06 October 2014

Beautiful SUGAR SKULL Makeup Tutorial

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hola amigos today I'm gonna be showing

you guys how to do a sugar skull look inspired by the candy skulls of the Abdullah swear toes which is a popular mexican festival celebrated to honor and remember loved ones that have passed away also I'm doing an iPad giveaway with the help of Listia so make sure to watch till the end to find out how to enter I'm going to begin by applying a light foundation as the base color you can also use a white crown paint since you want the face to look just like a skull now lightly tap powder on top of the foundation to minimize any shine next take a jumbo black eye liner or black paint and create two large circles around your eyes if you want to make your eyes look more sultry then you can lift up the outer edges like mine then fill inside with the black eye liner so it looks like the eye sockets of the skull before I draw the petals around the eyes I'm going to take a blueish black eye shadow and dab it all around the eye liner to set it after that take a colour of your choice liner and start drawing small flower petals around the black circle after outlining the petals I'm going to use a red paint and color

inside I'm also using a lot of red for the sugar skull look because I feel like red is such a popular color in Mexico to make my design prettier I'm going to glue on red rhinestones on the petals you can use glitter sequins or just leave it as it is taking that same black liner I'm gonna start drawing a triangle on my nose and there are many ways of drawing the nose this is probably the most common one for the lips I'm going to be using a pale pink lipliner and a peach lipstick because I feel like this would be a nice background color for the skull teeth these are the basic steps when doing a sugar skull lock next it's time to decorate so just let your artistic side come out and add some fun designs like flowers webs teardrops lines etc for the teeth I'll be using a black liner and drawing lines half an inch apart from each other on top of my lips now I'm going to add some more designs so I'm drawing a line from the edge of my lips following my cheekbones up to my temple and I'm going to finish with a quick swirl on my cheeks after that we're gonna make some designs on the forehead so make sure your hand is nice and

steady you can make diamonds roses stars whatever you like I'm gonna be making a spiderweb with a small cross in the center once the web is done I'm going to make smart dots under it to make it look more detailed also remember when making your sugar score it needs to be more beautiful and colorful and less scary if you want it to look more 3d then go ahead and shade around the designs and contour your cheekbones you don't have to stick with a brown shadow you can use different colors this is totally optional but if you guys want to make your eyes look more open you can always add some dramatic false lashes I here is currently brown but I want black hair for this look so I'm going to put on my wig cap and then wear my jet black wig I need more volume on this week so I'm gonna take a half wig and clip it on the crown of my head also don't forget to wear a flower clip or a flower crown it's pretty big part of the outfit finally I'm just gonna put on my spiky crown and my sugar skull look is complete [Music] so I hope you guys like my sugar skull

tutorial and now for the iPad giveaway so all you guys need to do to enter this iPad giveaway is put down your list see a user name on the comment section below and one random winner will be chosen if some of you guys don't know what Lysia is Listia is this really cool website where you can basically turn your clutter into credits so you can get rid of things that you don't need and buy things that you actually need so it's really cool especially for me I love Lysia because I have all these costumes and props that I use once and then I don't really need them again and they just lay around picking up dust so I can get rid of them and Listia and get other cool things with those credits so I think you guys are really gonna like that website since it's free to sign up and 80% of the things there is free shipping and you can get like a lot of beauty stuff fashioned jewelleries and things like that so if you guys do sign up in Listia make sure you come back and put your username on the comments section below and you will automatically enter to win the iPad so thank you guys for watching this tutorial I'll be back soon with

more Halloween tutorials so take care be blessed and bye bye [Music]