12 September 2015

Beauty Haul! ♡ | Sephora, Mac, and Shoppers

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hey guys today I am doing a haul first

haul so excited um hello a while ago I went shopping and I went to Sephora mac and shoppers truck marked I don't know if they have choppers outside of Canada store if they don't it's just generic brands from there like L'Oreal things like that yeah I went into so for once and I did one online and then to online from mac and then one into shoppers yeah so it's be in size oh this is my score may notice for a neg it's usually not this big okay so I'm gonna start from shoppers because I didn't get as much from shoppers and I did from anywhere else only got three things first I got the Rimmel London natural bronzer and I got this in BO 21 sunlight and I don't have any from drugstore so I just thought it was really pretty you can you see I don't have any from the door so I thought I should try one and I used it once i believe and i do like it but i just want to put away so this video i was about the essence get big lashes three triple black mascara and I got this one because I got a waterproof one so I she did a quick little water proof one to go out and I got the essence one just like this bold waterproof and actually really really liked I liked the

wand and everything so I decided to get a normal one see that nice big wand and these were really cheap I think there's really three or four dollars each so if this one is good the waterproof one then it's definitely steel I also got the new l'oreal paris collection exclusive and i got the red ones this time i got 40 to blakes red and it's just really really nice matte true red and i really love Blake Lively so I got read when they had the nude one out i got Jennifer's new would like JLo I really like that imac I only got a couple things my first order I think I got three thing no I only have two things for my first order then one thing for my second order and then I got one thing in stores first off I I got those little samples they get on your check out when you were shopping online so I got a mini-stroke cream and a mini skin base prep and prime by Mac because I've never tried either them and I really like the stroke room I've been actually using this underneath my normal primer just to be Chloe I do have always skin but I feel like this still looks really good underneath and I have not tried this one yet but i will let you know i

also got the Mac prep and prime translucent finishing powder and I got this one because I've always used the mac finishing powders but I've never used the translucent one before so I want to try it just this little container and I don't know if you could tell but it's like an aerobed essent and a cover to it yeah I use this once and i really liked it's very fine very soft I just the only thing which is what i don't like is that it's very messy because it's just a loose powder the next thing i got was this MAC lipstick and the shade diva is what I'm wearing right now but I do have a lip liner underneath it's just very dark red color vampy color a little bit Brown a little bit berry and it is a matte formula and diva I really love these colors especially living in Canada it is called mostly here so I love these colors for mostly air okay I was cleaning out my drawers and I have found one of those prepaid Visa cards that I've like gone for Christmas or something and I think I only had about 15 bucks on it if that so I was like you know what I'm about to show a mac show because I have never bought myself a match

and I got one of these little ones when i was there i got this shut and is in the shade charcoal brown a 35 and i was very excited i used it once and i really like it and i went to go put him on my other palettes but it didn't fit so after I bought the dirtiest Mac Pro palette sticks right in there like that I rely can I can't wait to start my mac collection now straight to sport I got a bunch at so for to be honest I'm going to start with this for example I was actually kind of impressed with there's my free samples I'm like okay she's like a mini thing but I like this one it is seven days of shadow deluxe sampler by urban decay and did I spend points on this it did actually i think i spent a hundred points on this and it is just seven different shadows it comes with this mini i shadow primer potion or low / indicate when I do have a mini size of this one because I think it came with one of their palates and then it also just comes with seven different shadows for the week I used one already completely up when I first did it they weren't getting much pigment off but you know just spray your brush with like your fixed plus or any setting sprayer

you have and just dip it in there and it worked great and I actually really like them they're very cute next I also got this 500 point bonus because i have a p insider so i got the white limited edition 500-point gift I don't have much from bike beauty so I was really excited to get this should like try some stuff uh I do have a couple of things but not very many first is good with the storm here it does say buy it has a bunch of lips on I thought it was so cute then it comes with this little lip gloss it's just a nice pink lip gloss it is in lush frost and it's called Bellini i believe that i pronounce it it's a really really pretty pink color that I definitely do not drive another glasses i have tried one of their lipsticks before i got the double ended one window bro don't know if they still are but i liked those then also came with a little pink lipstick also in Bellini and this is a luminous lipstick see same color cute bright pink ones those much worth my then finally finally I have been wine a contour kit for a long time and I've just been researching which one DX I wasn't sure I originally did go get to get the Anastasia Beverly

Hills contour kit but they didn't have any left and I was like you know why I'm just going to try this one so I got the Kat Von D shade and light one really like his colors wyd be more big fan of this one I do like it I try this palette once and I do really like it so that is her shade and light palette ok so for this next one it seems like everyone has been raving about it some people love it some people hate it and I thought I would pick up a little size of it it got the Smashbox photo finish primer water but I got the small one because I don't want to spend all money and know if I like it or not I have I say been using this quite a bit have a lot out of it already and i really like it i like it before my makeup I like it after my makeup just like settle the powder a little bit say a little bit overboard I've been really lucky I'm definitely gonna go back and get the bigger size of this because i think it is such a good product i personally love my primers and what i use the most is the bare minimal original one the original primer and i love that much but i also really like this one next thing I got I think I was like I don't know like I think I was six

or seven bucks away from free shipping on Sephora so I pick it up this and nail polish by X formula because it's on sale for think six or seven dollars whatever I needed for shipping so I thought it was really cute color it's going to color in line and it's just a really nice baby pink shade I've been having my eyes on these for a while I've never tried one and I really really want to and it was on sale for think 18 bucks which i think is pretty good so it is the BL ng be legendary long wear lip lacquer and rose water so it's just the Smashbox be lashed cherry lip lacquers it's just that one there that's really really pretty pink color next thing I got was the pure skin face cleanser by first aid Beauty remove surface oils makeup grime dirt and safe for sensitive skin so I got this because i think i got of either a little wine as a free sample or 4 100 points and i tried to out actually really liked it i don't have anything else from first a beauty other than this so when I tried it out i really liked it i tend to get the big one because i ran out of it and i really get it takes off my makeup beautifully it makes my skin feel nice

after so yeah this really really nice product so the last signal from sephora is from bite beauty as well and is there are matte cream lipsticks and these are I think limited edition ones they are the Canadian fall ones and i got mine in maple sugar and it's just a really really pretty purple color and i really really like plumbing purple color so it's like a perfect color for me I just absolutely love it it smells like maple it is so nice I really want to pick them another one before they're sold out and I'm not sure which one I want so that's it for my first haul I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you next week with another video bye