31 October 2018


Please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it or found it helpful, in today's video we're talking about how to blend / apply your eyeshadow step by step ...

hey guys welcome back to today's video

girls back I'm excited cuz today's video is all about how to blend those eyes shadows girl take you guys step by step also in today's video I'm giving you tips and tricks that you might not know about but by the nsa's video you're gonna know about it okay are you ready before we start this video I want to ask are you subscribed yet I upload about three videos a week Tuesday Thursday Saturday always amen amen you want to know how to blend your eyeshadows and create this eye makeup look right here that I'm wearing today using very affordable makeup yeah let's begin [Music] jumping right in my face makeup is already done I already have my foundation my powder and my brows on if you are wondering first thing is I'm going to prime my eyes I like to personally prime my eyes with concealer now you can use I prime or if you would like to also but I'm using this concealer to prime my eyes it's from collab so I have all these skin so that means for me personally I have oily eyelid so I need to set that concealer that I just applied on the lid area of the eyes I'm using a translucent powder

to do so this is Cody's airspun and you can see it's translucent so it's just gonna go right over my eye and it's gonna be very transparent I'm using that same Beauty Blender again to apply this powder on the lid air of my eyes my Beauty Blender is the real deal okay I love it it's one of my favorites and I don't recommend it to you now the first set of brushes I believe you need are blending brushes when I say blending brushes I mean the brushes that I use in the eye socket of the eye / to blend out any eyeshadow so the first brush we have is more free 5 11 brush the next brush we have is a more free 330 brush then the next brush we have is the morphe 513 the morphe r32 should a pouch for anyone that i would recommend to you is the first one is from morphe then if you've got a bit more money i definitely also recommend this mac warm palette and then if your again on a budget hello i also love these wet in walls eye palettes they're super inexpensive but also super pigmented guys the palette I'm using in today's video is the morphe 15h palette now this is a medium brown shade I'm also just using the morphe 5 11 brush the first

thing is I always brush at that outer corner just to make sure I know where the eyeshadow is going and then I start blending it out lowly using a very light feather hand to blend it out so one of my number one tip also is just to take your time don't rush the process it's a journey the after I apply that I shut out the outer core to eye I like to go ahead and take anything that's left on that m5 11 brush from morphe into that crease area so pretty much all I did was I apply the eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye and then I started taking it into that crease of the eye a bit more then the next I should I'm going into is a bit more deeper warm Brown has a hint of red in it and I'm gonna go ahead and replace the shadow of the first eyeshadow we applied so we started from the outer corner with that warmer deeper shadow and then we started to place it into that crease area again and as you can see those two colors are blending together so beautifully on the eyes [Music] then the next I should I'm going into is a deeper brown shade again never forget to tap off the access eyes shadow it's

moving for Dante again we start at the lower outer corner to apply this eyeshadow now with any deeper brown shade you always want to take your time and build up on this shadows and then I slowly start to take it into that crease area now the second set of brushes I believe you need are lit brushes the first one I have is from Ruby kisses the second one I have is from Ecotools then I have the more feet M 124 brush and also the Make Up For Ever 174 brush now taking that Ecotools brush I'm gonna place it into a lighter shade in this eyeshadow palette and this shade is more for peachy shade and then I just start applying this shade onto the lid area of the eyes and just really focusing it inner corner / lid area of the eye you can see between the darker outer corner of the eye to the inner lighter part of the eye there's a difference so I like to go ahead and take my M 511 brush that same blending brush and just lightly on both those eyeshadows then I'm gonna take my ICO eyeliner pen and do a small as close as I can to the lashes now obviously if you're doing a larger winged liner that's okay you can go ahead and do that

but I wanted to do a simple small eyeliner with this look just to show you that if you're gonna do a very neutral look like this you can definitely do a very simple eyeliner I know sometimes a lot of you guys ask me how I do my winged liner so simply this is how I do it then I'm going to pop on some lashes everything that I use in today's video will be linked in the description box I'm popping on some mascara just to blend my actual lashes with the false lashes together now as you guys can see after I popped on my lashes you can see a little white specks right there by the eyeliner I like to go back in with a little bit more of that eyeliner that's from eiko and here's the before and after do you guys see a huge difference I see a huge difference huge difference hello now the third set of brushes I believe you need are under eye brushes the first one is from Real Techniques and then also the second one is from Ecotools now these are actually both sold as eyebrow brushes but I use them as my under eye eye shadow brushes and I'm just going to apply this eyeshadow under my eye just to complete the look and make my under eye pop and of course

we're going to apply some mascara so this is the final look and how I blend my eyeshadows the eyeshadows look so natural and they look so beautiful mixed together so if you guys enjoy this video make sure to give this video a thumbs up don't forget to go ahead and subscribe down below for new videos every week about three videos a week [Music]