08 April 2019


Hello peopleee! So today I'm doing a full face and a full glam look using all affordable makeup products and brushes! Be sure to subscribe, leave a like and drop ...

other people so today's video is going

to be a fun one I want to show you how to get this look that I'm wearing right now it's very full glam so it's quite cool toned as well for me I wasn't sure how I felt about it before but I actually like how it turned out you can tell from the title this video is gonna be a affordable makeup look using all affordable products obviously but also affordable makeup brushes so if you want to see how I got this look with all the products I use then make sure you are subscribed give the video a thumbs up as well and just keep watching okay okay okay okay okay I want to actually now I'm gonna do brows okay I've just got a new brow pencil literally just out of the box and I've already lost the lid I have the wind outside that's because my windows are open I want fresh an hour okay I've got a new brow pencil because the other one did finish so this is the BH Cosmetics Pro Studio shade and define duo brow pencil so it's got like two sides it's got kind of like a brow definer on one side which I'm probably not going to use because I don't like the shape and then we have more like a Anastasio brow Wiz kind of you know the

pencil tip so I'm probably gonna use that one there's no spoolie obviously cuz this one on each and so I'm just gonna use my own this one is the bc bay one it's the take a brow kind of spoolie and then it's got a brow brush on the other end so of course that's very portable honestly when i was like looking at all of my makeup brushes and kind of like what i use every day most of my makeup brushes that I use on a daily basis are all affordable anyway so yeah I don't know for me makeup brushes are something that I feel like there are so many on the market that are so affordable and a good price that I don't really make up brushes on something I like to splurge on so yeah [Music] this is my easy bro this brow is just pretty much doing like it's just it's a good four hours so I think I'm gonna do my face first because I look so ghostly right now moisturizer my skincare you did that for face primer I'm gonna use the Catrice prime and fine aqua fresh hydro primer it's that bamboo water whatever yeah forgotten how I feel about this I think I think I use this

like in like January I remember how I feel about it I like this primer I like just from using it again now I've been like that it's gone quite tacky actually and it's it feels very hydrating it does yeah has got bamboo watering so that sounds good foundation I'm gonna do like a little cocktail situation mix a couple stuff together so got my candle holder which I'm used to mix my foundations and I'm gonna use the Kula PHA no filter foundation I love this but I only love it when I use it with a face oil so again affordable exit in with the L'Oreal extraordinary facial oil and because I want a bit of glow when it is a bit of matte foundation I'm gonna add in this product here I've been using this so much actually recently and I really like it this is the ella girl luminous glow skin illuminator and it's in the shade afterglow this is so good at the moment again I've also really been enjoying blending out my foundation with a brush of the minute and this has been my favorite foundation brush for a long time now I think maybe two years maybe but this is the elf ultimate blending

brush it is it is what it says it's the ultimate blending brush I love this for foundation I want this to go on to the eyes I think I might go on to the eyes now actually because yeah I just wanted to even out my skin tone get the eyes doing dusted oh wait can I not use my pee wees base is that not affordable um so I don't have a affordable eyeshadow primer turns out so I'm just gonna have to use my concealer okay so when it comes to eye brushes I'm gonna be using this one to just blend out the concealer this is from the BH Cosmetics rose quartz collection I believe that's what it's called this is the number 8 brush it's just a flat one I use this all the time to blend out my eye primer so I'm gonna use this on my concealer - oh okay so for eyeshadow I'm gonna be using this palette again this is the elf opposites attract palette and I did a tutorial using like this side of the palette so I thought I'll in this video I'll use like the cooler tones and do like a cool tone look because I really like this palette when I first tried it so yeah this is gonna be the section we're gonna be

using post of that section so just brush I'm gonna go in with is from morphe just morphe count as affordable doesn't see I find morphe affordable I don't know it's more affordable it is right okay personally I find morphe and affordable brand so I'm gonna use I'm not gonna use all morphe brushes two fact a lot of them are BH so yeah I'm a BH brush fan I use the M 200 brush and I'm gonna take the shade warm which is this one here [Music] then I'm gonna go in with the beautybay brush this is from that purple brush roll that I got I'm going to use the brush HG crease and I'm going to take the sheet fresh from the elf palette which is just that I'm just gonna buff out the edges of that brown like warm shadows are so easy to work with I just I can't with cool tones I just can't but we're sticking to it was sticking to it hey I just need a deeper shade I think which is the black from the palette I think one of my little runway brushes that I got that I did in that that used in that video where I just tested really really cheap makeup brushes so this is that a little marble set from romwe and when I take the black

like I said take another runway brush and take a bit of warm which was that brown I used going with my concealer next and just start to cut the crease I usually like to use is again from from that VH rose quartz collection this is the number 9 brush flat little brush I'm just gonna take my concealer on that and then just cut the crease so I've just cut the lid I actually kind of like this like smoky look I'm kind of here for it's gonna go back in with that Brown that I used the brown just I'm gonna take the shade clever which is one I can use my silicone brush because it is affordable it's from BH Cosmetics and it's just called the s1 brush hi feeling do we like it do you like the cool tones I actually kind of like it not gonna hear would have thought I liked school tones I also wanted to add a little something onto the lid actually add a bit of like glitter just to I don't know just like on the inner part of the corner of the eye I think I'm gonna use the collection glam crystals does link gel liner in glitz I think just to have like a just to have like a standout in a corner I think kind of head for it okay so I'm gonna

finish off the rest of the skin now I'm gonna be using the l'oreal infallible concealer in latte finish the eyes what am i doing no let's not use concealer yet let's finish the eyes a tight line and then apply on my waterline as well I'm gonna use the cool part cream gel liner in mr. Bing liner I'm gonna use the revolution Pro supreme dip liner just a black one yeah a car remember if I like this on up so but why I don't use this eyeliner alone okay and for mascara I'm gonna be using the Maybelline big shops mascara now we can go back to concealer so I'm gonna be using the l'oreal infallible concealer i am so glad that my favorite brush to blend out concealer is affordable it's the Real Techniques contour brush yeah it's the one with this pattern I don't know what it's called but yeah this brush setting powder I'm gonna use the Rimmel match perfection loose powder still I can't decide how I feel by is sometimes I hate how it looks on my skin and sometimes I don't mind it so I'm just I'm indecisive about this but the brush I'm gonna use is the elf highlighting brush one of my faves for powder because it's got that kind of

pointed tip so it's really good for setting your eye hey oh I want a creamy bronze actually so for cream cons well it's more like a cream bronzer I'm gonna use the LA girl velvet bronzer contour stick haven't used this in a while so yeah I'm just gonna use this I guess to burn the skin I love using this brush which is the color pop has no name but it's like a little stippling brush you'd be able to find it on the website because they don't have that many brushes well if there's no name on the actual brush so yeah it's all powder bronzer I just want to add a bit of a glow so I'm gonna use the Milani baked bronzer in Soleil I love this I love this so much and the first I'm gonna use is this guy this is again from that affordable Portia's video I did and this is just that single one I got on its own I think it's a powder brush so if you just typed in powder brush on bromley I'm sure you can funny the ap1 ends but blush I'm going to use the issues formula plus a blush this one is in the shade nude silk such a nice blush I'm going to use my favorites blush brush this is by revolution it's the F one and three

brush obsessed okay so when it comes to highlight I have to affordable brushes I love to use for highlight my old favourite is this one here this is the MUA professional brush and it's in the shape in the shade eleven brush so that's Q love that do the one I love when I want to really pack on the pigment and I just want a lot of glow and I really want to concentrate it I usually use this one kinda like on my cheek area this is the color pop f5 brush I'm pretty sure it's called the small fluff brush on the website not hundred percent show up I think it is but I'm just going to use this one the MUA one this is more affordable I think this is like two or three pound and how I'm going to use the revolution and so tell it hey so it's pretty much it for all brushes I've just got lips to do now oh setting spray I'm gonna use the Catrice illuminating system spray okay and then for lips I'm just going to use the colour-pop ultra matte lip and I can't say the name I'm pretty sure it's in Spanish so I'm just going to leave it in the description box because I don't want to butcher the name okay and that's be finished by the end of today's video

so I hope you enjoyed it and you know what we've got a good full glam look going on and we used all affordable products with affordable brushes as well so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did then be sure to leave me a comment down below let me know your thoughts and give the video a thumbs up as well and also make sure you're subscribed and yeah