21 December 2018

A quick holiday makeup look for moms!

How to get a Mommy makeup look in 8 minutes or less! We don't usually have much time to get ready for events this time of year (or ever) so use this quick guide ...


real quick about a very quick and easy and affordable way to get a holiday makeup look we all know as being a mom don't have a ton of time to put into our makeup look especially when it comes to doing you know a big extravagant look 30 minutes before about to leave for our event so this really saves time and energy and money to all the products I'm using today are under $15 most are actually under 10 so I'm gonna go ahead and get started you can read more about what products I use on my blog but today I just kind of wanted to time it and see how long it would take me to actually do I've done it before but I didn't time it so I wanted to go ahead and do it live and show you I'm just about how long it takes me so I'm gonna go ahead and hit the timer on my phone and go ahead and get started so I already primed my face with moisturizer a pretty rich moisturizer that kind of doubles as a primer so if you're interested in more information on that I could possibly do another blog on it but I'm gonna go ahead and use my a damp sponge to apply my foundation which I really love you can if you want go ahead and use a brush to apply and pretty thick strokes you

don't want to blend it before if you want that's a kind of an added step and added time but if that's something you want to that's a look you want to go for definitely go for it you can get a little bit more coverage that way by applying a little more foundation on first with the brush and then blending with the moist sponge afterwards so whatever floats your boat like I said I'm going to do it this way because it's just faster you'll probably use less foundation that way if you put it on the brush first and then blend it because sponge does kind of soak up because you can see I'm applying a few different times don't forget to get down on your neck and under your chin so you could probably see before I started I had some breakouts here my chin and under my nose and it's already disappearing some just with this really light foundation that's really moisturizing and nice so I think I have a nice base there and that took me about two minutes which is really probably the most difficult part next I'm going to use my concealer I'm using a little brush here on any spots I may have breakouts

under the eyes kind of brighten those up because I can use my mirror I know I have a lot of breakouts right now so Pinot mom is stressful as you all know okay pretty well covered there I'll go ahead and do my bronzer in the blog I kind of highlight a bronzer blush duo which really saves time so if you want to do that instead of like contour it's really not totally necessary but if you're like me I want to have a little bit of flush to your cheeks you can go ahead and add a little right to the apples of your cheeks there okay so that's done and then we'll move on to I got him do brows so I use a clear eyebrow gel just because I have pretty thick brows already I don't need a whole lot of fill in so I just go ahead and kind of tame those bad boys and that is it if you would like a little bit more fullness those products are on my blog as well but if you're like me pretty easy simple just kind of brush them out and it really makes them stand out nicely so it'll do mascara oh actually I do I showed up and we're just doing a single color real quick over the whole lid and I'm using kind of a

shimmery bronze which is nice for the holidays but there's a lot of different colors you can go with so I just blended or I just put right over my eyelid and then I'm taking my finger I used you can use a clean finger but I kind of like to put a little bit right in the corner there and blend it out both sides a little goes a long way so that's that then I'll do my mascara we're about five minutes in and I've been talking to so give or take five minutes you can be pretty generous on the mascara just because we're not doing eyeliner with this look bottom and top lashes really make them stand out it's really pull out those outer lashes really brighten the eye a little my eyelid slow me down here okay so that's done six minutes and last but not least a very simple Burt's Bees and it's a tinted very lightly tinted feels great on your lips it's like butter your simple to throw it on you can reapply throughout the night and it moisturizes at the same time so a little more I use this stuff all the time it's amazing so that's it about six six and a half minutes and transform my face you can't really see my blemishes much

and I just used the real simple liquid foundation by L'Oreal that infallible Pro glow and then concealer again it took me six minutes I might touch up a little bit on the cheeks just because I can't see quite and I'm using the same brush which is really a no-no in makeup but we're moms you know sometimes they just only have a couple of brushes to use so no shame in that just make sure you clean them really well so you accidentally break yourself out but that's the look so real simple easy less than eight minutes for sure took me about six and a half and I was talking so you can do two pretty easy [Music]