05 June 2019

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Barbie's Fashion Show | Barbie Makeup | Kids Toys Story PLAYLIST FOR ABC song collection : http://bit.ly/2QIUnq7 PLAYLIST FOR Nursery Rhymes & Kids ...


Barbie's Fashion Show what am I going to wear today this dress is glittery just my style but I like this pattern too I don't know what to wear to the fashion show Barbie can you help me with this how about this the black skirt will flatter my finger and this dot pattern is very popular these days the stripes are also very beautiful both are good whichever you choose it'll look good on you oh my goodness we don't have much time I'll go change my clothes now you should hurt you um okay I'll just wear the dark dress [Music] let's choose our shoes okay wow those are really pretty be purple or pink which one's better on me um try them on first [Music] how do I look Maggie what do you think of this pair not bad but try the pink ones too [Music] whoa that's it they really suit your dress oh oh they look really good that's it um Barbie what about my shoes [Music] the spotted patterns a bit dark so how

about these black shoes all right I'll try them on what do you think well you look great they suit you very well really they are really pretty aren't they oh we're gonna be late let's go now Oh are we okay wait for me don't leave the door open of course Barbie let's go the Fashion Show will start soon buckle up let's go okay [Music] oh oh we have mud all over how can we go to the Fashion Show like this oh my goodness what should we do Wow it's magician mew mew don't worry I'll help you really what's your idea yes just you mean magic power Wow you are the best this is the Wardrobe of my dream I love this one this - that's pretty - I really like these patterns Maggie come have a look coming coming oh oh my goodness they're so pretty I like this one and that one all the patterns on the clothes are so beautiful try them on now if you hurry up you can make it to the show [Music] [Applause] mule

how do I look why don't you try that pink dress as well Mew Mew how about this one try the last one till all right will change you know what do you think meow meow look at this one very beautiful really good on you really I wanna hook in the mirror this dress is beautiful there's even a ribbon on it [Music] even more beautiful wow this is so exciting hiding as magical power for you Barbie you are so beautiful Maggie you too you'll be the sky's fashion show tonight you may would thank you so much yes thank you so much I don't know what we would have done without you no problem the show will start soon have a good time thank you let's go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]