29 June 2017

Ayesha Takia reveals her hair care routine secrets | Hair Care Tips | Fashion | Pinkvilla​

As the beautiful Ayesha Takia dropped by the Pinkvilla HQ we could not stop drooling over this beauty's stunning, healthy and shiny hair. Hence, we had to get ...

hi this is Ayesha Takia and today I'm

going to share with you all my hair secrets things I do to keep it looking like this and keeping it fabulous basically even when I'm having a bad day some days so thank you so haircare something that I think all those take a lot of interest in because we love our hair and gives us a lot of glamour and fun and most Indian girls have stunning hair wherever I go like even I know when we are driving by in the car I'm telling my mom Oh sis oh my god you know I see some good walking outside look at her hair it's so beautiful I hope she never cuts it so I've always been a hair person like I like long hair and I've always taken care of it and I you know try my best I have very straight hair naturally so even when I wash it I don't dry it into the dry really focused straight so obviously exhaust is being on the other side we like to curl it a little bit and I suppose you know just wave it on the bottom today but it all depends on what you like so looking after hair is like an important thing especially we live in a climate that's quite warm and some days I acting this sticky like

I have my roots will get really oily in like two days I have to wash my hair and I get so lazy because I'm not one of those people who can wake up every day or every two days and you know have a shampoo and also I think those detergents can be sometimes bad for you so one of the things that I use all the time I think many girls use it but it's really a must have in my collection for my hair and I carry even a tiny one around in my purse is a dry shampoo I have a few here today I'm going to show you so this is just batiste but you get a lot of brands with dry shampoo so I have two one in second almond one is looks after your hair and then this one is just like smells really cool actually you spray it into your hair and then just rub it in and you look like you freshly washed your hair so that's like one of my biggest things I do it gives you volume since I said I have very straight here so it can sometimes fall a little slap so I sprayed this you know just on the roots and you scrub it in and you look so gorgeous so that's like one of the things I think every girl should own if you don't have a dry shampoo well what are you doing get one

it's really awesome you must have one and all Browns have just ask for a sample you know all of us as I said Indian girls generally a gorgeous hand I think that has a lot to do with the secret set of moms or all grandmothers or you know aunts have shared with us and it really works like if you use really good ideas organic coconut oil but if you use coconut oil or aloe vera is another one that's really good if you mix it in with your coconut oil it's great for your skin as well it's just so gorgeous but putting it in the roots of your hair just half an hour before your wash it's like one of the things that super easy to do even if you get like just fresh aloe vera you cut it and use it or you can just you can just cut it and rub it on your scalp or if you get aloe vera that you buy it's really easy to buy most things these days so go and get a box of aloe vera and just put them into your hair and then wash it I think it really works and natural things sometimes I see we can work so much better than things that you go and buy because they're big really really works like they're natural they're good for your hair they're not

going to cause you any harm and in the long run will help your hair grow out and you know stay in better condition yeah another thing I do is every time I wash my hair I put like either acai oil I have one here I think this is the Amazon series but you can get any again you get a serum or oil that suits you and that's good for your hair or you get like I have another one that's the spray this is an ashy Japanese thing so you put spray or you put like a little bit of a Sarah Mathew washer and that just make sure your hair is not really tangled and knotted because I think I don't know groomed hair just looks makes you look more stylish it's like getting your nails done you know you just feel more beautiful and it looks more stylish so those are my tips for really you know making them tangle free and making it volume e even though maybe you have straight hair because I have straight hair I've never had to straighten like my hair too much or anything but otherwise these can be a really bad thing for a hair like it can it looks gorgeous and it looks really groomed and beautiful but in the long run it really dries up and sighs your hair so the only

thing that I've done like you used to be a big I think is a donor for me now is like to really color my hair loss like since I was 15 years old I've been coloring my hair United to go into highlights and launch and I love that book I even now gets tempted sometimes you know I'm one of those people I think most girls let's get some haircut let's color our hair let's do something listen true hair color even though I get really tempted I try and stay away from it because it's it's really spoiled ahem it looks stunning for a week and then after that any washes you know that it's looking limp and you know fried then you have to trim off two inches when you're stuck with short hair again I mean if you love that look short hair look it looks totally sexy on smooth women that's great but I mean I like my long hair so if you want to look after it then you can't really color your hair much the other thing I do is if I'm tying it up or if I'm putting a little bun I like high buns or a big ponytail and to give it more volume I'd add the sprays so I have a few I don't know why everything stinks today so thankful I guess so these are sprays that I use

quite a lot this is like it smells really gorgeous actually it's I strawberry and vanilla hairspray so it smells so nice so just it keeps your hair please you know I think these are basics everybody should have a dry shampoo good serum and like nice history that hopefully smells sexy and really gives you volume I want to shine something new and hairspray that's really good helps a lot so those are some things that I tried to do in the daily you know of being an actor and being someone who's always had to style my hair professionally like even when I go out or things like that when I'm on a set for a role sometimes your hair can get severely damaged like even when you're not styling and I remember how cheating for door we went that Sun and my hair is just like feeding my head was so hot from being that Sun so we literally oily then put a glass and then I would rather do it on top of it for the role so a feel that is protected but I think it's really important to take care of it especially when you are using heat on it with heat protectors again are really easily available everywhere as I said I

try to use as less as I can on my hair but if you can get a good heat protector and then spray it on you know bits of your hair before you stylist that just creates like a protective layer and it helps your hair from not getting as damaged as it would if you would you know just use this tool by itself so that's one of the things that is a real great help another one if you have long ears like really to flap it and sleeps well it's not all over the face and sauce drinking and stuff my go-to everyday has salads just a middle parting street hair and that's my looks that I've had from the biggest item that I thoroughly enjoy and every few months I get a fringe I have one now but that's something that I thoroughly enjoy I'm not much of a girl who ties my hair up too much because one I get a migraine after like 40 minutes of loving day seven oh gosh I have a headache you know oh I like a high bun once in a way if I can really carry that off without getting a headache that's like ideal if I'm not going out in the Sun I'll get a high bun it looks really cool and you can run idea rings are there I think so mostly but I'm open hair kinda girl I

think for like when you're going out if you have a special occasion if you have a wedding or an event or party or whatever that you're attending you want it to look extra stylish I think a shine spray is very easily available these days so you can get something like that also washing your hair on the day even though like usually a dry shampoo will come to your rescue but on the day that you have an event really wash your hair that's like two hours before the event you know what maybe blow-dry it it just makes it look so much more glamorous and makes your whole look so much more put together and stylish so I would definitely suggest that with along with a shine scream also if you're like a bit extra like I am I'm extra and everything I like to have that you get a really cool sprays that has the slight sparkle at them like little bit of glitter not over-the-top but little extra and you spray it on even if you have a plaid or a ponytail or a bun in fact and you spray the glitter on and just shine them you don't hit the light it's like highlight for your hair also that's another sexy thing that you know looks gorgeous on your hair um if you do have

to color hair you want to color it and you know but still want to look after it I think you have to take extra care you have to be prepared that you've got to be one of those girls who like goes in for your hair bath and then takes 40 minutes and if you're fine with that then awesome so user color protectant shampoo that really has things that are going to make sure that you know it takes care of the color it doesn't make it brassy looking and really brings out the color also I think deep conditioning is like a huge thing I'm very particular even though I've not colored my hair I put in a condition and I'd like to keep it on for a good at least 1012 minutes if I can and that really really helps because that's mostly for the hair you know I mean we look after our roots with the oil and things like that but but the rest of our hair needs a lot of love and care and I think things like deep conditioning even if you have colored hair when you want to wash it will look soft and fit so those are few of my tips and secrets and things that I do to look after my hair I hope you like them and they help you in some way and then you can take something

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