21 December 2018

A Month of Minis | Using my makeup samples

Dudes. My stash of samples is out of control. Out. Of. Control! It's time to focus on them and start working my way through them.

I think I have a problem

hey guys welcome back my makeup collection is running amok and the main culprit aside from eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks because I just I can't help myself samples I get sucked in every time I place the Sephora order to adding those free samples to my cart they used to be three samples and for some reason now they've dropped it down to two I should not complain because I should not add them I did a fairly large declutter of my samples because I had accrued literally hundreds of them when I'm talking samples I'm not talking the deluxe sized samples like the perks that you can get or the beauty offers I'm talking like these kinds of things or these kinds of things I had hundreds between makeup and skincare it was out of control little foil packets all that kind of thing so I declared the skincare ones and I'm not talking about them today I still have more than I could possibly ever need upstairs I am slowly making my way through them but I did declutter I gave ones that weren't suited for my skin needs to my friend because she's

got the opposite kind of skin than I do and recently I did give a lot of my makeup samples as well to a friend of mine who has lost everything in a house fire I gave her other stuff as well much as samples but that's not the point the point is is that I'm still left with a lot I did tally everything up I was gonna do a whole like get ready with me like a chit chat II kind of deal but hmm it's 11 o'clock at night and I still have to work tomorrow and Bennett is having I say Bennett like everybody knows who he is most of you do Bennett is my now 20 month old son I also have a six year old daughter my son is having a very restless night he was awake about ten minutes ago as well he's quite happy he's playing in his crib and I can hear him playing with his toys but if you hear random music in the background that's what it is shorten long is that I need to just focus and get through this so I did throw a little bit of makeup on but I'm not going to be doing it on camera today so sorry of that disappoints but mom life there it is so samples in going through my collection and bringing out and even

bring out everything like I didn't bring out glitter samples and liquid liquid eyeshadow samples I didn't bring all those out but I've got something for basically every category of makeup in going through all that I am definitely coming to the conclusion that I never need to add samples to my cart unless it's something that I have really been wanting to try I really don't need them oil packets I don't use unless their hair products I will use like shampoo and conditioner and things like that I just stick them in my shower they're easy to reach their insight so I don't forget about them but things like skincare things like these little tiny foundation samples excuse me I just don't reach for them they go into the box of forgetfulness and then I just never bring them out so I have now brought them out I don't even really think that I need to do any beauty offers ever again unless again it's something that I really want to try they just amass so quickly and they're they're very tempting when you think that you're adding extra value to your cart but if you get these samples and you never use them there's no additional

value there's just stuff tying up space in your house so that's what I'm finding so I'm not going to formally make this a project pan I find once I put that label on it I start like just mentally resisting it but I'm gonna make it a little bit more broader I'm gonna say it's a month of minis so today as I'm filming it is December 20th so let's talk December 21st by the time I actually use all this stuff again so I'm gonna run it from December 21st to January 21st and just see how many samples I can use up if any it's only a month that we think we use a ton of makeup but most of these products last a very long time so see if I even make a dent and then I will reassess from there and see what I want to do with all of this but like I said I am gonna go through them with you there's 215 samples just sitting on this desk in front of me and that's not counting all of my full-size delegates it's rediculous ode of Hoarders it's ridiculous so rather than let all this stuff just languish and expire I may as well use it right so I don't really know how I want to do this to be honest because there's 215 items if I hold up

215 items and show them to you you're gonna be hella bored and this is going to be like a four hour videos so why don't I just speak in generalities shall we how about I do that so I have an acrylic set of drawers that sits to the left of me one day maybe I'll show you the actual room I just keep waiting until it's like perfectly organized and perfectly clean and there's not you know empty boxes and all over the ground here but I don't know that that day's ever gonna come so if you promise in the comments not to judge my slovenly Ness then I'll show you the whole room has that deal all right so here's one drawer these across the top watch me drop it all that's just how my day would be going these across the top are all primers there are 18 primer samples and they're all like deluxe sized samples like it's I don't even think I've ever used this one to be honest I just keep amassing and it's out of control so I'm going to make a dent to them even if I just focus on one and use one up at least it's one thing so also I know I'm jumping around yeah you should be expecting that for me at this point but as I go through them

as I test them out and actually put them to use if you don't like them they're gone because for the longest time I was operating from this standpoint of I want the most like I want a big collection I want smattering across the board of all different brands and this and that and the other thing I don't need 18 freaking primers I don't need 18 different types of primer I have fairly mundane skin it's not too dry it's not too oily there's really not much going on the pores they behave themselves I don't need the entire gamut of primers and 18 is just what I have in samples there are full-sized items as well that I'm not including in that so it's insane if you don't love it out it goes it's not adding value it's just not foundations hmm the additions are along the bottom so I do have plus a one full size I have deluxe size samples here and then I have these kind of things I'm going to focus on these first because they just tie up so much space but they aren't easy to use there one use jobs and then away they go so I just need to actually use them get them the hell out of my collection and somehow I've amassed like eight of these ones so

here's something I still like it because at one point I clearly really did I don't have much in the way of concealer I only have two so I have the creaseless concealer from Tarte and I have an in cosmetics one if you've used this creaseless concealer can you please let me know is yours like super thick and dry as well because this one is that I don't know if it's just because it's a sample or what it's just a really thick weird consistency not something that I would expect from a concealer but there it is I made notes today for foundations I have 27 samples to use that's insane for concealers I have two like I said loose powders are not condemned stories I'm itching my boob on camera loose powders I have four I don't have them in this drawer but they are right here this one is almost done these ones are brand new and this one I used once really didn't like the way it looked under my eyes I'm going to try it on my face it's the translucent setting powder from Laura Mercier but it's the glowy version did not like it at all under my eyes try to my face see how it goes if I don't like it it's going somewhere else

bronzers blush and highlighters bronzers I have six of to get through Burberry one has a Too Faced and a nude by Nature one I've got hoola bronzer and hoola light and then I've got my Smashbox deluxe sample contour kit this is the only contour shade that I have any more miniature size so I'm going to include that as well blushes again I have a bunch of one blushes from benefit to go through I've got to NARS ones a mini tart a mini morphe a Steve Lawrence I've never heard of but it came in an Ipsy bag so there it is and then a makeup forever as well the only category that kind of leaves me wishing that I had a different shade to choose from in the mini versions is highlighters I have one of these from hourglass that's super fun that's at least a one-time use and then it's gone but then I have it in a miniaturised size I did ultimately buy one of the for Sully jelly things I just bought the smaller version can't say that I'm in love with it I'm still experimenting and trying to figure out how to make it work best for me but I'm glad I only bought the smaller version so hopefully I'll get some use out of it

I've got a mini Becca a mini Zhu a one of these enhancer drops from cover effects I find these to be way too strong on their own so what I'll probably do is just mix it in with the foundation and hope for the best the next category that I have written down is aisle eight primers so I've got two in the tubes Too Faced and urban decay and then I have three in different shades from Smashbox so there is a light version a white and a black I've used the white in the black before and I have a hard time with it so I'm gonna have to try just using each tiny amount because if you use too much just gums everything up and it just becomes really impossible to work with so little nervous about that one but we'll get through it and then we're onto eyes now I have three Natasha - Nonna mini palettes so I'm gonna get that into the rotation I have a Mac 9 pan palette came free with a gift with purchase but the pans are little tiny guys so I'm going to include that and the hardest pro to go and then I have the spice of life palette from zoeva most of these are all very neutral in tone so I did throw in two of the huda beauty minis as

well I have all of the huda beauty minis so I'm not counting all of them because if I dump an extra like ten pallets into this then it just kind of defeats the purpose of trying to get use out of them but I did want to include a couple for some pops of color just to make things a little bit more fun so I am working with eight eyeshadow palettes in total also with eyes are these there are 21 little baggies of loose eyeshadow powders I guess and glitters a lot of these are free with purchase don't even choose them they just show up as little perks I guess but they amass fairly quickly now I will say some of these I did order so I ordered these from the website hello waffles Canadian yay but I've had them for like a year and have never used them so teaches me for ordering stuff in envelopes I guess or baggies if you will so I do have some glitters in here as well but basically I just need to try some of these out again it's gonna add some interest to the mostly neutral eyeshadow palettes but not the most convenient form of packaging but there it is so I just need to try them get some use

out of them and get them on their merry way eyeliners I have five I've got two from Urban Decay a purple and a brown I have one black pencil liner from church and I two liquid ones one from Kat Von D and one from Stila they are nothing to say about them I don't know where shake it's interesting though as the mascaras oh I've got 17 mini mascaras it's ridiculous like it's absolutely nuts I do I take full responsibility for this because any time I can get my hands on a free mascara I tend to order it clearly I don't need to anymore because again I have full-size ones as well I don't need to buy mascara for like two years I have so much of it so again as I use them most of these I have used before but as I really put them to the test and really focus on these minis if I don't write them away they go because they're just tie-ups face setting sprays I have five mini setting sprays this one is almost done and off you can see in the camera there it is almost done and then there's this one has almost done as well if it'll focus there we go and then two of these are brand new and then this one is not quite half so lots of studies sweating sprays know lots of setting

sprays to work with okay perfume I have 21 21 22 I have twenty-two little need perfume samples this again is after declutter my perfume samples I've been working so long on rollerballs and getting them out of the way that I've just been completely neglecting these I need to use these up because I don't want this pin sitting around in my drawers like it just takes up so much space it's so bulky I now have a nice little collection about three full-size perfumes I love every single one of them I don't need all of these samples because those are the ones I want to reach for so I just want to use them up again it should be redundant at this point but if I really don't like them I'd to go ain't nobody got time for that right right last category is lips this is clearly my downfall I feel like we should play one of those games like I guess the jelly beans like yes the number of lipsticks that are in this container shut up to the cosmetic archive by the way there is their logo go and check them out on Instagram not sponsored just amazing products going do you need these

okay so any guesses there are 61 in there 61 and I guarantee you I have more than 61 full-sized I've only got one set of lips it's craziness and as much as I love minis because they're cute and adorable and just like it's so petite and tiny little I just for some reason I never reach for them and that makes no sense because they're sitting out in the open right in the line of sight so those are the ones that I'm going to be working on at least for the next month and presumably into the future as well so there we have it 215 samples yeah tell me I'm not alone in this just even if I am alone just tell me that I'm not because I feel like not I feel like I really truly believe that I'm not so we're all in good company I have no predictions in terms of how much I can actually use up within a one month span but I do typically do makeup twice a day I know that seems really extra but I do it for my everyday day job and then I usually wash all that off and do it again for videos at night I don't film every night but some nights I do just play with makeup and do like Instagram pictures or whatever or just

play and practice technique in that kind of thing so I do use makeup more often than most I would imagine but there's still no no reason for me to have this much so I'm hoping to make somewhat of a dent and even if I don't I really do see this as being something that I'm going to continue to focus on beyond the one month mark because I just want the space back like I'm overwhelmed right now by my collection I love it I am incredibly grateful for it I'm very proud of it I've worked hard for it but it's a little overwhelming it's it's too much of a good thing so I want to focus on using what I have rather than amassing more and certainly I need to cut stem the flow of samples into my house because it's out of goddamn control alright that is it guys thank you so much for taking the time to watch and I will see you in my next video until then just be a decent human being bye for now