08 August 2018


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hi guys welcome back to my channel I hope you are all doing really really well this is part 2 in my nail-biter series and as you can see here I have my poochie's nails a realistic practice hand all prepped and ready to practice applying tips and avila on nail biters bitten nails basically so in this video I'm gonna show you the application on to nails I do have another video coming after this one where I will show you two nails using bombs but this is the tips and overlay one so i've already sized up my tips and I'm using my me a secret glue and just some Mia secrets to let our tips these aren't like extra long or super super long or anything so they're quite good for someone with nail that in nails so you would just obviously do your regular prep if you're doing this on a person you would do your regular Pratt if you do it on your pooch's hand you would mimic yourself to let yourself get used to doing the prep but yes I've I've taken away at the surface shine so that I can stick these tips on and I'm just going to show you how I stick them on [Music]

[Music] well you've got the mind just make sure you give them a good squeeze and hold them on remember if you're using a silicon hand you've not got the regular heat that you would have from a normal person's hand and the glue can take a little bit longer to dry so don't be shocked if you do find yourself having to hold it on a little bit longer [Music] [Music] [Music] these tips are wellness and don't need any blending so obviously if you need to blend your tips that's totally fine you would go ahead and do that before you go in with your location so I'm using my what am I using I'm using nail nails a cameo for this which is just a nice quite neutral cover color and really easy to work with and I'm just going in now as you would any kind of set that you're doing you would just then carry on as normal now these are super super nail bin well they're quite shot a lot shot and they're like a regular person's nails would be so it's yeah you just want to make sure you we've obviously as

much of the nail bed as you can but also make sure other tips are stuck down as well as you can so yours I think when you are doing this you can use tips or farms it's your choice or whatever you're comfortable to work with and don't let anyone tell you oh you can only use tips and you can only use files like use what you want to use you know what I'm saying [Music] so I really want to make sure I've totally got my structure exactly how it needs to be these nails obviously are gonna need help because the actual nail underneath is very short and there's not much to work with so you want to really build the structure as well as you can obviously you should be doing that anyway but yeah so once I've done that I'm gonna move on to the next nail and just the same thing basically going in and applying your bees in whichever way it's comfortable for you and just building up that nail [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] so once I've got the nails how I want them and then I'm gonna go in and file them and it's literally just my basic regular always the same nail filing technique sidewalls cuticle area contour the nail just make sure that the and the structure looks nice and strong and smooth and then obviously I will buff off with a buffing block and wipe away any dust before we go in with the polish [Music] [Music] so the polish that I'm using here is why did I not show you guys this I don't know why did to show you this but it is the Chiara sky it's called shot I believe and it's really nice purpley it's coming off a little bit more washed out on camera just because obviously there's some really bright studio lights on there and yeah but there are gonna be pictures on my Instagram they'll already be pictures up on my Instagram by the time y'all seen this video hopefully and it's just a nice light is it ligh lucky it's not even my lucky it is my pink even look I can't explain it it's just a really nice pale like purpley color so

I've done my one car and cured and then going in it with the second car as you can see here and I will then obviously show that I found with this polish really easy to work with not too thick like some gel polishes can be and yeah I ended up doing three quarts and I was quite happy with the coverage after three cars and yeah it is a pastel a color so it's not like a super bright color [Music] so once that has cured I'm gonna go in with my final third court and that will be there if you are interested in ganking our sky you can get it from the you can go from nail tech network on you care the links are always in my description box so you can also get 6% off if you use my code idol girl and yes that is basically all we're gonna do on this step today I will be having a set coming soon where I do the stamping I'm gonna do some stamping on this set which is why I just kept them nice and plain and purple if you're interested in seeing how I prepped this particular hand for doing this for practicing this that video I will try and leave a link that will already be up on my channel if

you're interested in seeing me do the application using nail forms then that will also be up after this video that will be part 3 so I'm just wiping off the sticky layer and as I said I'm just gonna leave these because we are gonna do some stamping in a later video so that's it for this video guys please do check out the rest of the videos in this series and I hope you enjoyed it if you do please let me know it down below so I know that these are the kind of things you guys want to see let me know if you think I did an alright job at this tips and avila and I love you guys so so much and I will see you all in the next video don't forget to Like and subscribe bye