20 March 2019

A Thrift Haul To Sell Online! | Sourcing For Online Sales | The Deal Queen

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hey guys and welcome back to my channel

so today I am filming a long awaited YouTube thrift haul I know it's been quite a while since I actually filmed a haul for my youtube channel I mostly been doing this over on my Instagram story so I thought I would bring you a long thrift haul of everything that I picked up over the last couple of weeks so that's not interesting then just keep watching now before we jump into the video I did want to let you guys know that this video is sponsored by audible and there's never been a better time to start listening with audible you get access to unbeatable selection of audio books including bestsellers motivation mysteries thrillers memoirs and more audible has the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet and now with audible originals the selection has gotten even more custom with content made for members this month I'm reading girls stop apologizing a shame free plan for embracing and achieving your goals by Rachel Hollis and I think this is a really awesome book just to entertain me while I'm working but also getting some really good solid information about how to be a woman in business and really

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then I also have another black one that I'm planning to list but this one has the tie back and it's like open back and it's kind of like a cross between a tunic and a mini dress so it's super cute on and it has the higher neckline next up is a Maeve dress from Anthropologie and this is like a burnt orange color it's really pretty and just kind of like a basic that you could wear under like a denim jacket or something and I think this would be perfect for any season it's kind of lightweight and just more like a shirt dress style next thing is this wild Fox sweatshirt which I'm considering keeping this one because it's the size large it's new a tags and it is striped it's kind of like a pullover hoodie and has the kangaroo pockets in the front so I thought this one was really cute and I'm really considering keeping that one alright next up is this blouse by I don't even want to try to butcher this name so I'm just going to show you guys the tag this one is also a size large so I was considering keeping this one as well but it's like semi sheer and they sell this brand at Macy's and I just thought this was really cute it's also

new it tags and everything that I got today is like a combination of thrifted stuff and then I also stopped at a few buy sell trade stores and a few clearance places so I get my inventory at a variety of different places but I will say I have been shopping less at Goodwill lately just because it's been pretty dry for me so I've been trying to branch out next up is this soft surroundings top which I haven't gotten to steaming yet but this one is a size medium and the tag has been cut right here but this is just a pink plaid and I really like these soft surrounding plaids because they have these really cute little buttons and sometimes they'll have velvet on the inside of the button detail right here and the best part about this one though is the fact that it has this awesome floral back and it's kind of silky so I really like that I think that's really pretty next up is this lovers and Friends mini dress again haven't gotten to steaming everything yet but this one is a size extra small and it is just a little mini dress in a blush pink so it is new a tags and I thought that one was really cute my friend Shea also got that same

dress next up this is a Bardot dress I don't know if you're going to be able to see this very well but it's like a navy and has the cutout detail at the waist and then it's kind of like a sheer lace oh I think this so pretty this is new without tags and this one is a size us six all right next up this is another Free People piece this one is kind of like a sequined tunic top and it has a few little pulls to the sequins but I'll just note that in the description and it also has the button detail down the side of the arm I thought this was really cute and it also has a back on it with the little tie tassel detail I don't know if that's tassels no it's just little beads instead I think that's pretty cute and this one is new and tags and it does come with the extra button so I thought that one might be a good pick up next up this is another Bardot dress so this one is a black lace and this one is also a size oh this one is the size u.s. eight and this one's new with tags I thought this was really pretty it has kind of like a bell sleeve to it I don't know if you guys are going to be able to see this because it's just a darker color

but it does have this bell sleeve to it as well and it's just a really nice little mini black lace dress next up is a privacy please I believe this is a romper so this is the tag size small and this is just a floral print and it also has this really cute detail on the front where it actually ties yeah so this is just a short romper and it zips in the back I thought that one was really cute and privacy please is sold at a variety of places but they also sell it at revolve next up this is they revolve brand and this is a want to say it's an academy or something don't don't touch me I don't know how to pronounce it but this is kind of like a safari Lisa blouse and I've seen a few of these sell and they seem to have pretty good prices on Poshmark so I thought I would grab this one this one is also a size small and I think that would be perfect for spring next up I've never sold this brand before and I don't know much about it I just really loved the style of this dress it's kind of like a swing a boho style and it has this lace up detail in the front as well as a little bit of a tassel detail at the bottom which I thought was adorable and it is new it

tags this one is a size extra small and it also has the really cute keyhole cutout in the back as well okay this next one is interesting because I said it wasn't really going to be picking up Lucky Brand anymore but I do pick it up depending on the piece and this one is floral and plus-sized and I thought it was a really pretty kind of like boho style dress I typically am more inclined to pick something up if it is plus-size and this one is a size 2x new tags again this isn't all from a thrift store so some of it is new attacks because I picked it up at clearance locations and buy sell trade stores so you're gonna see quite a bit of new a tags in this haul but there's a little sticker on it and it's just got this cute smocked almost little waistline on it stretchy very cute next up this is a Free People top and it's kind of like a loose oversized fit and it's semi sheer kind of like a mesh fabric I thought was really nice and again this is Free People and it is a size small I thought this floor would be perfect for any season and it's super oversized and flowy so I thought it would be great for spring next up this

is a Free People cardigan and I thought this was really cool because it's kind of like an oversized kind of drape front and it has this really cool kind of I don't know it's like a rope detail and you kind of pull it through and it attaches on the other side so it's thought that was cool and it has this really cool neon stitching and this one is not brand new so I will just note that in the description that it does have a couple of little flaws and I think it'll sell as is I don't think that's a huge deal okay next up this is a Univ PL upon the spur and I was actually really excited this was a unit and Urban Outfitters collaboration and this is a really oversized sweater coat it's kind of like an oversized cardigan and it does have a couple of little pulls to the fabric but again buyers don't necessarily care about that as long as it's a really good overall quality piece and this one's a size medium large and I think despite a couple of little fabric flaws that this is still gonna do really well I think it's really pretty and I think the color alone will probably sell it so I thought I would grab that one up next this was a

goodwill fine so this one is Vanessa Virginia by anthropology and it has the dry cleaning tag so if you ever see this little barcode on the tag that's what that means this one's a size medium and I'm really picky with anthropology these days just because it's not moving as fast for me anymore but this is a beautiful piece and as the tassels on the sleeves that are kind of oversized and it has this patchwork rows sort of print to it I just thought this was really pretty and I will pick up anthropology of course but it just has to be something that's either pretty or a pretty recent season up next this is a wild Fox piece and this one has the ruffle detail as well as this like kind of braided effect right here this one retailed for almost $200 so I thought it would be a good pick up new with tags and this is called the lace sweater and this is a size small it's like a very light blue color I thought that was really pretty and then last but not least I am gonna split this up into two separate hauls but this one is a wild Fox size medium and it says pool girl on it it's kind of like an oversized longer link that's kind of

like a tunic style I think this will obviously be perfect for summertime okay and before I move on to the end of the video I didn't want to show you guys a few different styles of Levi's that I picked up I posted a picture the other day of some denim that I had picked up and you guys requested that I show you a few different types of Levi's that I might pick up I don't have a ton of experience selling them I've just bought them in the past for myself and I typically can pick out the ones that I think are pretty cool so I wanted to show you guys just a few styles that I picked up for my Poshmark closet the first pair I have these in several sizes are these Levi's and they actually have the seat cut out right here right under the cheek and that's really cool right now girlfriend also is doing this several pairs of theirs but these are the Levi's 501 cropped and these are completely destroyed on the front so on the leg they're completely destroyed on the front and I have these in a variety of sizes this pair is a size 28 but I thought these were perfect for spring and black denim really never goes out of style and Levi's are super hot right now

so final ones would recommend picking up would not recommend having a cap that's going to get in your videos now next up this is a pair of wedgie Levi's straight leg and I think the wedgie name is really awesome I think it's funny but people were commenting and laughing about that the other day because they do have an interesting name but the wedgie is actually really popular right now and these are sold on a lot of really popular websites so like revolve sells a lot of like current Lee my Styles but this one is a size 25 and these are just a straight leg and they have the distress like raw him on them and they're a straight leg so I figured gray again is another really cool style right now gray and black are good for all seasons so I think these will be good okay so next up this is another pair I'm kind of considering keeping because these are our size 31 but these are again a 501 originals pair and I think the cool thing about these is that they have kind of like a vintage inspired look to them and as as you guys probably know vintage Levi's are super hot right now as well but these are just a very light wash but they completely

destroyed blown out knee and I think that's really cool again if they don't sell soon I probably will keep these because they are my size but I think they'll probably go pretty quickly size 31 30 and 31 do really well for me really anything like 27 and up typically sells pretty quickly for me so I thought these were really cool and those also have the raw him this next pair is also a 501 pair and these are a kind of like an off-white color and they have the destroyed like distressed him on them as well and these were sold on revolve so revolve and other trendy retailers are picking up Levi's right now just because they're super hot and have been for the last couple of years these are also a size 31 so this is kind of tempting all of these are sort of in my size so I'm trying not to keep them all because I definitely could use them for summer so hopefully they sell quickly and then finally this last pair again is a size 31 I did get denim in some other sizes but the majority of the Levi's go from like a 27 to a 31 and then this pair again my favorite pair is this Levi's spell out logo pair and so the really cool thing

about this is that it actually has this metallic strip down the center of it has like a sparkle effect to it so I thought that was really cool I actually have the matching like denim jacket to this and then it has the afraid bra him and it is completely destroyed on the front so again if you ever see Levi's I might recommend picking them up just because they're selling really well right now and I already sold one of these so they don't sell soon I might just keep all the thirty ones for myself we'll see alright so that is it for this haul I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did please give this a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below and I will be back very soon with another haul of the other half of this rack so if you like this video make sure that you are subscribed and thank you so much audible for partnering with me on today's video thanks for watching