19 January 2018


PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO ; -Athena “Bad Habit” palette -Aphrodite “Bad Habit” palette -Kara es02 palette —— HUGE HUSH HAUL !

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about the limo we'll still take it to church you know the deed of shipping promethazine up with the echinus lunches from Sonny my name is I'll go like a green light you planted me they're gonna cry like a dummy [Music] hey come on gang give my pickup a lame-o tonight leave my nuts hang on the pain because getting on subscribe what's up in coming back a raccoon meat so for this video I mean today this was not my first time ordering from hush this was my second time order from hush so I know exactly what to really look for when he came to Shepherd from hush I knew like a guesstimate around the time of where my package will be to me and that's what a lot of people still miss out on was saying like the day that they order the products and the day that they got it just to form other people in case they want to order from Hurst also I know I search for I'm ordering from anywhere I don't know how long it's gonna take for me to get my products cuz if it's gonna take a long time then I probably would not want [Music]

I showed y'all in the box earlier because this video is filmed really late at night right now it's probably like 11:30 at night and I got the product 11:30 in the morning I decided to glam my face up with one of the pellets because I just figured when I get on him with a blank face talking about a palette that I have not used or have nots watched or have not given understand so I used one of the pellets out of the three palettes that I ordered so I just want to talk about them a little bit I got two bad habit pallets one of the bad habit Palace is the Aphrodite palette the second bad habit palette is the Athena family I also got the color 35 color eyeshadow pack both of the bad habit palettes retail for $12 which is not that bad at all the color palette retailed for $21 and when I ordered the products I ordered the products January 13 and I received my products today which is you're 18 okay actually let me just sum it up really quick I ordered the car room palette on January 13 I ordered the two bad habit palettes on January 14 but they all came together at the same time on January

everything came bubble wrapped so the max these aren't the two but having pedis right here in my hand this is clearly the Aphrodite palette and this is clearly the bingo palette I guess these palettes were like dupes for the hata beauty a huge beauty hunted Beauty palettes I'm not gonna lie see y'all I refuse to pay six fat I was for palate just me being me didn't me being a mom between us I receive space expand I was for one palette that's like two boxes of diapers which palette started to do for it can't really remember because I don't got the palette so it's kind of irrelevant towards me the unit palette right now this palette is not like a clique but in palette it's kind of like magnetic so when you open it it is so freaking beautiful it comes with this big mirror right here but I got this big lovely mirror and then all of these super beautiful colors in this palette I ordered this probably okay I know y'all probably see the money whatever this palette got a lot of shimmer shades and a little bit of my shades so the next palette this is of course Aphrodite palette when you open it this

palette also has a mirror and all of these beautiful colors as well and i already swiped some of these colors yah they so freakin pigmented like I cannot make this up I saw my final entire palette which is also the pellet that I have this look on my face with and but this is the Cara palette on the palette looks like this I got this palette because I got all these beautiful beautiful dope dope colors in it and I really wanted to yellow that was really pigmented so I'm thinking maybe if I got this this yellow will be pigmented and I'm gonna lie to y'all because I paid my own money on these so I'm gonna give such honest opinion I'm not gonna beat around the bush with any of this the yellow and his palette sucks the purple right here in this palette so I don't know how I was able to really pull this look off with his palette maybe it's just my first time using it and I was kind of scared to dip it in the pigments maybe I was scared too mr. palette up because you know when you first get a patent for the first time you're trying to be all gentle with it and stuff so maybe that's what I was doing but at the same time

even with me being gentle it should not be so hard for me to blend out the pigments I used the same brushes that I always used for any other palette I use the same concealer and the same powder to set the concealer way as any other palette and I would never have any problem with blending out products this palette does have matte shades and shimmery shades in it that is my mini hunch home back to y'all right now like I said I spend my own money on these so I'm not gonna set up and save about nothing imma keep it 100 these palettes y'all gotta go what are these palettes she said me these products are so super bomb these is amaz they're so no no I think I would just have to work with this one and do a number two look on this and see how I really feel about it and if I can really even suggest for somebody to go pick this palette up but I would hate to say don't buy this palette and then I use it in another video and I'm like yeah I like it okay I did not really describe what that was shot punch calm is an app or you can go online but it's a makeup website app that you can get affordable makeup from that has dupes from

expensive makeup if I just said that right you can run this website and get dupes for all makeups or you can just get any type of makeup that you want that's for lower price it's not high price even though some of the stuff on house I feel like it's on a high price but you can definitely want a hush and it's just like any other website you know you pick up the make up and if you order from that app you would get free shipping and no tax if you order from the website I believe you have to pay for shipping so download an app is free so a free app and free and free shipping it's it's cool with me like I said I hope you guys like this video go ahead and subscribe to my channel internal notification so wanna make other videos on anything you'll get notified when I put up something up even though used to kind of be slacking or notifying people just sayin but make sure y'all do all of that follow me on my social medias I stay on snapchat on snapchat ammoniac a I don't don't leave me hanging subscribe and I see all in my next video