03 May 2018

AMAZON THINGS YOU NEED! What to Buy on Amazon 2018

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alright I am so excited for this video because when I freaking love Amazon and - I'm just excited to talk about random things that I feel like you need in your life so let's just get into it there's a mix of stuff in here as I was going through my orders for this video I have orders going back to 2010 but it's definitely in the last like three years where my Amazon shopping has really gone to the next level it's a little out of control these are some of my top recommendations products I found on Amazon I could probably make like five different videos in different categories because I buy that much stuff off of Amazon so let me know if you guys wanted to see that I don't want to do like a separate travel one in home one because most of stuff is more like lifestyle random things if you're excited for this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you're new here you can join the burrito family and subscribe I put every Monday Wednesday Friday 6 p.m. Pacific time alright so first thing is the cutest fricking workout resistance bands you've ever seen in your life they're called peach bands they come in this super cute it's like very soft nice

packaging you get four in here that are all different weights so there's medium and then it goes up to like extra heavy and I usually use the medium one or the heavy depending on what I'm doing but if you're just starting out with them the light one is super light so you can just get a feel for it and whatnot but I just use these for like booty workouts leg stuff random things I've been using these for a couple months - I want to say and they haven't torn anywhere they feel like really nice quality I also bring these with me while I'm traveling they're super handy you can just put them in here and then you can do some hotel workouts and this takes up like no space in your suitcase this next thing might be the most random thing I've ever talked about on my channel these are peanuts peanuts from Amazon so this brand is called Deez Nuts wait Jim used this one is the Cool Ranch Inn sriracha these ones are my favorites but also the dill pickle peanuts are really good too they're not cheap they're like 10 bucks for a thing of peanuts but they're so good and they last me a long time and I feel like they're a good snack just in between I'll just have

like a handful of peanuts my cousin actually got me hooked on these she first got me the dill pickle ones because I am a pickle fanatic these ones they actually like a little bit more oh they're so good get every time so these I've talked about for years on my channel they've been in random videos here and there but these are the crystal collagen gold powder eye masks there's a bunch of different versions of these on Amazon so make sure you get the one that I link below because I have tried other ones and they're not as good as these ones these ones are the hit TC brand comes with 10 pairs of these for $4 free shipping so super good deal and I actually feel like these help kind of deep puff my eyes my under eyes are looking pretty tragic like the bags are super deep that morning or something these I feel like actually it helped a little bit and I like putting these in the fridge and then putting them on and it's super cooling and they just feel really nice kind of all that I must have tried I keep going back to these ones so I've gotten a bunch of different sunglasses on the amazon over the years but the

ones I think I wear the most and that you guys always ask about whenever I post these on Instagram or something wearing them these are black aviators that need to be cleaned the issue I usually have with aviators is that they're way too big and wide for my face and these ones are narrow so if you have that same problem then you might like these because they are a lot smaller than usual and they're really reasonably priced they're really comfortable they're super lightweight $10.99 and I've had this one pair for when do I purchase this says I purchased it last January so I've had them over a year now they haven't broken or anything next up we have a leather cleaner so if you have any kind of leather in your home or your car sees whatever that you need to find a good cleaner for that'll just make it look really shiny and nice and I actually like gets up a ton of the dirt and dust and stuff this one I really like I got this because it had really good reviews on Amazon it works it removes the dirt it makes everything look nice and fresh again I have like a mid-century kind of a leather couch that I bought secondhand so I do like to

clean it a lot because it can get kind of like dusty looking good to have good to have all right we all love a good pair of yoga pants you know I'm sayin so I actually first purchased this pair then I loved them so much that I got a black one that's in the wash right now and then I also got this like really cool I don't even know what this color is it's not quite grey but it's not dark blue it's kind of like in-between these are the 90 degree by reflex I wear the size extra small they look really tiny but they stretch and they also suck you in so much these make your butt look great they're comfortable to work out with I don't feel like my body is like show three when I do squats or anything out of my Lululemon's my t.j.maxx leggings and I think actually you can find ninety-degree at t.j.maxx - but out of all of my brands of yoga pants these are the ones that I find myself reaching for the most because they're so nice just the way they fit they have a thick band and I do feel like for some reason this one the first one I got this color the fabric feels a bit thicker in a little bit like different than the other ones I

got it definitely feels different than this shade so I don't know if this was like their original one because I did get these probably like eight months later then I got this one so this one I love like the material this is super soft super thick and this one is still really nice it just feels a little bit different it doesn't feel quite as thick only $18.99 so if you're looking for good quality affordable yoga pants these are great these are pens that I use for my planner I just keep them in this random case and you know where I got this but these are just colored pens I color code my planner for different things so like this is my You Tube pen this is my upload pen this is my appointment pen travel pen you get it it comes with ten colors these are just the ones that I use and for 10 colors it's five dollars and 80 cents and it looks like this is a Korean brand I believe it says their fine point markers for bullet journaling and note-taking and they are perfect for riding with because they do have such a fine point here which is why I really like them I've had these for a few months now and they haven't dried up or anything all of them are still going

strong and I use these every single day for my planner by the way there's a whole pen community on Amazon people get really into their pen reviews so if you're looking for a pen or if you just need some entertainment read Amazon pen reviews I pretty much get most of my YouTube electronic camera tech kind of gear stuff on Amazon that could be a whole other category of these videos but I just wanted to mention two things which I feel like will apply to more people than youtubers this is awesome this is a Bluetooth remote so basically you just connect this to Bluetooth to your phone so that if you're by yourself somewhere and you want to get a picture of yourself you can connect it to bluetooth you just turn this on press the button and it takes a remote photo this is really great if you don't have an insta husband or if you're traveling so little traveling and you need to take photo that's what I usually use it for and it's $8.99 another kind of phone camera accessory that I've used for a while now and I love this thing these are basically like clip-on lenses for $12.99 it comes with three lenses so you get

the super wide angle one this is the one that I usually use they have a fisheye and then also a macro this is awesome if you take your photos using your iPhone you just clip it on you might need to take off your case depending on what kind of case you use but you clip it on and it just goes right over your camera so it gives you this like wide angle or fisheye kind of effect not sure how much you guys can see on there but it's super cool just to give your photos like a little flare get a little artsy and to undo this you just screw off the clip and then you can attach it to the other ones it would not be an Amazon favorites video if I didn't mention the love of my life if you've seen any of my foundation Friday videos I usually end the night wearing this thing this is a super stuff basically like a blanket in jacket form it has a hood it has pockets I have a photo on Instagram wearing out I'll insert it right here so you can see what it looks like on it's super baggy super oversized I feel like it's cute enough to wear kind of like that like with an actual outfit but 99.9% of the time I just wear it in my apartment because it

literally feels like you have a blanket on it's basically like a better version of a Snuggie it's $36.99 but I have seen a bunch of other boutiques kind of carrying this exact one for like double that price so that was a pretty good price compared to what I was seeing it in other places and I get to size small it is oversized and it looks like they have different colors they have five different colors in it so if you're someone who has trouble making yourself drink enough water throughout the day these I mentioned a long time ago to you in another video but I've used these for years now a couple years and they're just glass bottles they're super basic they're easy to clean you just throw em right in the dishwasher and I just put all of these like all six or whatever into the fridge and for some reason it makes drinking water so much more fun so much easier also sometimes it'll do is since these are already chilled I'll just pour the water from here into my other kind of like tumblers or something whatever I'm in the mood to drink out of but these are just great you can also use them for smoothies you could use them for what

you want coffee and for six of these is 15 bucks so this thing will definitely be making another appearance if I do the favorite Travel Amazon buys but I have to mention this because I'm still obsessed with this I travel a lot and I've gone through a lot of travel bags and this is my favorite makeup bag hands-down not just for makeup but for my kind of toiletries and stuff too I can just fit everything I see if you guys can see this so here's what it looks like you have zippers on each side and then you have this big opening hopefully you can hear me right now you can hang it right here if you want to if you're a hotel hanger I'm not I just set it on the counter you can also hook it this way when you open it and I just keep having my eye patches in here it's easy to clean it's flat which is a big thing that's why I love it is that you just lay it on top of your stuff I'll usually put like a sweatshirt on top or my jacket on top so if the suitcase is getting to run around my cosmetics don't break or anything but I just love the size of it it's super flat and slim and I just feel like it's the best way to pack my makeup and everything that I

found I can even put my makeup brushes in the side of here it literally just it's great fits everything and this is $14.99 so this next thing is my pop socket this is a black and white marble pop socket if you're not familiar with these you need one I didn't really understand the hype until I got one now I can't live without it it just makes holding your phone so much easier especially if you have smaller hands and you have to plus it makes texting way easier because I can hold it like this so I don't have to have my hand wrapped around basically get double the wrap around you know I'm saying you can also bend it so whenever I'm watching YouTube videos as I'm like doing stuff I'll just bend it like this and prop it up against the table and it just rests like that it's also just super addicting to play with I think I do this like 50,000 times a day mine's about 10 bucks it's just the black and white marble alright this next item I feel like everyone needs one of these if you're a hot beverage drinker this is a game changer so you just plug it into the wall it has a switch right here and it just keeps your coffee warm so as soon as my coffee

comes out of the Keurig I just pop it on here and it keeps my coffee warm for literally like an hour hour and a half I always put my coffee on here when I'm filming is that when I take sips it's still if you work from home if you work from an office and you can just plug this in at your desk and you want your coffee to stay warm it's just awesome I love this thing and this was $9.99 next up we have a workout item that I don't really use for working out but this is a sports bra from Puma I purchased one of these a while ago probably a year ago now and then I got a second one about six months ago because I was just finding myself reaching for this the most out of any Brian on a daily basis I don't like this for working out because it doesn't have enough support but just for everyday use if you're someone who likes a sports bra but you want the thin straps I'm wearing the other one right now and it's just so comfortable it gives me enough hold but it's not underwire or anything it does have padding in here it has a little Puma lion tiger Puma is it what is the Puma it's a tiger is it an actual animal Wow let's see a Puma is a cougar okay um

anyways has a little Puma guy right here here's what the back looks like it has a little hole which is cute it's just super comfortable you only have a couple more items this one I wasn't planning on mentioning but whenever I am wearing this in like a vlog or snapchat or something I get so many questions about it and it's just a neck wrap ice pack that you can also use for your knee anywhere else small enough that you can wrap this around basically F chronic neck pain so I will wrap this around and you just literally like look kind of wild but you just velcro it around your neck and it's hard to find a good neck ice pack a lot of them just like are supposed to kind of go over your shoulders and they don't actually get like close enough or tight enough to the skin and I feel like out of all the ones I've tried I think I have public six that I've ordered off of Amazon this one is my favorite and it's only $12.99 right yeah $12.99 for this one and it's actually hot or cold so you can actually heat this up for a few seconds too if you want it hotter slide them right in they'll throw it and then it wraps around I wouldn't say it stays cold for

a super long time just kind of like a normal ice pack but it's mostly just this part that I really like so if you can find an ice pack that stays colder longer that's bendy then you could slip it in here if it fit all right folks this last Amazon favorite is my vacuum I am so in love with this thing I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in moving blog what is this thing called this is the Hoover Linx cordless it's way cheaper on Amazon especially right now I don't know if they're doing some kind of sale but when I just went to screenshot it it's $99 it's normally $1.99 and I remember I found this at Target but then I looked on Amazon it was way cheaper so I ended up buying it on Amazon and this is the best vacuum I've tried that's cordless that's super easy to use you can use it on hardwood or carpet I actually got my mom one of these for her birthday and she loves it she uses it every single day for like just dog hair and stuff it's super light I love it that you don't have to fuss with the cord that is like my biggest thing with vacuuming I hate having to deal with plugging in the cord changing the

outlets you know how it goes so it has a rechargeable battery so it literally just pops out you pop this in the charger you just pop the battery in like that it clicks it tells you when it's getting low right here and then you just power it on no cords nothing there's a couple different settings depending on if you're using it on carpet or hardwood it gets everything if you have an apartment I feel like this is especially good because it's just a small vacuum not going to take up a lot of space and it gets the job done so those are all of my Amazon must-haves for this video like I said I literally have so many more items that I wanted to talk about I just didn't want this video to be like 2 hours long so if you liked this video and you want to see products in the other categories and you want me to do other videos like this don't forget to give it a thumbs up let me know down below what other Amazon things I should check out Amazon is just one of the best things on earth you know thank you jeff bezos for existing I love you guys thanks for watching see you in my next video bye [Music]