30 January 2019

Ariana Grande 7 RINGS Makeup look | Beauty by Maja

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hi guys welcome to my channel I'm so

extra excited for today's video for you guys to see it because I tried to do ariana grande 7 ring music video makeup look and yeah if you're interested go ahead and keep watching okay so also I just bought this fancy begin new concealer 150 I already really really like it because it is the same number as the foundation so I didn't have a problem to choosing the color so I'm just going to blender using Beauty Blender [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay it looks really light actually lighter than in the packaging I feel like it's a little bit too light I don't know if you can see that in camera but in real life we'll see okay so now I saw that she has a really really smooth coloring so we're going to try to do that using fancy bitty matchstick so as always arianna just a little bit more of the contouring also on her nose [Music] [Music] on my forehead okay I guess you can be so we will take now this translucent

powder from clinic oh thanks so I'm just going to put it under my eyes also on my eyelids to set the concealer before doing the eye shadow yeah dark concealer looks really light under my eyes never mind okay so now blush from the music video you cannot really see the full glam because everything is in purple pink light so you have to also add your things little bit but I think that she used a pretty pink with little shimmers blush so I'm going to use it [Music] okay so before doing my brows I will put on some highlighter so I will use this for Sally jelly bean illuminator called glazed [Music] we love a good [Music] okay and on top of it I'm going to use this fancy beauty how many carats diamond dumb highlighter that's pretty [Music] okay so I will do my brows of camera and come back to you guys okay so let's jump into the eyeshadow so I will use two palettes one from hood a beauty and the second one Kylie

cosmetics so firstly I will take this gravity rose gold edition there was her first palette ever and I'm going to use this sandal wood shade this one the lightest Brown and going to put it on my quits [Applause] [Music] so I'm going to drag my lower lash line a little bit the same on the other eye [Music] [Applause] okay so now we'll take the other pallet No now we'll still stay with this one sorry and we'll take this from Mingo pink shade also apply it on our twist [Music] and also we can put it on our outer corner of the eye over here okay that's good sticky pretty similar and the same on the other eye it's really annoying that there is no mirror over here so we'll just quickly take oops these this palette just to use the mirror [Music] [Music] okay I'm liking this look yeah

it also can be on Valentine's Day so we'll take setting spray and use the shade from Jill's baby Kylie cosmetics palette 2018 holiday collection and we will use this jingle baby this one and apply it on our inner corner of the eye and we'll drag it to the middle [Music] I really love this look [Music] okay so the eyeshadow is done but now it's a very very scary moment for me because I'm going to do a winged liner eyeliner winged liner whatever that's going to be really hard for me so I will try to do it off camera and come back to you guys in a second and we will do our lips and the look is done okay guys so I did my lips already I used the Kylie cosmetics matte liquid lipstick called Kandy K with a lip liner and on top to make it glass I used this beauty brush fiberglass from Victor secret called plumps truck and also I used some lean lashes in style LA and I did the winged liner and I know when like whatever it's not that bad took me 30 minutes but doesn't matter

it's fine um yeah I'm actually proud of myself with the winged liner father would be worse it looks okay with the lashes without the lashes it would be a little bit worse baby but this look is actually really really similar to the one with that I did testing out the hood ability note palette but there I didn't do the eyeliner so yeah I think that this look is perfect for Valentine's Day except maybe those lashes don't use the fake lashes just use mascara that's it and maybe a little bit smaller eyeliner yeah in my case I wouldn't do a eyeliner so it takes me too much time but okay so this is the Ariana Grande seven rings music video makeup look and I think that it's pretty similar maybe she had little bit smaller lashes and you cannot really see what lip gloss she had maybe a little bit lighter maybe a little bit more pink I don't know so comment down below to think and please give it a fun app for my winged liner because it I really tried my best so please and see you next week on Wednesday bye