04 December 2016

Beauty 101 | My Angelina Jolie Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

Hey My Loves!! I've always been obsessed with Angelina Jolie and how beautiful her features are. She literally has the perfect face!! Let me know what you guys ...

hey everyone so today I wanted to do a

look inspired by the gorgeous and timeless Angelina Jolie sometimes I get told that I look like her and I think that's a super big compliment really she actually just as one of those people just kind of pulls off that no makeup makeup look all the time she always looks stunning her skin always looks flawless um so I kind of wanted to do really natural Angelina Jolie glam so she always has really beautiful natural looking skin it's always very dewy very gorgeous perfectly clear don't blemish loudly I first seen her with an acne or a blemish spot on her face she does have a very light contour I think her jaw line and her cheekbones are just so beautiful that she just doesn't really have to contour so heavily she does overdo it with a highlight or the blush just very beautiful natural looking skin she definitely kind of brought back the cat liner in such a beautiful way to where she kind of lifts her eyes it's kind of like this ascending cat it starts with a small line and gets bigger and bigger and bigger and it really does lift the eye upwards and it looks stunning show is has really stunning

just really arched brows and I think that really works for her face shape because she's such a square face shape so her arch brow just really helps kind of bring everything in together and it looks so harmonious and so beautiful she also does really these really beautiful big lips you can just apply a little lip contour or a lip liner and a lip balm and you get the perfect Angelina Jolie pout so we're going to go ahead and begin now for this I'm not using that many products I'm actually going to start with a very light but beautiful foundation this is the Tarte rainforest of the sea and I actually don't have my color here so I'm going to mix two this is the light/medium and this one is one of the dark ones is a sticker came off we're just going to go ahead and mix the two I just mix the two colors together and I really wanted to make sure that it matches the skin and now I'm just using this um stippling brush this is from RMS Beauty and actually using my master claws and I kind of just fell in love with it I think I got it from Beauty lish great brush so I'm just going to add a grab the Maybelline fit concealer

this is in shade medium and I'm putting any die I don't want to highlight too much it's just a really natural highlight I'm just going to blend it out with a brush I'm just going to go ahead and set with a little bit of powder I'm going to use a shade and light palette from Von D I'm just going to go ahead and use that to set everything I'm going to use this chiku to I don't how to say it to you do brush going to Matt go ahead and mix this color here as well now I'm the eye I don't put too much little village in I'm actually going to go along the jawline here to to kind of make this look a little small square she does have a larger forehead but it works really well with her so I'm going to go ahead and start with very very very light contour I'm going to use the same palette as using before the shade and light palette and I'm going to grab this very light color and I'm going to first start with it nose I'm taking my brush and I'm actually dusting any excess product on a towel I want a really small amount of product and I'm going to start with the nose first and I'm going from the eyebrow nose my nose is a little bit

slim so I'm going along the nose I'm not going on the nose right Norman echo I'm going along the nose and I'm trying to shore my nose as well here and because her nose is just shorter than mine I belong nose I'm sure I'm contouring the bottom here which helps showing the nose just going to use that chickadee brush I have before and just blend that in and we're to make sure it looks a little blend I don't want the marks to show too much I'm now going to kind of emphasize the squareness of my jaw so I'm going to go ahead and grab the same color and I'm going along the jaw I'm really going really strong here in the corners she literally was like stunning I'm going to take a little bit that contour as well and I'm going to contour my the hollows of my cheeks normally what I do is I'd go from the inner ear to about right here but I'm actually going to go downward because it's just the shape of her jaw that she has kind of a little bit more of like a pronounced jaw area right here just is kind of masking in the middle works for her really well and I'm grabbing a Beauty Blender this is dry but it's okay because I want to play a lot of product here I'm grabbing a

nice generous amount of that lighter color here and I'm going to emphasize the jaw even more putting on my watch as well okay so I'm just going to go ahead and blend this out now go away powder okay now we've brushed that away I'm going to move on to the lips I'm just going to add a little contour there and I'm going to use skin same palette medium color again mixing the meeting the light just kind of emphasize middle area here I'm going to go up a finer brush and I'm going to use that middle color only and I'm just kind of lining the lips really lightly and what this does is it kind of gives the illusion of like fuller lip on top I'm going to use a little bit of product for lighter color to highlight this area's well because she's a very pronounced lip area I'm actually now going to do the lip first because I really want to make sure the balance is right in my face for describing trendsetter from how to be contrary I look under and I'm going to start with the upper lip yeah I'm just finding that this area right here because I really want to make sure that everything is balanced out

just like very pronounced Cupid's bow so I'm actually not spending too much time shaping that out I was going over the Cupid's bow it look looks very strong right now but that's totally okay because it's the only thing that I have my face I'm just going to lighten that up a little bit with some foundation and I'm literally just pressing them in oil up nice isn't it juicy shaker to make it glossy have a little bit of like a shame we'll finish the lips in a minute we'll move on to the eyes first I'm using the hoodie Beauty rose gold palette and I am just going to go ahead and shape out the eyes just a little bit I'm going to get I want to use just a little bit of shadowing in here so I'm going to use the sandalwood which is like bronzy color and I'm just coloring on top of the lid right here I don't want too much product outside of the lid I'm blending that out all right I'm going to take a little bit of that shadow as well and I'm going to put it just underneath the eye at the end we're going underneath here just a small amount I'm going to use a little bit of this Tarte East Pro tart liner and I'm just putting a small

amount on my bead butter dish which is kind of covered right now and I'm just using a very small brush this is from Bobbi Brown and I'm creating that ascending cat liner so I really want to lift the eye here so the reason I'm actually using this liner is because I really do want very precise application but then I want to be blended at the end if I was going to use a liquid liner it would be kind of a little too harsh so I want to this to be a little blended at the end you can see as I'm starting to kind of blend out those lines it gives you this like kind of shadow a type of cat liner which is perfect for Angela jelly to make this a little bit easier you can just make um you could just kind of like kind of small dot and connect them so instead of making it like really harsh line just kind of dabbing the product on with the very tip of the brush so you have a little bit of a descending Chi liner so I'm just going to start blending this out in the edges I don't have any product and I'm just using the liner this is making it a lot less harsh I am going to go a little bit inward into the very inner corner here because usually does have really long

eyes I'm going to use a little bit of a mascara I'm using the Urban Decay perversion mascara I just like how black it is it doesn't need to be a fancy mascara because I am gonna apply lashes I am using the harmony lashes from head of beauty which are perfect for this look basically it is kind of like these pieces they're not like Giselle kinda pieces are really pretty but they're very very naturally I'm gonna put a little bit of glue here on the cap and I'm just going to kind of use pert Weezer's to rub this around in the glue and I'm going to then apply this on the edge here these lashes are awesome because you don't really need to do anything you're in to measure you don't eat you're like cool and wiggling like that and they're so great for anybody because they're pieces so they're perfect to giving me that lifting kind of effect that I want just gonna apply another one here I have two pieces off which is giving me a little bit of a lift I don't want to go so far in so I'm just gonna take one more pair or more piece here and I've used basically the three last pieces and I'm

gonna apply that one on the eye and I'm pushing this piece down a little bit okay I've applied the lashes I'm just letting them sit before I apply mascara on top of them I do want to push the inside down and the outer pieces that if possible so I am going to just lastly do the brows and her brows are super arced so I'm going to use the Dior sourcils pulled right I'm not even sure if I said that correctly so I'm going to go ahead and fill in the arc area and want to emphasize that and I want to push that up she's a very define arc totally not an Instagram brow at all that's not how I'd normally do my brows but I am paying emphasis on the arc I'm just kind of using whatever colors on my brows to plan to blend it inward that's really soft in the front we're just going to take the lip liner and draw a little bit of a shadow in the side of the lips and write a few lines here as well just going to use a little bit of bronzer this is a Victoria Beckham bronzer which I love and I'm just going to use a small amount finish hollowing out the cheeks and this is the final Angelina Jolie inspired makeup it's a

really natural look it's not a lot of makeup at all it's more kind of like that ascending smoked out cat liner and really just kind of really natural contour of course emphasizing the jaw that's really really important we did also contour the lip area that's kind of important so I hope you guys enjoyed this video please make sure you guys subscribe let us know if you guys want to see any other videos like this down below and I'll see you guys next time bye guys [Music]