26 June 2017

എന്റെ മുടി സംരക്ഷണ പതിവ് and hair care tips

My hair oiling routine https://youtu.be/aI1G2jOKHUo.

hello welcome to my channel and India

even Americana Mona vendor hair care routine and in the quran order you body perry question all on the channel in Sumatra Ananda hair oiling doing good and it's estimated the money I put on a shoot a bit it's button upload iam one eternal then coil it enough and then the hair already buying it oily a character net up or and hair oiling chain exciting and it uploaded me luck included in the lesson engine already uploaded when we stay the technical description box Ling and link around in college Shakespeare up or even an indica products and you still a mulligan and Connie Kim bonuses and as pneumonia were educated here if you see on the products okay any key sit down the products under Allan Linnell Kazuto unsuitable in poorer title is vodka upper value I am a proud explain your contributions I know we bought a florist I see the tower on America said tire products an Indonesian Konica Minolta and mingle - Arden and uncle said towel say travel in the poly a much lower body try Syria Alex anime done on the intercept down with it a linguistic area a prelude opponent already accustomed to having a routine video spending and partner continues chain of

the pure coconut oil on a beach with an index in the coconut oil and your oil do Gulen doesn't gel and I'm gonna help us try to strong writer tick creative all around buying grandma Logano Machado just expect in a Laguna Natalia sherry Kim's English a bit of an angle and everyone research isn't equal to coconut oil if I am the moolah would've been the mini crunch them up again with lieutenant Decker cognitive Alana you standard is it in the car yo yo yo and the rare shower gelled about learning in our garage is sitting in the coconut oil appeared on a news channel and Italy rosin then add a bit lag and you share a submitted a day in the hell rising videos no no chicken and Acharya and then the get in the nest lytic Lea right as you mentioned decision and the real almond oil a dream olive oil atoms which many tablet areum another Qaeda looking and Adam all yet or your audio momentum gunam pianist Reformation in England check air talk about cognitive and you sleep hello eating a chicken eater morning and eating and shampoo used to remember you Donna in the favorite shampoo it will or your auto repairs by advanced to

repairing shampoo on in a favorite down even harder a three situ strain and in eCollege second deal so this is again you stand in the buying get buying at a by English Channel or body shampoo stride editor now son Iranian can do today even my seller and I had an end a specialist like an indigenous lightnings a rapport and the way our finest chiseling and McKiernan a little moon day and I had a biography we had I know buying current every of dry hair I know are committing understated Condit EU states or he is on a painting on matching diadem opening of the continued Jeju Iannetta canine in the second dear Lestrade me table shake me change it changes our meter and island of la grulla shampoo and use gentleman a positive ending and used is real oil extend so Yuri shampoo on a September lol key shampoo SH Taylor to find a expense Jana leaving the price to 575 on a to toward a MLM I get expensive Madonna but she be you stay designer there you business trick I turn into Tony nominated it's behind it or your first year 92nd days and Ibaka had a normal night oil on a number straight to

enjoy a higher on book by all reading in a in the rare you know Tippett is you gotta come out the by enjoyed oily aluminum core share the value idea the name mini Mayo yacht do some mulling over to Simone de Coubertin it and cost shared a very milky shampoo SH tail thank you very much angels and only line is in key sham varnish them video consoles of the use chidori under moon about Lillian abuse trade or initiation will play nastika voltina a poet honest candor any kind it luck or cylinder any diamond you solution we are at the bar normally you shampoo you stood and have the texture wine dry to moderate in this like and a Berea or you body dry a vanilla oil body frizzy on the lawman is it like 10 million is Nia militaria citation and Dinaric is available a kapo'i pin names rating Jesu or body dry - Emilio stead o step at lap in Amanda Perry are like in any Amar'e a baby shampoo yen you stand next to conditioner conditioner when you can rip current tightening you generate Donna if their L'Oreal Paris new tube loss mirror shine condition on a satin

Morello DIY into the cardiac rhythm on Donna sanam and Brenda had a segment is only a hair or shaded I need condition was cookie designers and endodermal and the Braves lost 18 down an atom a mirror shine and upon any advertisements look available shining at mirror shine I'm going to cure you we lent the hell liquid tone or Cavatina one can do in the first bottle on El Cap stretch the patella in the total rippers find a conditional sianandjim another will satisfaction tunnel is a dream satisfied Allah this two tries is okey okey okey MLM under particular personally produced general theory arrived in LA and by a conditional Akane mechanical or you landed Munna you see volume expresses a fraternity condition learning any for you students extra head must earn a hair mask no engine used in the st. Lawrence total repeal find a hair mask on it in order acharya man alone English pub angle dry frizzy unmanageable pero lo Brianna Keilar a shampoo charity conditional mantra it has appeared to Poland in the mosque use change mass training in handle a textual re-implemented down low and a personal experience with me and bar you know

about internal granny glaze conditioner let's keep the ambition mask and elemental master tu che eponymous updated coral Mussolini use chamber alley improvement mantle a combative eternity favorite mass new budget IJ retained is typically yo-yo Ma's gonna a boy or act upon Allah extensive straightening shambled same Amasya new strategy day to the next it is to line and elope buying the royal like a reducible monoi oil next two days and then I'm goin straight away if you learn agree cut the expenses on a six fifty rupees on a yo-yo in WM smash Peter price and a half eight a low yo mas buying great 15 Coriana is in a column hundred times better millennium party up in your active on all annular dry frizzy hair in ringlets conditioner you Stephanie damask and Eloise chair in a column like and array of inexpensive a tour body next century dilemmas cooking this musket right a Amish Audrina Patridge a regional Linda implemented now but I know you kind of mask uses of a masking may use changes in certain numbers and shampoos a little washer with the conditioner rigid a thirty to three minutes later editor at

washes it is to have already Gina towel dried hair initiation of the hair mask of scalp laplacian helmet off light at page editor 5 to 10 minutes lambda her paneling in a mood today portugal Ayappa 10 NM canal a soft manageable hair people in this bunch like converging in the hair winning routine we descending apparently no dandruff no current of the ethyl alcohol my night you can't afford another problem already problems in a base dissolution rate seller family Milan Rome and the were anti dandruff shampoo key you seen any continuity you number you stated ina live buying get effective on it and run a charity tree oil on it bring ER in my calendar in the Iranian oil Seamus METU same a sunbonnet each oil it will Adam washes the tea tree oil on a pioneer no record no price than a two thousand two thousand thirty seven rupees on is it applies the tea tree oil ting liya do on a weekly toils delegate rice single hair or in sales emitted a day on initially female cohesively and the red and Rafael Cordova come up with tea tree oil UCI indeed a good shampoo use occupying at a harsh and September

Nellis Shambu and London Deborah harsh on an ellipse anti-dandruff shampoo lockup i'ma buying a harsh air you give been in England London experienced a vision of them that and attentive shampoo accused him on the hair by graduate driver I am I'm the condom then a little and the way chemical sana a Pinocchio sphere is it underwear we do natural include analogies we all know one another buying it affects your honor Nico's body dandruff and Angela is the youth chair continuous ideas chamber and value cylinder isn't in our hair wall she could say the one meditation handsome applies I remember the merchandise especially dumping you're buying the dry eyed unmanageable speed tensing in the car o'clock eleven thousand hair serum use champ a pentacle it under option in this is a low realtor to repair finder healthy rahman and a favor attorney to political filling and conduct a level surface or clients are educational red hair silky dealer where are Adam strikes Pro hair serum on a whiter globe Elsa Ramon sateen Parnelli pinnacle diminished him a banana banana I'll never give a la I do until a condition

when Jabbar would take her to tea extract loss out there but in C&C dimensional but she did a book of so oily on the deficit de Manila tombola audio sir tight loaded that and I nevela heralded damp hair later pleasure I plated an all-nighter full light at pleasure and I'll come via in Italia is a maternal canal lambda Bria and a manageable idler soft and smooth tight lamella Herod into her he healthy romanian use changes in florist in a details opinion description box later negative and a haircare routine very important some initial highest planet in keep our lowly Shanahan Spanish teller shailene game of repairing ringing monthly one has question and ok a dementia literally canola number hairpin Domini worse around eleven eleven when Kiki dealer I'll invite randomly mutagenize fun about a quarry waves and diurnal Karen and and any comment is the original separate video at a time when you turn a car different different I killed a parallel or endocranial England et has special video separate title diode appliances which is not only on it for other is delaying to Brady Sheila in a hair care routine manner richer than a

panini candle extreme for xmas Wendy Henley yellow and opinion para window called the hair care tips on and carrier because to pursue territory a haircut it's on a party cake I did initially auricular manager Tula hierarchical in comparison the conveyed raynella by narrator handful of victims barium dry young and number hair pooty pooty Buddhism about our recovery immunity maximum you know FX telling damp hair ridiculous comedy in case any kind of a combine it will be under EMTALA Ventimiglia I will still solar this recession on something I will compute LNG detangler use yeah the enter Qaeda you see the computation of normal I click on view is ridiculous combien next number is skinny projection of alternate number higher number protection for the way like ok nebula for warningly sunscreen in the low normally you stay in sunscreen Corsica accident of the hair serum application or Lengyel a new Berea oil application of all exam the hair as I say on angling of the hair sign America protect am it insane number skin

good protection which is a pal - a Willem alcholic I in case I'm gonna have a Latin Mengele and a particular a linguist coughing in the Cardinal you stated I'm creme de Harry Caray I'm operon Credo decided to knock it on the hair in a prediction with you particle Valerie Valerie important idyllic idea but I always say that are you getting forced to voyeurism examle preposterous whistling call is a meandering Leone and an eaglet handle on it - it will import all the oil it till I know ten a number hand Lapine great depend a little every dusting into a deal ok Magellan of the hell and effectively silicon I'm going to buy stupid to in a problem have for video meets nurse William dandruff main agent and I forget where another important guiding land it ok I'm going to oil it it it a portico Bombo it does take it on there I'm going to get any clue no oil or nothing is too kind of Linda's a value washed a gallon and I'm gonna complete item curry Mucha macula apart the kid prevailed Academy problems Lakers conduct collect antecedent Italian about a maximum ammonia at the Ricardian Magellan hablar de Chambord remember to oil a poet

language - no - Angulo a power Acharya maximum Rodya re the worshipping a maximum clay unite all share ii m shampoo to in a second time up opinion of the chamber pleasure in english how do you body dry here one turns into so maximum other idea and hi Rowena weekly twice delegate rise not like a heavy soiling shave it overnight full light it has a monster which the morning wall shear and I nakatsu denialism lap play say that I need a patent and diarrhea I'm gonna wash in the trigonal Ellen Umbra Harley boy they keep reduce is on the scalp okay costing net Iconium on Traynham canal aerosol ticket to low pin a verified in daily Oracle apparel a expletive I'm gonna have less than an inch lighter oil fake Freetown some read daily application on a longer handle of the scalpel Evander the other side near thinner secreto I'll seacret down my our winner proof on an of the courses Hal harsh elegant number higher oily another undersecretary turn up a maximum daily apply gender weekly twice a link price mother my places are money a pastor a loop banana are regarding the challenge

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