19 December 2018

ASMR / Renny's Lipstick Shop / Make-up Sounds / Keyboard Typing / Personal Attention

Welcome to Renny's lipstick shop. In this video I'll be taking down information, do three different lipstick looks, and just making sure you love the experience.

hi how are you good

awesome that's good so what what are you here for today what's your name let me look you up in this system real quick ok that's a pretty name by the way I found you alright so you're just here for like a standard lipstick matching yeah ok all right now the first thing I just need to do before we start soon for a new client is I'm just going to get down some information just get asking a series of questions just answer it to the best of your ability and then we'll start the appointment ok ok so we got your name number doesn't matter give me a like a phone number or so just one that you use most frequently ok now address now what kind of colors do you prefer ok nudes everybody everybody usually likes new to things or even like roses I like roses No do you have a specific brand that you like or two or three we're like bobbing okay oh yeah next is good okay all right how would you like what kind of finishes do you like do you like Matt do you like satin Julie Clemmy are you more of like a shimmer person or maybe it like liqueur finish okay I'm more of a matte person some days and then you know like

a liqueur person another day okay in your lip shape okay all right so you have a very full top lip and a moderate bottom lip all right now what you describe your lip says dry normal do they get chopped easily yeah okay it might get sucked a lot and it doesn't help that it's cold now so you know I use a lot of car wax - okay do you use any lip oils yeah okay now do you exfoliate your lips at all like with like a scrub or something lips God you like Jeffrey start let's go yeah all right all right cool I think that's all that I need to know and we both start I have a couple startup up to six fear I have a couple natural ones a couple couple of not so natural ones I have the standard cover girl yeah got some low bodies have a couple Korean brands to add nature of public a couple mix your like lipid liquid lipsticks yeah you have a two-faced got a couple Burt's Bees I really like their their stick formulas lip crayons now I think before we begin I'm going to just do a standard lip scrub exfoliate your lips and then give you a little bit of the boil um I have two flavors today usually have more but would you like the bras

barrier or the peach peach okay good choice okay oh let me make sure that I clean my hands beforehand just gonna go wash over here all right please I don't think I'm gonna apply it to my okay I think we should be good and I'm just gonna massage this now let me just put some foil on who are you it smells really good right watermelon okay okay we'll put the lip glosses to the side like toppers oh that was another question in that you're like um lip tints are you more of a little person in case you're like more of a natural look yeah now which color do you do you prefer you said that you prefer the nudes right okay this one this one this is like a pinky pinky nude this one's are too dark now if you want to go and ask for route I can do the Burt's Bees and this is the color santorini sunrise it's a really pretty like orange II new color [Music] yeah okay okay you know you're not an orange person I take it okay yeah yes n okay then this one's are more of like the pinkish side which is I feel like

that that might be a way you prefer yeah okay alright and this one's in the color Tahitian sunset do you like this one it's pretty right yeah you want to try this okay all right just part your lips ever so slightly so I can get the inner parts yeah thank you [Music] that color looks pretty good on you I'm not gonna lie okay yeah um do you want to try any of the other colors yeah yeah let's try the next one um let's do the Knicks in Stockholm now this is a soft matte lip cream okay this one might look good on top of that yeah I'm just going to use a little bit now part them ever so slightly again you just smack them top oh that's pretty yeah let's do a little bit of this I like this this is the katie-cat gloss by covergirl it's really pretty just one [Music] I believe this one was in honeydew so pretty okay now how are you feeling so far pretty good like in the look okay right now let me get a tissue will wipe this off and then I'm going to try another look on you okay

okay that was simple all right now I want to try more of like a pink need to look on you this one's going to be too orange I'm gonna take the Milani color statement lipstick and Matt darling this is a really pretty color it looks so pink but then you put it on your lips it transfers as a different color is so pretty on you I feel like every color would look good on you actually I'm not gonna lie definitely okay and then I feel like this would look really nice like on the inner part of your lips just cuz this is like a little bit lighter this is the Too Faced melted latex and safe word very nice and you just pop your lips again I like it how do you how do you feel about it it's cute it's cute all right do you want to try a different color now yeah I was going to try this I don't know if you want to try something darker this is actually what I have on my lips right now along with this NYX lip cream in the center you want to try it okay all right let me just get my spray bottle again oh cool and this color is it's there the Milani

matte collection and the shade teddy bear pretty it's like a it's like a reddish imam brown but i feel like it would really complement your skin okay I'm a little envious of your lip shape girl it's cute okay and now we're going to take the shade Berlin NYX lip cream and just part your lips ever so slightly all right perfection and just pop I like it I feel like it looks better on you than me yeah yeah okay so I'm just going to type down the colors that I chose for you all right and the reason I took your address is because we're going to send two samples of all the colors so that you can use them for a little while and then if you want to purchase them you just come back and definitely buy them it was really good I knew like all three looks were spot-on it was good seeing you again by the way I know you've popped in here before yeah even if you were just slipping yeah all right well cool did you want to purchase anything today yeah okay