14 January 2019

Asked makeup artist role play

clean my brushes get all that that stuff

oh my god I didn't see you there um what happens your appointment do you have an appointment yes okay so the appointment is at 2:45 well then let's go back and just sit down okay so you're all situated oh stop we are going to moisturize your face with this moisturizer smells like it smells look good now we're just gonna do some little lotion oh my god I accidentally made you can board the first thing I like to do oh so you don't you don't want foundation no concealer no setting spray settings you just want so what do you want okay so you just want mascara eyeshadow and lipstick I can do that for you that's really all I wear I hate foundation I know it's like you just sweat I know so you just sweat so first I start off with but I just have this too like oh my god and I just have this clean on and so first off before we do anything with your face we just clean that oil off and then we will put always like to start off with the blush just because oh yeah I have blush so I have met this palette a lot more Palace do you want this blush of this blush so you want the

this blush okay little bit more any special event that's why you come in here so you go into the James Charles open our pallet go to the James Charles and you want to look stunning yes well I'm glad you came here so I have a lot more eye shadow colors oh yeah so I am just these eye shadows just pop all this blue that everybody seems to love and these colors oh you want a rainbow okay I can do that I'll try the most colors I have a lot more but these are the ones that seem to meet most fond okay there's a unit so you I don't like smokey eye like out like if you watched his video it's like that okay how do lipstick glasses and I will do mascara here soon Hey oh my gosh that looks so good is when you're just gonna clean the brush okay so you have that little smokey eye time Boyd yeah mascara that's um I put the lipstick yeah most amazing I'm just gonna put so I had this color of lipstick I use our different brushes so if you need to apply some I already use this step that in their

weapon their Joe makeover is done but now we just go into the deep tears touches which is like just the quick quick spray yeah so by their job of just signing off