27 November 2018


Used shouty capitals to catch your attention. Enjoy!

you can go swimmin and it stays on but

this my god hi guys and welcome or welcome back to my channel in today's video I really wanted to sit down and talk to you guys about my favorite makeup products now these are not just like monthly favorites or current favorites like these really are my Holy Grail products and I've been using these for at least 5 or 6 months - maybe even years so I really wanted to show you guys these products so if you're interested in knowing what these are then please keep on watching I hope you don't find this lighting too yellow I literally took this lamp that I have normally in my bedroom look how cute it is by the way I got it at a thrift shop for a few bucks just look how cute it is but that's what's like giving me a bit of a yellow warm lighting over here so I actually really liked it so I hope it's OK for y'all as well so I'm going to begin with the products that I start with and show you all of them so what I start with is brows and I put my cats outside of the room because I wanted to film without them jumping around and now they're attacking my door so like I said brows you're not going to be surprised the Anastasio dip brow has been my

favorite since the moment my brush touched it it is perfection I have been using this one for three years this is the first bottle that I got and as you can see I've hit pan on this it's almost empty now so I got a new one so um that's just gonna wait in my little drawer until this one is done but I cannot tell you guys how much I love this this is missing the next product that I want to show you guys is this painterly Paint Pot from Mac I have used this I think about a year now this is the first bottle that I got and as you can see I hit pan on this one as well I think maybe a few weeks so I also ordered a new one for that but this is an amazing eye primer my eyeshadow doesn't crease it's it's perfect now I quickly want to show you guys the brushes that I use I'm not gonna get into too much detail but first of all I have this brush holder from Primark that I really really like you just clip it open over here so yeah these are my brushes there's some more peas Real Techniques brushes some Aliexpress brushes actually I've made a video about that I think like over a year ago or

something you can definitely check that out so it's mostly Real Techniques and morphe brushes that I own and this one is a winged liner brush from zoeva so yeah these are the brushes that I have they're not that much but I don't feel like I need more than these so yeah these are like the ones that I use every day for eyeshadows I only have morphe palettes like I'm kind of short but I just love them so much I couldn't choose between these two i have the morphe 35o 2 palette and the morphe jaclyn hill palette now as for like diversity and looks and more colors I definitely like the Jaclyn hill palette the most because you have some greens blues purples and your neutrals and yeah this this is just a very versatile palette and it has some beautiful shimmers in there so this is definitely one of my favorites and then we have my holy grail warmth home palette the 3502 I mean this just screams fall vibes it's beautiful I love the the really bright red and orange and the dark Browns like I love these palettes so much going over to foundation my favorite as you could probably guess is the l'oreal true match

foundation have talked about this foundation so much i love it going over to concealers I really love the makeup revolution conceal and define and as you can see I stocked up on these beeshees because obviously the shape tip can see there is amazing but you can literally get four of these for one shake tape and the pigment is good it's blendable it's really creamy it's good going-over to eyeliner now for a long time I have used eyeliner pencils but recently I think since about like 6 or 7 months I've really been loving just using a brush and gel liner this one is from Inglot it is the number 77 I tried this because I saw so many so many youtubers um try this out and say that this was one of their favorite gel eyeliners so I decided to try it and let me tell you it changed my life oh my god it is so creamy it is so black it is so incredibly pigmented like literally at the end of the day I have trouble taking this off like I have trouble taking this off even more than my eyebrows because we all know that the anastasia dipbrow you can go swimmin and it stays on but this my god anyways oh my god i'm talking so much

the english gel eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner gel yes i forgot one after concealer i obviously used some setting powder now i've been using the RCM a no color powder for about almost a year and a half maybe i just finished my first bottle and i just got a second one but i have also been loving the Maybelline master fix setting perfecting loose powder this one is also really good but I went through this in like a few months so that's really why I've been loving using this one I do have to say that I like the Maybelline one better but this one does the job too and I forgot something else the sponge that I'm using is the Real Techniques Beauty sponge I've really been loving this it's the but colic like a clamp I really love this um I got like a four pack of them because once again the Beautyblender is like I get four of these for one Beautyblender so that's kind of why I got this not gonna lie I do want to go back to a Beautyblender just like I just feel like it's there's like magic in that thing I just girl I'm all over the place this is literally me in my natural habitat like I am the most chaotic

person on this planet okay so like I said the real techniques I believe this is a miracle complexion sponge is the one I'm using now I do want to get back to the Beauty Blender so yeah going over to another og favorite I have the sleek face contour kit as you can see I hit pan on this one very much this is probably my third one I think yeah my third one and I also got a new one for this one so here you can see what the packaging looks like I have it in the light version amazing it's I think eight or nine bucks it's not that expensive but I love the bronzer so much then another favorite from sleek I have the Solstice highlighting palette now also this has been a hit on YouTube for quite a while and as you can see I've also hit pan on this one especially these two like this one is the most blinding yellow one this is like an orange E one the pink one I don't really use and this is like a creamy one which I don't use at all but these two I have it on right now as well I don't know if you can really tell because of the whole because of the yellow lighting but yes you can see it here like this is a mixture of the yellow and orange one this is my

favorite ever if this is going to hit pan even worse and like you know if this one is empty I am definitely going to get another one not sure about the price I think it was around 10 or 11 euros as well not that expensive sleek is an amazing makeup product our makeup brand I'm sorry I get distracted because my cats are being uh very annoying but yeah sleek love you we're almost there we're almost there I have three products left one being the essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara with filling fibers this is obviously what I use after I did my brows with the Anasazi on their brow it's just a great eyebrow gel love it the second to last product is a mascara and it's the voluminous original from L'Oreal I don't have to say much more about this one than it's my holy grail I love it and the last product and the last step in my makeup routine I don't think I have talked about this before but it's the Mario Badescu skincare facial spray with aloe chamomile and lavender this is so fresh so good and fresh as James Charles would say this is perfect I just spritz it on after I did my makeup it feels good it feels fresh it's

I really like this stuff so yeah that was my little chaotic video about my favorite makeup products I hope you guys enjoyed them and really curious as to know what your favorite makeup products are so please leave them down in the comments I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please like the video and subscribe to my channel down below and I will hopefully see you on my next video bye guys