14 January 2019


We're attempting to do full faces of makeup based off memory of tutorials with LIMITED materials.

number two we're not going to use this

because yourself get in the hairline I've seen that on some heels oh yeah I was supposed to bring me down with it mine isn't I don't think so oh I missed a step step one I guess you put it on so that tricks end a little about 40 shiny forward or shine shine shine with green and black oh yeah it's like erasing it [Music] I'm sure I'm gonna use Dumbledore oh yeah this thing yes the handy what goes good with a green face [Music] is it [Music] timoni that's how all the eyeshadows got mixed together Wow noobish different color this is a purple esque I'm gonna name it moonlight dead tree get in the crease cut crease they go like this I have a golden whip tip I'm sure there's some girls somewhere I can use eye shadow to highlight and contour [Music] I feel like that is a very bad idea full force makeup fine

[Music] but I have none of my own oh yeah got some caterpillars on there like hey guys cool I want to do green just because my face is green color should I do [Music] maybe something that yeah because my poppet I'm a green highlighted ogre nice trip so we didn't do eyeliner I know you hate I do it but I'm just gonna wing it Oh No good good all right bring a face this is bad those look so weird I would never compromise ever again I think it looks how the rest of your face is supposed to look but doesn't it we did good we did great perfect beautiful anyone how can we bad bees random win just did the breathing starting cuz you're giving us a loan you're giving it to them uh green face and all a whole way I eat girl we're witches you need a hat you need a pointy hat I have a funny hat Turner it was which makeup we were doing which make up all along

dealing with the honey you look like a cartoon character all right so boom hey honeys which makeup [Music] thanks for watching our video guys we'll need more random things but flip I like this highlight it's the only thing I like looks like I'm golden [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we don't have the catchphrase I know I started feeling everyone said yo hello yes dad we're never doing this video it's never you is it we were trying to do this for what time is it for hours like legit yeah hope you have no space