20 December 2018

Algenist REVEAL Concealer & Brightener Set Auto-Delivery on QVC

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honey alright so with that collection

though we took five dollars off the price of the liquid collagen lip and we threw in the gloss that we're all wearing right now as well okay so good good good value all right we're moving into the eye area now al Jeunesse brings you out here on the Cassatt infused into each and every product what why is that important that's important because now you're seeing results in a matter of 10 days even in your color cosmetics and in this case this is your concealer and your eye brightener you're taking home both of these for $35 today auto deliveries available to come home do every 90 days for two years you do have three shades to choose from and that is only for the concealer and it's very simple it's light medium and tan eight to nine three four nine one is the item number here so Tammy let's start with the concealer if we can't yeah now let's let's remember that the under eye area is our most delicate area right it's the part it's the part of the face that typically gets those fine lines those wrinkles that loss of firmness very quickly you need to be very very very careful as to what you're

putting on that area don't just slap any old I'll six on that area this happens to be a treatment at the same time absolutely so at alchemists again we are known for our serums it's what put us on the map we have phenomenal serum technology and this comes from our reveal collection which is our color correcting makeup that marries Algar onic acid our patented bio technology from algae and for naturally occurring colors of algae so step one is your beautiful concealer so this is an instantly color correcting concealer that will cover up dark shadows any darkness dark circles around the eyes it'll help smooth out any puffiness and it's on its own immediately color correcting that's your step one super hydrating serum technology so you're instantly covering but treating your eye area in 10 days for brighter looking eye area reading the I really I sealer and it's not a changer it glides no it's not shiny instead it's radiant it's not too matte now not to shine it's that perfect look of just hydrated flawless skin but the coverage power is we are not messing around really a concealer is made to conceal this is a heavier right

okay so that would be step wide that's your step one step two we breathe we brighten such an important part bright a brighter looking I can change the whole look of your eye area and make everything look more in your face totally and so now we have this brightener that is no selection to make and shade it is just this perfect neutral tone that brings the look of light to the eye area take this with you on the go touch up during the day but you will just get this fresh-faced eye that looks so beautiful you know I love the fact that these are both in liquid as well because for me personally I do have some you know very very fine lines and the eye area and anytime I put a powder as a brightener under there I have to kind of go back in and Pat it throughout the day okay hey yeah right Suzanne's like it's like aging it is it's aging look at that she'll I got full full coverage there Sheila oh my gosh it's so pretty and it yeah [Music] I've been sleeping oh my gosh I'm so pretty out here all the time I can't even imagine your sleep

schedules and look how beautiful look how radiant her skin is Sheila can you do that again and show us how you dot and apply and dot and apply I love this brightener as you can see again why two steps so your concealer is made to conceal that'll cover and knock out the appearance of the dark tones now imagine going about your day taking this in your bag and popping this on midday or towards the end of the day maybe you're going out after the office and enjoy I am so passionate about this brightener because it just looks so fresh you don't see concealer you don't see makeup instead you just see this gorgeous refreshed eye area that is so like enviable and she's treating her skin and she's treating the delicate eye area every is the auto delivery on this I'm putting this over my makeup that I've already had on that's always the brightener I just I have to say I'm absolutely in love with it first of all the concealer - yes you can use it around that you should use it around the eye areas but also anywhere right yeah I have a few blemishes right now that I needed to cover it's easy to use that concealer

because it does have full coverage look at that brightener so what this is doing its just refracting and playing and scattering the light and bouncing the light again Elise I'm sorry I'm Sparkle no glitter no but I am going back to the rose gold collection for just a tiny little bit these are all wait lists light as air they are made and built and formulated for layering these will not settle they will not cake these are not heavy creams that will crease or fall or break down as the day goes on the longevity the light the hydration the treatment that these bring to your skin make these formula they're just so special they're so special there's nothing else out there like if your concealer isn't treating you at the same time it's time to get a new one here we go you're getting the eye brightening serum you're also getting the concealer why are these important steps because your concealer should conceal it should be the coverage step and then it should brighten if your concealer is trying to do both steps in one chances are it's not doing the best job it can do now here are the shade options it's only in correlation with

the concealer yep super easy we have three shades so light for fair to light complexions medium for anybody in the medium to light medium spectrum and then tan is for tan and down to deep complexions okay a two nine three four ninety one is your item number auto delivery has been very popular tonight in general that comes home to every 90 days for two years all I'm saying is get that home and get home the beauty IQ steal new eyes and new lips those are game-changers right there they are totally alright final item of the show