19 March 2016

Beauty Hacks For Holi | Makeup, Hair And Skin Care Tips

Always wondered how to remove holi colour from skin and hair, what sort of makeup to apply or the most effective way to take care of your skin and hair without ...

hi everyone welcome back so Holi is a

festival of fun and color we all loved playing holi but you really need to take care of your skin and your hair pre and post holi so i thought of sharing some tips that you can follow before you go to play holi and once you're done playing with it you must literally soak yourself in a mixture of sunscreen and oil it's going to feel a little greasy in the beginning but this acts as a fantastic shield to your skin which prevents from tanning and which prevents from the color to get absorbed into your skin when it comes to the makeup for the Holi parties I plan to go as minimal as possible avoid heavy dose of foundations and concealers what I plan to do is just apply mascara a little blush and a lipstick that's it try very light-colored clothing is possible because it's going to prevent the absorption of sunlight into your skin and which further prevents tanning and also try to make sure that you cover your body as much as possible I like to apply coconut oil generously in my hair so what I do is I apply a good amount of coconut oil and massage it into my scalp and also stretch it down to the ends of my hair so this will help in taking off

the color from my hair very easily so it will be very easy for me to wash it off and it will not stick on to my hair and the best time to apply coconut oil is half an hour before you go to blink dye our hair in a bun in a messy bun maybe or a fishtail braid or a normal braid so that all your hair are not exposed to colors also applying a double coat of nail paint that with the darker shade will really help in preventing the discoloration of my nails make sure to cut your nails short so that the color does not go inside the nails or if you don't want to cut them short at least what you can do is you can apply Vaseline on the inside part of the nails so that the color doesn't stick that now once you are done with playing in your back home don't wash your hair like ten times per day it's not a good thing wash your hair and you home water and apply coat curd is really moisturizing for the hair and it helps and taking off the color really easy make sure to deep condition your hair and let it stay for approximately ten minutes I tell a lot of people using chemicals like acetone in order to get rid of the color it's not a good thing

it's a really bad thing to use such chemicals on your body they are very harsh for the skin so avoid using such harsh chemicals and even avoid using harsh and very harmful soaps as well don't scrub your skin in excess in order to get rid of those stubborn colors it's not going to hell it's going to damage your skin all the more instead what you can do is if you really want to get rid of those colors from your skin you can use a mixture of olive oil and curd and just gently massage it into your skin it's going to really help take off all the color slowly from your body and even from your face also what you can do is you can use another mixture of gram flour that is a Sun and milk once you're done taking your bath and washing your hair don't forget to moisturize your skin extremely well it's very important just don't forget that also another thing is that you need to avoid using hair straighteners curling rods blow dryers at least one big post-playing holy because you really need to let your hair breathe right they've had a tough time while playing holi so that said these are the tips that I plan to follow this year while

playing holi if you have any tricks with yourselves then don't forget to put that in the comment section below and please make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and if you liked watching this video give me a thumbs up I ever see you soon bye