29 June 2019

Amy lee gray eyeshadow makeup tutorial

Here's a new Amy Lee Makeup Tutorial for you guys!

hey guys today I have another Amy B

makeup tutorial for you this is a picture I found that I wanted to recreate I really like the color of the eyeshadow now I didn't have the exact color so I mixed two together to get this result yeah anyhow if you want to see how to go about recreating this look or something close to it keep watching okay this is what you need as usual the concealer hard-candy palette or any metallic e gray you may have will work out for this also a black pencil liner optional if you have a greyish bluish color that would help to if not that's fine mascara and some nude tone lipstick this is raw chocolate from Maybelline and if their natural lip liner from L'Oreal and only three brushes okay let's begin we start by applying the concealer and if you notice I took the sponge off I found that this waste wastes a lot less product and makes it last longer so save your money and take the sponge off all right so we're rubbing that in and now with a blending brush we're gonna go into that metallic e gray tone and then we're just gonna apply it all over and blend it out

now with an angled shading brush into the same shade we're just gonna apply it underneath the eye I'm also going to take this smoked blue and apply it with a blending brush this shade is from the body needs but the body needs it's no longer selling so yeah that's why I said this is optional because I know that people won't be able to get this color now I'm taking this detail brush and I'm just gonna apply it underneath and of course my phone did not focus so you get the gist next up is a pencil we're going to tightline also lie in the water line and apply the liner as thin as we can get it really close to the lashes mascara time we're gonna apply a lot a lot of mascara on the top lashes and of course as always are usually on the bottom lashes we want them super black and super thick next up is the lip liner and lipstick and that is it your look is done you [Music] okay that's it for today I hope you enjoyed that look try it out have fun with it try it in a different color you know yeah there's a lot of possibilities

and you can have fun it's pretty simple pretty quick to do if you don't feel weird sticking you know pencil right up in there which for a lot of people is very uncomfortable but I've been doing it for years so I'm pretty much used to it yeah don't forget to give my video the thumbs up and subscribe if you're not already subscribed to my channel for more makeup stuff and other stuff yeah and as always guys we're all gone okay just a quick chitchat moment with you I know my videos have not been as consistent as they have been in the past and will I can I say I'm busy and I have a whole lot on my plate as always that's not gonna change guys sorry it just it just got to the point where I became very very tired so I've been toning it down a little bit more on YouTube I'm not quitting don't worry I will still be making videos and if I get more free time to do it I will bring more yeah so yeah it's been like that I feel like I'm repeating myself and I've said this before but if somebody missed it there it is I am NOT posting as many as I used to but I'm still gonna be posting videos and I've been like on a art and I don't know what

to say call it what what word do you use for that I've been getting into like painting with watercolor and I'm really enjoying it so much fun and I was thinking maybe I should try to record that for you guys I'm not a pro okay I'm a novice at watercolor and not the best artist either I do what I can you know and so my technique is not I've never studied art let's just put it this way I'm self-taught when it comes to drawing and painting any kind of painting and you're kind of drawing I'm self-taught usually I will look at a picture and I will figure out how they shaded and all that so I've been trying to watch more like tutorials on that you know with that pencil and I've learned some stuff but whatever I do record just know that it's my own way it's not technically professional or whatever you want to say it's just what I do so if you enjoy watching the process of someone who just draws by instinct to draw I will have some videos like that and painting watercolor is the same like I'm learning and sometimes I don't really know what I'm doing I'm just trying to figure it out you know and to feel it out yeah so far so good I mean I like what I've done

that I've been practicing eyes [Music] and I like them I think they look pretty cool I mean for someone who has really no idea what they're doing they're just kind of learning as we go I thought it would be fun just so my channel doesn't stay like stagnant and between like makeup tutorials makeup tutorials take a whole lot more planning and time and yeah so though that's why I haven't been able to put so many out there as I used to but maybe like the art ones that will be easy because I'm just drawing and you know have my camera on me and more simple stuff I'm trying to figure it out so I can keep my channel alive and keep you know bringing things for you guys to watch on my job you might like something that's been on my mind is like what is going on with the community the beauty community actually I've been seeing some things that I'm like dude people losing their minds there what is going on I don't really watch that many channels anymore right now my favorite channels that I do watch like all the time are 60 formula because he's got two beautiful Huskies and I have learned a lot from him on

Huskies and how to take care of a puppy husky and the personality and their needs you know has a breed dogs in general he's awesome though his videos are always very light hearted very just uplifting and happy and I love that I was watching his videos they make me feel good every time I watch him and his puppies his dogs are so beautiful that I'm just like come home you know even though I have a CD you the other channel I really really love is Lou skip to my Lou skip to my Lou so Lou she does random beauty stuff and she's hilarious I mean at least to me she's just got that kind of humor that isn't obvious it's more witty and and she'll have I love her personality just the way she's straightforward and she's smart and she's wise you know I admire people like that and she's real I'm always searching for the people who are like just real you know and yeah they are who they are anyhow I think those are my two main channels I do watch other random channels and then other ones that I need like the vocal ones for vocal exercises and then I watch site to go which is like a psychology Channel and I love all that

psychology stuff so I watch it here and there not every video but I do watch him consistently I try to keep up if there's a topic that you know piques my interest in watch body language stuff I love that yeah but really yeah that's the to the top to is Lou and sixty formula I've strayed away from a lot of the beauty channels cuz you know what I don't know white a lot of times they make me wanna buy stuff and I can't do that so I don't want to buy stuff hope I don't do that to you guys I don't want you to feel like you got to go out of buy stuff I try to make it so you can use what you have you know if you want to get something new that's fine that's the teeth that's up to you but you don't usually need new stuff you use what you have anyhow that's it that's my little short probably a little chitchat you guys [Music]