05 January 2012

All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul

this is a haul brought to you by my cousin and i . xoxoo bella Olivia's Channel :http://www.youtube.com/user/livcandy14 Allcosmeticswholesale: ...

yeah it's right off the hair and the

pimple team and we have a whole from all criminal slip before I give you an overview let's go to the back I'm all connects wholesale is a a wish I rent sell a really good products or different feeling good product but feels like discontinued Mac items for a fraction of the price so I like me going to say a next-generation consoles usually four dollars a day we got out for 350 so it's just a fraction of the price take it off sir yeah and we got some little items that were very big all I think the person from watching since uneasily we're watching again I'm stand witness i'll put the link in the jama so the first thing we got was unique i am that i share and cool in the shade now look it is Earth bowl to free on my wrist or shoot look it is amazing I have it under my brow burn hey and my waterline am I so it's a no wonder have shopping oh it just watching me baby then we had it was not helped will save the most exciting four Lots here we go we go one precious baby then we got the cryo lane I know how it felt I'm so show me okay you're lopsided okay so Kyle I'm looks like they have a really really yeah I love that it's like not only showed them

the face and this is in the shade beat three natural and then this is the power pressure to know because of showing it function like a neutral you can actually need if you're like I never did call it with you just call it a try wrestling I invited a much darker it's like a much stock in it like you little p.m. through and my room she'll be doing a room toasty but um it has a really good variety of colors and wasserman rush you need to go on your creepy I'm so freaking amazing oh and I take this a little fuller brush language yeah I have one by neck I am a member angela and I'm just use that to go to my eyebrows we shall rule decided what is where we got me anything my life for a bit wait whatever what Eden well they're marry me and then this was a great but I don't really mind great who's agreed is that gravy hey would you like to sit the leg and that all I'll explain the difference between them the original persuaded to perform and the penny for a shaman ethic okay the pepper one is actually clear it it definitely women you apply it on your eyes straight from the two bug news however thank you again you can actually see it you can see it's all looking from

that awful smell took a nude color like in it and then when you blend in it goes away yeah even the dark of people that I've known that watch that i watch on youtube that uses then we have the urban ka prime appreciation time thank you mate this is one that you get the shimmer and all flipped I've gotta go I'll go to the hook up so that's all looks like listen when it i'll show you some things about yeah well however to go too young you know I've really got it if he's wounded in but I've got a really nice song i'm just showing like a but already had it all right oh yeah but i already had it on my wrist and its really shimmery and i love it it's like a machination yes sir i hope you guys enjoy a little italy to install second thing make up that chica yeah i really like this I built meeting i'll stop and i will be doing a whole big orders from your name ok once or 39 you move anymore ok we've got a guarantee guys later i love you love you so much and I