15 March 2019


In today's video we shall be seeing some items I bought off aliexpress, there's the awesome, the meh and the really bad. Find out which are which. Links are ...


hi guys I hope you guys are having an amazing day in today's video I have an Aliexpress a video not review like a whole video so all links will be in the downbar I already filmed this to be honest so I I'm going to refilm this because my microphone wasn't hooked on Elizabeth all over the place today like literally soil where the place is my first time filming since my mom's dog passed and right before I moved out of my mom's house she was really carrying this dog with me because when I was upset she would come she would come to me she was comforting me when I had my period and I'd be in pain she'd sleep in my bed even though when I used to be so like I used to beg her to like sleep me but she come to me in bed and then she'd go out but when I had my period she would sleep next to me because she'd know I'm in pain because I get the really bad period pains and she was the most caring dog ever and she paused as well I didn't get to say goodbye cuz my Aisha had a fever and she was sick and they didn't even know what it was that serious they literally just went into visiting hours and she paused

away like they literally saw her and I didn't get to say goodbye and she didn't see me there you know a little bit in denial that she actually did passed because I didn't see it happening obviously I believe him when he it's pause it's like because I didn't see it happening a little bit like upset about not being there because whenever she had operations before and she's literally been through so much like she was bitten with this like from this larger dog and then she had this operation she had cancer like she had everything and I always just go and see her right after that happened but this time around I just couldn't cuz Aisha was sick and with her fever and it wasn't even that serious anyway like it didn't seem like it was all that serious she was going in for an operation and my mom was worried that something would happen in the operation where I'm like oh it okay it's just an operation like she's been through this before and they would look to ruin to see her and she paused I didn't get to say goodbye and I'm here really upset about it so I'm coming to terms with that so if you see a little bit of a change in my tone

that's why was this really part of our family for a long time right when I moved you guys don't know this because I've never spoken about it before but I missed Ruby my mom's dog the most when I moved out I literally sat crying in my bed and Noel came up to me telling me but what's wrong and I'm like I miss Ruby I kept this bag like this black bag because Ruby was gray like a Turkish gray color and I kept this black bag and I did back of my mind like at the inside of my eye I would think that that's Ruby just sitting there I just never moved that bag I'm always like that I can never move things out of the way but that's why I never moved that bag there anyway it's just like I'm still coming to terms with it I'm sorry okay let's get into the video because you guys probably don't care thank you okay first two items I think that I've mentioned before my videos I have this new tights and this black tights they are terrorists and tights they're really good quality and they do actually like lost so much better than other types the only issue that I have is that the nude one is there I the wrong color for me I feel like it's a bit too ash and it's a

little bit too white for my liking so I haven't been using the nude ones as much I love the black ones because the black ones are block so there is that I also got this thing I love this I have lots of other ones they're really good for keeping stuff in my in your makeup collection because you can stick them like that and in order to put them away and put them away like this so I can't even take this I guess for traveling or whatever so they're really good I'm glad that I got another one cuz I always use them another two things that I got are these two dresses you're going to see them in your public singing like what your that means is that - I'm sorry - the video it's just because I got there for my way I actually set it I said the hairdresser and the makeup artist to go to a studio so my bridesmaids will have to go to a studio so I didn't get them robes because I don't think they're very appropriate to be wearing robes outside so I got them too I got them some dresses instead and they will be matching in these Navy dresses so for the two girls I got them dresses as well but they I couldn't get them a matching

dress so I got them these the bridesmaids will be an emergency dress on the wedding but because my invites are navy blue I love the navy blue color and also my groomsmen will be a name in a navy blue suit I wanted them to have a navy color I just like the color I wanted him to have a navy color so she will be matching with them in terms of that color so I got him this few dresses I like the quality of them but they need a good iron and I sure will be in white because Aisha is going to have a matching dress with me so I want her to be matching with me but faith who's my flower girl will be matching with her mom who will also be a bridesmaid and already from the video and I'm a little bit all over the place in terms of what I features already okay event featured is lot a vibe these are cotton pads I like buying cotton pads a lot from Aliexpress they're pretty much all the same to be honest with you guys these are these common distinct packaging they're really nice and durable I like them better than the ones that I get in store and they're also cheaper so I can find them I also got a palette from folklore it's called

the sweet as honey eyes shadow palettes I've already seen this because I filmed the video already and my microphone wasn't hooked on so that was the issue my laptop is on sleep okay so this is the palette this is the focal or sweet as honey palette and it looks like this I already saw this it looks like a very nudie kind of color especially the first row and then we get some darker glitters in here and so a bright one just one I like the way that this looks I will be featuring makeup would be filming a makeup tutorial not to make up stories like a review on this oh there is of the items I have two in makeup when I film this I actually started off with a makeup and then with the last few I can so now when I remember this differently I already swatch this and I'm very disappointed in this this is a podiatric vivid lip gloss and shade 13 it looks so sure so hopefully it's buildable and it works but it's the most disappointing one that iswhat's so far I will be filming a video review on this another thing that I got is a nice face eyes shadow again I read this watch this this is a kind of like glitter shade but

I'm kind of like surprised I was kind of surprised as I was watching it it felt really really dry and it was really really dry I did manage to pick up some product but I'm not sure if it's going to work because typically prys glitters have to be wet so that you can apply with the moisture it kind of applies on the eyes I never tried to press glitter this dry before so I'm not sure how that's going to work and the last thing that I got and I'm really excited about trying it and I will be filming a video review on this is the eye magic Pro medium no sorry the 803 medium brown it comes with a kind of like oh like a brush I've never seen this happening before I don't like this so it's not sturdy act or and the brush isn't even all that sharp but I appreciate the effort but anyway I'm really excited about this because of the shade I like the way the shade looks it looks like a shade that I would be using the one that I have been really liking using is the Hakeem use eyebrow the Hakeem use high brow brow whatever it feel like a Wonder Bra dupe I really like this color but we'll see about the texture so hopefully I like the texture okay so that's it for

my video today Terkel made but it's so good I'm sorry about getting emotional the start of the video it's just it helps me when I talk about things and sometimes when I'm going through things some of the guys are going through things and it makes you realize that because I upload so much true on my video channel I think that all my life is perfect and nothing ever happens so I want you guys to know that you know stuff happens I don't like to share a lot of things when it comes from my personal life I'm very selective in what I share and I think it's very detectable in my video let me see that I was upset or sad so I wanted you guys to know that I'm actually okay it's just you know it's stuff happens thank you guys so much watching and I see guys in the next one I love you guys [Music]