27 November 2018

Basic Makeup using IT Cosmetics l Mature Skin l Makeup Look for Over 40 l Matte Shadows

Hi Ladies ✨ Thank you for coming to my channel. I apologize for my nervousness. I want this channel to be a judgement free zone. I'm new to this YouTube thing ...


well okay guys I want to share with you and I want to show you this palette that I have look at how beautiful it is and let me share with you how beautiful how beautiful look at this the colors I have never tried I have never tried the eyeshadows from a cosmetics so this is the first time I'm gonna try and show you on camera hopefully it's really good and pigmented they also sent me a bronzer which it's really cool and I'm sure and it has the little sponge with it but um we usually don't use one but anyway I'm also gonna try the blush naturally pretty I'm gonna try a little bit of this today they also send me the full coverage waterproof concealer oh I'm also gonna try a foundation for you guys they have a whole bunch of foundation now let me tell you they also have the illumination foundation look like this and they have the oil-free mat for my favorite one is this one I don't know if you guys have tried it it's a it's called confidence in a compact but it's a serum also and it goes so beautifully on I have used it so much you can see I'm all the way down I also have a powder I haven't tried this one yet let's start trying violence

I'm also going to prime my face with it cosmetics primer oil-free poorly let's go ahead and prime the face go I'm excited I'm excited they are strictly for anti-aging skin so they have a lot of good properties let's start with um color I like color let's see I don't even know what look I'm going farm just gonna go let's get a little bit of poetic and put it on the crease alright let me get you closer I apologize for this light [Applause] okay let's try poetic here it's like a light light gray which is a little bit darker the one that I had was poetic ooh it's very very it blends very very well okay now fill out only skin but nobody just went full out on the on the pan and not to show you there's a little big deal to blend the eyeshadow is better I like to use a fluffy brush it just makes it easier to me like this one and you just come out I see I see it blends very well very easily very pigmented so far so good I am lovin it match our different day time

okay so get yourself a Vera Mona color switch so you saw that I used in between colors you just rub it a little bit and the totally cleans it for you for the next color okay let's add you see this color let's add some about can you see I'm gonna press the purpley one you're sleeping trainer right on the lid mm-hmm so let's look a little bit of peaceful you see peaceful right here right on the eyebrow bone I'm sure you can see this son today is brutal when I want some light I can have it when that when I'm not looking for it I have it on so I don't think that the camera is picking it up how about now I use the purpley here I use the darker Brown and then the later gray that I started with and then the peaceful up here there's no shine on these eyeshadows with it's okay if that's what you're looking for at the moment I love it nothing shiny for a daily daily wear it looks more natural to me than all this glitter and fancy and all this stuff so I am going to continue with my foundation so I'm gonna use their brush

I love their brushes are soft just perfect this one has an angle for the eye area here so this is how you use just the serum one better and I like to dab it it is such a natural finish full coverage and you can always work it up if you have flawless skin to begin with all you need is a little bit [Applause] as you're older you don't need too much let's try this angle let's try this new for coverage anti-aging it's brand-new now let me tell you date this this brand is so thick you need a little bit so let's just try a little bit at a time [Applause] yeah it's still pretty thick [Applause] I'm not sure how I'm feeling about here I guess I woke up with a swollen eye or something let's use some bronzer and give myself some color cuz I look tasty I look very very wet don't use this and see what happens [Applause] mm-hmm nice nice nice this looks healthier and Bronson is for some color you could go ice dark as a suntan for a little bit of

glow I like my bronzing lights what do you think I am loving this oh my gosh for some more okay no all right tender without comfort of my face is rounder so I would like to look a little slimmer there you go [Applause] it's not gonna work you guys are like what the hell is wrong with her you see I am sorry guys about those lights I love the fancy my finish with um you want to add lashes for mascara and or mascara you can I'm gonna just add mascara and I'm using the superhero that's all I need today are those all in ones [Applause] I'll be right back hopefully less late just give me two minutes okay guys so this is the finished look I think the colors are beautiful I think it blends perfect this is just using four colors this is the look that I created with my package thank you so much it cosmetics for working with me thank you so much for watching also please don't forget to Like and subscribe hopefully I will

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