26 November 2018

An Everyday Makeup Look

Welcome all to my first makeup tutorial. Hope it's informational enough. Please, comment, like and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos to come! Products ...

welcome to my orange-yellow look

tutorial first I start off with using Laura Mercier primer to put this all over my face even over my eyelid next I go in with this NYX pore filler and I rub it against my fingers to warm it up and apply it on my nose and on my chin [Music] foundation I'll be using is hooded beauty in the color shortbread and we forgot to do this before I was putting on the foundation but I like to go in in the color peach corrector with hope I'm right dark circles [Music] and working with Buddha Beauty foundation I have to write a back story start with the left side of my face on the right front of my face whatever works for me and I'll start in one corner until I get to enjoy about the hood of beauty foundation even though it's a little mattifying for my skin type to have a combination skin I do like how it's full coverage and I never see it gone at the end of the day except for my nose just because my nose [Music] but everything else [Music]

excuse my silly faces and I didn't even know under 40 [Music] they're beige and apply it with my wet beauty blender blend out my concealer I like to continue blending my foundation just because who would a beauty needs a little extra help to hydrate again just to help in their sperm later I do use all three colors providing [Music] here I use the portal cutter to come [Music] next I just take my blending brush and blend everything that I just did as contour it just so everything could be well blended out and there's no harsh lines [Music] next [Music] [Music] my legs just a little bit I really like how it gives a little lighter effect and then I just blend again because you can never have too much blending and I really just want everything to the picture [Music]

right before this video I purchased attend charlie [Music] [Music] [Music] then I apply some yellow just to see how it's gonna work I did it a little messy just because I wasn't sure exactly what I want him [Music] follow [Music] [Music] [Music] so I ended up going with this other pilot called in the description box and that word in the publisher is AF [Music] [Music] and yeah there's some fun [Music] and then took this market blending brush [Music] [Music] [Music] then try to use a better tip I've got my left eye compared to because everything's all about drought it's perfect I just continued [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] get rid of any harsh lines from that depths that I was trying to create in the crease I'm going in with my [Music] just to allow the color to come out more pigmented here you can see the difference between the spray and without the spray [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this makeup forever lipstick sampler that I had include the color down below topped it off with this Revlon lipstick just to make [Music] [Music]