10 August 2016


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hey everyone so today I'm obviously

gonna be filming a haul video hence the title I don't know why I always say what I'm gonna film because it says what I'm gonna film but you know so basically I'm supposed to talk to you guys about this because I like don't let me do whole videos but this you just like something I need to talk to you guys about it's just insane so basically if you are from the UK or any other country how hard is it to get products from America like I feel like at the u.s. the USA have literally every single make a ranch you can ever think of but they have so much and in the UK it's like we don't have anything like we don't have anything good that's like we do have good stuff but we don't really have a lot of choice in my opinion we don't have tar we don't have Kat Von D we don't have a necessity move your heels don't have we don't have anything so it's just really really annoying trying to get certain products basically I came across this website called go send and what it is it's basically a shipping company in America it's like a personal shopper and what it is is basically if you're from the UK or any other country and you want to order

stuff from America and thanks for the thing ups are for things like that if you order things like four separate websites and stuff it can be really expensive obviously with shipping and stuff what they do is they are a personal shopper brands so we use you go on the website you create an account you basically go on every individual website where you want something from you take the link you put it on this little thing on the website on guys then you put the link in what shade you want or what color or what size anything like that you put it in the little description they raise it you list all the products that you want send it off and then someone from goes end shops it all for you like gets it all for you and then basically sends it out to you in one big box so you only pay for one off shipping you're not paying for those it's like individual shipping also like don't make what you do is you make okay they make you like a fake address so it basically it gets said to them and then what happens is they wish you ship it out to you you then apply your dress in addition for out to you which is really really good also on

there they've got like you know like the shopping bed they've got steals and stuff so I managed to get Carli bybel palette and for $14 which in the UK is probably about 10 pounds just because it's been on sale they've got really really good deals and stuff like they list all the stuff we can get good deals it's just really good luck I think it's such an amazing way to be able to for us usually things to be able to get American products without spending loads and loads of money what they do is it should be chop it for you then send it out and all we have to do is basically pay one lot of shipping instead of like loads of into individual bits of shipping which is really really cool I just think it's like a really really amazing way for us to people in the UK spear with purchased certain things because I you know what you know me I have struggled with this for so long because we don't have anything in the UK we don't have Sephora or anything so it's just a nightmare for us so I'm sorry really got that finest website and what I will do is link the website below I'll also link all the products I got in the description box

below in case you guys want to purchase them I'm like yes I finally found something where I can actually get American products and not spend those money or ship in so you guys are like mini even I love it this is the first thing that I've got is the Carli bybel palette coz on their website if you go on the go shopping bit it came up with the Carli bybel palette for $14 so I was like yes I need that look I tries to get in ages ago when it first came out and obviously like it's sold out so quick she's got so many subscribers and fans and stuff so it's sold out so fast I was unable to get it so you've got ten on shadows and then for highlighters obviously you can use the highlighters in size of this as well dr. gorgeous palette I'm up to your since it's really pigmented like for $14 it's so pigmented I'm absolutely obsessed so they's the first thing that I've got the Carli bybel palette I will be doing like the first impressions or I was shootin a tutorial so the next thing that I got was this Tarte palette now I love top cause my eggs but again it's so hard to get in the UK so I'm gonna take full advantage of this go same website and

I'm just gonna order from the only time now so this is they this is called double duty palette this is it is sorry okay but you reach my needs some really nice shimmers and it's on a matte shades we have many colors like that like I love that color have any colors like that this is green i ii Ferranti gold shade just between us I love this shade as well just try that the other one that I got with these harlot in bloom palette I like this for so don't quite me tell you guys I want this size I said this as I thought oh it sounds like I need to get it so I almost asked okay a young guy why I'm obsessed when I open it the packaging is so pretty as well I is so cute I love it these are the item a is like put somewhere eyes today through wonder and I use that one for my brow bone use this one for transition this one in the crease that one in the crease as well and then that one on the outer corner and then this one over the lid mix of a little bit of those two bitches love it it's just beautiful and it smells so good thanks know about with the shade and

light palette by Kat Von D I have some amazing things about this palette I've seen a lot of youtubers use this we will actually swear by this is like the best contour palette so I had to obviously check it out my Kat Von D is coming to Def names in the UK online I'm not sure in store probably in store as well Devon ins anyway pretty soon I think I think it's quite soon as she's coming because how many products will be in double image I'm not sure specific dates but I'm so excited for that is gonna be amazed this is it the contour palette you guys are pretty seeing this on YouTube but I see what this shade here which is like a banana shade you put it's kind of like peachy undertone you're showing here and then it's obviously just more like the lighter shade and then you've got a three obviously point or shades here like medium and dark I use this today actually I use this one mixed with a bit of that one contour it's very good how is like it so far so good love that next thing I got was a more messy I faced illuminator I'm pretty sure you can get this in the UK but I just kind of went skinny so I'm

just gonna come off the nose I keep dropping everything on the bras but it's really nice I write everything two scoops one on the drawer so I've got this shade which is called indiscretion the reason why I got this shade is more like a rose you go on tray like this there's three different shade should get really gold shade this shade I think there's a lighter shade as well but I don't really have any like rose gold illuminators or my lighters so I probably just have a lot of really really like gold gold gold ones so I'm really really excited to try this anyway and look how pretty it is I don't even want to use it like it just looks gorgeous I think just looks like a bit of silk just so nice but you guys are hot getting with that I cannot wait to use that too excited I haven't used this one yet I've used everything else I hope you haven't used a car you Bible pilot yeah actually then I've got skincare so that is all the makeup that I got and I'm waiting to get some face masks and I don't know if you can get these in the you kind of cause the glam boy Hollywood California face mask to wear but I thought you

could just get in the merica I'm not sure if you get these in the UK but anyway so I've got to you I've got this one and I've got this one so this one is a gravity mod firm in treatment and I've used both of these a slight rise in my size I was too excited to wait so I just use them but this thought is a firming treatment I love it contact still money basically apply it 15 20 minutes and then you peel it off or you just peel it off once it's dry but it is really really firm firm tight like it's just really really go inside so it says it's firm lift i its own and sexy contours definitely that is everybody guys it really really tightens your skin like those amazing I am a huge fan of and use it once I absolutely love this one I've got this one as well which is the super most clear and treatment so this is for problem skin skin imperfections pore refining mattifying and clarifying now if you have sensitive skin I just would not recommend using this it alone and see but it's very strong then again it might just be really strong just because it's pretty good for like sensitive skin and stuff so I don't really know too

much about skincare as you guys know I just whatever cuz I have three sensitive skin so just kind of use like try a lot of things and I'm not like I know I don't know a lot about skin care anyway I'd say this is very very strong I had this on for about five six minutes and it was stink in my face it wasn't like a horrible singing pain nose I kind of like a nice kind of sting in it could really feel that it was back in it's very very strong also if you have really oily skin this is gonna be amazing because I've got like oily skin but not really really like slightly oily and I used this off surprise I was like five six minutes my skin when I took it off was so mad there was like no oil on the skin and I've never had that before anything like her Sony product and I've never ever ever ever had my skin matte my skin has never been mad in its whole entire life so it just actually got rid of all the oil and my skin which was crazy like obsessed so I would highly highly highly recommend getting this if you've got rid of all your skin all the side problem skin skin imperfections horrifying just anything on that I just

probably recommend this my face mask I think I'm really really good I'm actually obsessed so that is the basic everything that I've got everything like I said for location where to practice more I got they'll be a link to the website in the description box and like I said all you do is create an account and put in there what you want to get and then go into it without fear also they send over pictures it's really really cool goes like they also send him a photo so like when they've got like one product that was send you a photo for email to say just to check is this what you want is this okay and stuff before they send it to you which is really good and they probably like just keep you in thinking with like emails and stuff in it didn't play that little to calm until it took like two weeks which is really really good considering all these products are from different websites and the nail just came in two weeks went from there to there it's just really really cool so I highly recommend our website I'm just I'm gonna be over there all the time and outside I am really excited but I hope you guys enjoyed this video anyway make sure to

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