26 May 2018

Awesome Beauty Tips – Hair, Makeup and More!!!

Awesome Beauty Tips – Hair, Makeup and More!!! SUBSCRIBE to 1 2 3 Create! here https://goo.gl/5JH6Fn Today we show you awesome beauty tips for your ...

a last-minute dinner with your friends

you're probably in a hurry but you also want to look your best so today we present you with our simple but effective beauty tips oh no it looks like something is bothering my sister she has a last-minute dinner appointment and she has to leave in less than an hour that's great but oh she obviously wasn't expecting it at all it leaves us with very little time to get ready and no time to go to the hairdresser fortunately I have a great little tip that can work very well for now first you need a hat with a straight border such as a chef's hat simply position the border at the desired height it's a good idea to put a container under to catch the falling hair then you need good sharp scissors it doesn't matter if they are not designed to cut hair all you have to do is to simply cut your bangs by following the edge of the Hat and that's it okay okay it may not be perfect but since she no longer has hair in her eyes she will at least get to see her friends and enjoy her dinner it's time to put on some makeup starting with the foundation let's see I hope I can find what I need in my makeup bag hmm yes here it is only missing a brush to

apply it on smoothly let's go Oh No this shade is much too dark it does not work at all darn oh I think I know how to fix my problem I could use a day moisturizer to lighten it up let's put a good quantity in a small bowl then we add a small quantity of the foundation that is too dark all we have to do is mix it up and make sure there are no lumps left and we're done let's see what it looks like oh yes it is much better now if however your foundation is too light to begin with you can simply warm it up with the bronzer another tip to avoid a mask effect is to stretch the foundation to the middle of the neck [Music] Wow super it's really perfect let's move on to eyelashes now it is a must if you want eyes that attract attention where did I put my mascara here it is oops it looks like it's getting a little old and dry then panic I have an idea to bring it back to life all it takes is contact lens fluid simply pour a few drops into the mascara tube close the cap and shake it for a few seconds mix well and that's it you just extended the

life of the mascara for a few more days at least while applying mascara make a zigzag motion from root to tip that way you will avoid the formation of lumps and optimize the volume and length of your eyelashes nothing better to have perfect eyes wow what a look also it's good to know that if your eyeliner starts to dry too you can also add a few drops of contact lens fluid to bring it back to life okay all we have left to do to complete this superb look are the lips let's see oh no it's not true I think I don't even have a single tube left Wow we have no luck today but luckily I have a few more tricks up my sleeve using your eyeshadow palette and olive oil before running to the store did you know you can create your own tinted lip balms first choose the color that you like for me it [Music] scrape it over a small bowl to obtain a fine pigmented powder then add a few drops of olive oil and mix well to get a beautifully cream bomb that's it all you have to do is to apply it with a lip brush and here's the result magnificent I should test that with a nice purple

what do you think note that if you don't have olive oil you can also use another type of oil provided it is edible okay let's see what purple looks like oh wow what a beautiful color one two three and there it is the results is breathtaking Wow we made it just on time because it's time for my little sister to leave but one last thing before she leaves why not go for beautiful wavy hair oh I'm exhausted I think I'll go take a nap but I have to remove my makeup first hmm where is my makeup remover yes of course all I have to do is use olive oil yes you heard right I think we can say mission accomplished have a good evening and have fun so we take a cleansing pad that is soaked with oil and voila castor oil grapeseed oil or coconut oil will work equally well and will leave your skin incredibly soft and revitalize did you like our beauty tips let us know your favorite one in the comments below and give us some of your own tips we are curious thanks for watching and see you soon will sometimes feel like it's time for a change and this is especially true for our hair however it's not always

easy to change hair color we fairly end result won't be quite as expected or maybe we would like a lust that is only temporary here are four tips to help you create beautiful temporary look oh la la this hair is so dull I wish it was shinier but I don't want to use any chemical dyes that could damage it mmm coffee what a good smell oh and what a beautiful color that gives me an idea why not put some in my hair you heard right I'm gonna make a natural hair coloring product with coffee it's actually quite simple you just need to prepare a strong cup of expresso or steal the wine your friend is drinking while she has her back turned [Music] start with pouring the coffee into a bowl and add the same amount of white honey then you'll need a cup of cider vinegar or white vinegar mix well until the honey has blended completely with the rest of the ingredients and finally add three tablespoons of coffee grounds now it is time to put an old t-shirt so you don't destroy your beautiful clothes before you start make sure your hair is clean you can soak the ends of your hair a few minutes for a beautiful shaded

effect then let it sit for about 30 minutes so that the solution has time to stick to your hair remember that the result may vary from one hair type to the other everyone's hair is different now it's time to rinse all you have left to do is dry your hair to reveal the results that's it here you are with a new and beautiful shaded effect in your hair the color will fade after a few washes so keep your color strong you have to repeat the treatment about every two weeks do you like the look coming straight out of unicorn land is your hair clean perfect all you need to start is soft pastels first choose a color for me it will be blue then apply the pastel at about two-thirds down from your roots and side downwards rub the pastel on your hair several times until the section is completely covered then use a thermal spray to protect your hair against heat you can now straighten or curl your hair as you please the heat will help steal the color I feel like curling my hair so here is a quick and pretty curl now let's move on to adding another color let's go with pink I love this color and I love it even more in my hair Wow

for the third color I'll choose purple but you can create all kinds of effects and different looks with pastels select the artist and you free and let your imagination do the work if your hair is dark and the color does not show enough you can slightly wet your hair and twist it before applying the pastels this will give you a more pronounced color all I'm missing is a touch of makeup to complete my great look there with this look you can be sure not to go unnoticed the color will disappear completely after 1 or 2 shampoos it's now time for the moment of truth well my friend liked my new look yes she loves it it is a success would you like to add a twinkle twist to your hair perhaps for a special evening or for a photo shoot it is so simple to do you will need hair gel to start pour a little bit into a bowl and add some ultra-thin glitter with the color of your choice don't hesitate to try several dosages to find what suits you best tie up your hair and make sure to smooth it out on top of your head once your hairstyle is to your taste you can apply the sparkling gel with a brush or directly with your fingers however if you do use fingers

consider wearing gloves because we quickly discovered that Vantage of glitter is glitter we ended up putting it everywhere so you can apply the glitter to lose hair and go for something completely wild like multicolored glitter or stars or perhaps you want to go the other way by using glitter close to your hair color for a more discreet look let it dry for a few seconds and voila a sparkling new look that is sure to turn heads the great thing about temporary colors is that you can try out different looks without any commitment it's a wonderful way to let your imagination roam free and even get off the beaten track it can be an opportunity to be bold and test out some non-conventional colors so in the spirit of creativity and different ideas why not create a new awesome look for your dog after all there are plenty of good reasons for doing so like a dog contest a festival or simply for taking some fun and original photos so how do we die our dog's hair in a way that's completely safe hmm prepare a bowl with a cup of hot water and add two cans of concentrated kool-aid juice then pour

the colored liquid into a spray bottle protect the surface with a plastic cover to avoid damage okay now you need a dog where did it go again here now you do use a tip if your faithful companion is of the very energetic type doggie your doggy doggy it may be better to wait until your dog takes the map before starting the realization of your masterpiece once your dog is calmer protect the sections of hair that you do not want to and sprinkle the rest with colored water make sure you saturate the fur by soaking it thoroughly let the guys sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off now just wait until your dog dries Wow we love the results let's go it's time to take some pictures we bet these photos won't go unnoticed when you publish them on your favorite social networks