feel better than drinking normal coke it's a medium to full coverage it's definitely buildable as you can see my coverage is pretty ok or suitable for like normal skin the next part I want to talk about is this Marc Jacobs mascara so this mascara is my all-time all-time favorite first of all it's waterproof and it is called velvet noir major Volume Mascara but basically it gives me like a strong volume I to have those

really thin typical Asian lashes short and thin it's just so sad but this actually shows my lashes it makes it it makes them pop especially my lower lashes I'm just gonna walk in and maybe apply a little bit for you guys so as you can see actually makes my lower lashes pop this is a comparison right here but this is not a full size um I usually just use my Sephora points to get them redeemed next thing I'm gonna talk about is this new kiss lashes so they're called flirty and it says that it looks so natural which is the one that I'm wearing right now and a lot of people ask me oh are you wearing the velour lashes or Hoonah beauty's lashes I'm like no it's kiss what there's five pairs three of them are gone because I've used them for a long time and I just kind of want to throw them away I remember it was 23 or 25 for five pairs they look really fluffy like you know sometimes when you get some lashes but they just look like a black piece of plastic but this one actually looks like there are two layers it's kind of like this and it's really fluffy so it looks really volumize and it gives you that natural look and next thing I want to

talk about are these little lipstick lip stain thing they're from Tarte and they're actually called tart tar deist lip paint they're in the holiday pack but I just we want to talk about the lip panes like obviously there are many sighs I love the color spice which I wear a lot on my Instagram by the way if you have to follow me on Instagram please do so I do have some awesome pictures and some makeup looks that I want to share with you guys the color I'm wearing is called rain which is this one and this color is actually a great dupe for candy kay what I love about this is that it doesn't give you a really dry lip that's the not least in our make a product section I want to talk about this rosy palette which I already talked about in my hush review and you can check it out right here I do know that a lot of you guys love these kind of videos because these Prague's are actually good and they're also big and if you are looking for any good makeup products on the cheaper side yeah so this is the rules a palette but basically like I talked about in the hush review actually gives you a really glowy shine without looking glittery

this is a total dupe of one of the NSIC a highlighter palette I do have the real one and the cliff's to show you guys I personally think this one the dupe is better than the real one alright moving on to skincare I do have a little bit to share first of all I want to talk about stonecrop whip moisturizer from eminence this is an organic bread if you ever heard of this so their products are made in Hungary so stonecrop works kind of the same as aloe vera it's kind of like healing and just calming and soothing and actually smells really good and yes it looks great basically their products are literally from farm straight to the Container it's kind of like on the lighter side of their moisturizers but it's still kind of heavy on their instructions it says that you can add a little bit water or your toner just to kind of thin it out second thing I want to talk about is this oil from the ordinary I'll have them named now here because it's really hard to pronounce so it's mainly for balancing your skin tone I do have a lot of pimple marks like I said this stonecrop cream actually helped so much with my pit bulls or acne and by using this after the stonecrop it

actually helps me healing with my scars and the marks and my face actually looks a little bit more balanced right now next one I'm gonna talk about is this face washing device from foreo this is for you mini that's thicker the rubbery heads on the back and on the front there are like thinner ones so I squeezed my face wash on my hand and kind of like foam it up put on my face then I'll use this I'll press this little button in the middle it doesn't look like a speaker a if you want it to vibrate more frequently then you can use the plus button like just keep adding it up I don't get me hear it so it starts to vibrate it has the 30 second reminder or something for each side of your face I did follow them at the beginning but then later I just kind of go with my own way I definitely noticed that my skin feels clean and like smooth especially smooth after all I use it a night in the shower because I kind of take off my makeup and wash my face in the shower too alright so we're at the last section of our video and I'm gonna talk about some cleansing products so this is the cinema secret professional-grade makeup brush cleaner

and this is a giant bottle I think this is the biggest bottle that they have as 946 milliliters I use eyeshadows a lot and I do love swishing the colors so if you mix the color on the same brush it's just like weird color so it gives your brush a quick cleanse and you have like a brand new brush to use for your new color which is really handy next one I want to talk about is this thang khuu mild cleansing oil so this one is for taking off your makeup if you guys have been to Sephora some of the Sephora has the Japanese brand called the shaumbra and they have their big big bottle of cleansing oil especially the same thing this is also a Japanese brand but this is called Fenkell and they don't have any like harsh chemicals and they don't have preservatives in their products so I bought myself for more bottles when I was at the Tokyo Airport um this is how it looks like it's really tiny actually and there's 120 milliliters in this one bottle it's something how to use it it's just like you pump it in your hand with dry hand and dry face and you rub it in and then get a little bit of water and then it would turn kind of like milky kind of color you can do a second time

or you can basically just wash it off then use your face wash last but not least is this eye makeup remover this is not like a fancy brand it's just a drugstore L'Oreal makeup remover this is for eyes and lips actually works so well so you can see there's blue and the clear two parts of it and we need to like shake it up and you put it on the cotton brown so you just like lightly rub it in and then removes everything including the eyelash glue so guys I love this and you can just give it a try I go to drugstore and just find them it's really really good alright guys I learned you need to go and I just want to say thank you and I definitely noticed that there are so many new subscribers thank you for subscribing and I promise I'll give you guys more interesting content in this new year and yeah I love you guys and don't forget to go check out my social media follow me on Instagram and snapchat I like my Facebook page and I'll see you guys in my next video bye [Music]