31 October 2018


If I'm blind in the next videos it's because of the fake blood.


hey guys welcome back to my channel um so I'm back um with a new video have it you if you notice I haven't really posted in a while because like I just have it like wanted to so inspired of Halloween we are going to try and be doing a Halloween makeup look and I guess this is kind of gonna be my costume I want to kind of be beat up but I'm gonna be a beat up nerd but hmm so at the end of the video oh yeah beat up nerd and inspire of a hair channel we're going to be doing right here as well um I can't do makeup so if this ends up really bad you guys will know why literally went to the Halloween store got makeup and blood and we're gonna just pray and hope that this works so okay let's get started okay guys so much trying to attempt to do this oh yeah okay so let's try and do this what is that yeah so I have a mirror right here and we're gonna just hmm pray and hope that this works this music is not helping Arnold putting it over her eye which I did okay how does she do okay okay guys so I put it on and it literally took like mmm 20 minutes for

me to just put on this thing it's it's this whole ordeal but I think I did it so let's go to the next thing that this girl wants us to do okay this does not look real I literally thought I was gonna watch this video because like a makeup artist that's not this it still don't look real this is like the opposite of real what the heck this oh yeah so having merely been doing a lot of YouTube lately you know just like I haven't felt inspired like I don't even have jokes like this just I look like a psychopath on the side of the street hmm maybe maybe I just looked in if I saw myself and I didn't know what happened I'd be like okay okay so I don't know how makeup people do it ooh I kind of like that that actually kind of looks good right now this is where the blood comes in holy moly rule tool - and I'm putting the blood inside and I'm kind here you know and I guess the blood is just to cover for the fact if you did really bad ok I'm starting to like this oh my god it's getting in my eye and it's birdie I don't want to rip my hole

[Music] okay okay guys um so my egg fell off of my eye and now I'm gonna get more people in my eye yeah so to think of all over my eye and I don't know this bird little think blood birds but you know what holy let's see if we could slick our edges probably not because I died a slicker of edges and also I can't even see it what I I want to delete my youtube channel okay this isn't gonna work you guys what you're gonna do is you're just literally gonna pull your hair back and make a little bun in the back picture your eco styler gel to try and do your edges no I don't need to do any okay guys um thanks for watching make sure to subscribe to my channel like this video and I wouldn't I don't think I'm gonna say stay tuned for more videos cuz I think this is the this is the breaking point for me yeah bye guys stay easy [Music]