06 May 2019

A College Student's Makeup Collection

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stress Fatiha everyone there haven't

really been any recent commentary topics I wanted to talk about so I thought why not make a video showing you guys my makeup collection in my get ready with me random rants I do do a get ready with me and where I do my makeup for the day before I go to class and I normally don't mention the products I use because I'm not a booty guru so I thought why not just make a little video sharing what I have and just as a little disclaimer I am a college student I do not have a lot of money to spend on makeup so the majority of the high-end products you might see here are there from TJ Maxx and everything else I own is either drugstore makeup or I've accumulated it over the years or it's makeup that my friends have given to me with that being said let's just get right into the makeup let's start with this container here because this I think has the more interesting makeup and its really the makeup that I use on a daily basis let's start with brushes this is a foundation brush that my brother got for me from TJ Maxx a while back I don't really use it if you're familiar with my get ready with me random rants I don't wear foundation a lot so I don't really

use this brush a lot now when I do wear foundation I use this brush I prefer using brushes for foundation it just makes it a lot easier and this brush covers so much ground so quickly it makes putting foundation on so easy it's from that elf precision collection I think but I really love it you can tell how much I love it it's really dirty but yeah when I do wear a foundation this is the brush I use this is a foundation brush that I got a really long time ago from a friend it's really useful for like getting under the eyes with concealer so sometimes I do use it for concealer but it's mostly for foundation if I'm carving around my brows or trying to be careful around my eye makeup this I believe is an elf blush brush I use it for everything I use it for bronzing I use it for blush I use it to set my face a lot of the time because I don't have a big fluffy powder brush but this is the brush that I use most out of all my makeup brushes this is an estate Lauder brush that my brother got for me from Banton Banton I believe recently went out of business or someone bought bonds hon so they were trying to clear out

everything in the stores and my brother got this brush for me at one of the makeup counters for really cheap and I use this for highlight because it has like this cool like dome shape so I can like really use this round part to focus it on my cheeks so those were all my face brushes and now I'm going to show you guys all my eye brushes this is from a set of Harry Potter wand brushes that I got back in high school I believe this is wrong this wand I really like using this brush to apply like inner corner highlight or highlight on my brow bone or on the tip of my nose it's just a nice really dense small round brush this is another brush from the Harry Potter set that I got this is Dumbledore's wand and this brush is actually really shitty but I don't want to get rid of it because I still want to have my complete set of Harry Potter brushes this I believe is an Ardell come on focus I'm sorry if everything's out of focus I'm doing my best here this is an Ardell brow brush this is the brow brush I use and it's like 10 times better than Anastasio as expensive-ass brow brush I don't even remember how much this was it was really cheap and I love it this is a

random like dense brush thing I don't know where I got it I don't know what brand it's from but I like it I use it to like really get in the crease with defined color if I really want to concentrate the color and kind of pack it on but also being able to blend it out my brushes are so gross I need to clean them this is Hermione's wand from the Harry Potter brush set and as you can see it's just like a nice little angled brush I don't know what brand this is this is an angled pencil brush I don't know but this is the brush that I use for gel liner another Harry Potter wand is this Ron's wand yeah okay so this is Harry's wand and then this is Ron's wand I can't believe I mixed that up I'm such a bad Potter head this is Ron's wand brush and this is a nice angled blending brush I am NOT like the booty gurus I don't care what they say about those fluffy blending brushes I need an angled blending brush to really get the effect I want I can't use the typical blending brushes that everyone tells me to use on YouTube this is the last brush I have from me Harry Potter wand set it's voldemort's wand and it's just like

a nice flat concealer brush and I use this to carve out my brows a lot this is a random elf eyeshadow brush it's nice and flat and dense and I use this to really pack on colors when I need them to stay in place and here I have to like profusion brushes I typically will use this one like the more flat one for like contouring my nose or really getting a highlight where I want it to go and then this is another angled blending brush that's a little denser than my other one I'm going to try and get through this quicker because I've been talking too much this is the Maybelline lash sensational mascara it's my favorite mascara it's the only one I buy it's great this is an eyebrow tweezer this is the Maybelline master precise felt tip eyeliner and I really love this but it doesn't come with a lot of product there's actually an eyeliner that I like from Hot Topic I don't know what the name of it is but it's a double-ended eyeliner and I've been meaning to get that again but until I do I'm using this and this is a NYX brow mascara if you're wondering why it's so light for my color

because I have pretty dark brown hair it's because my brother roasted me at Target when I bought this I was going to get a darker color but here I might as well show you my brow pomade I do use the Anastacio brow pomade and it's a like it's pretty dark compared to the color of this and my brother roasted me that target because I was going to get a color that matched the pomade but he said your brows always look like you drew them on with brown sharpie they're too dark get the lighter color and there were like other people in the aisle with us when he said that so I was like goddamn okay I'll get the lighter one this is my concealer it's the Sephora brand concealer and here we have the venti foundation I really love this foundation it is so good for oily skin like mine I got it for my birthday because a family member gave me like $50 or so to spend at Sephora so I chose to get the Fendi foundation because I wanted to support Rihanna and it's actually a very very good foundation for oily skin so if you're looking for a good matte foundation this is it this is a Lancome lip stain again from Banton when they

were closing it's a nice like cherry red color and I really love it because I don't like lipstick I never wear it I usually wear a tinted chapstick because it's so much more convenient and my lips get really dry I can put this on and then my tinted chapstick and be good all day and trying to like stop the glare I'm sorry we have the Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer I got this from TJ Maxx I think they changed the packaging because like this is the old packaging but it's the perfect color for me I can use this in summer when I'm a little tanner or a lot tanner because I'm a lifeguard and I can use it in the winter when I am pale as a ghost and it smells like chocolate which makes it so much better this is a sample size of the Tarte blush in part I've like hit pan on it because I really love this blush and you get a lot of pigment out of a little bit I've had this for like a year but I do have a darker blush that I wear in the summer so this is my really good blush for when I'm a little pale or even in the summer when I just want like a subtle flush you've already seen my brow pomade so here is my gel liner this is the elf Joe black liner I've had this

for a very long time nowhere near to running out and it's really good it dries really fast and it's really easy to work with this is the Sephora brand beauty amplifier primer and this isn't even the full size of the primer I don't think and this has lasted me so long I've had this since like October this is another thing I got for my birthday and it's honestly the best primer I've ever used it's really good on the eyes it's really good on the face it's just an all-around great primer and it was not expensive at all I don't think people give the Sephora brand enough of a chance and then my very dirty Real Techniques sponge and here is my Too Faced Born This Way translucent powder I got this for Christmas with a Sephora gift card that one of my family members gave me this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora glow kit again a t.j.maxx find I really love this palette this is the only highlighter palette I use and I really don't see myself buying single highlighters when I have this okay now on to the exciting part my favorite products in my collection my eyeshadow palettes let's start with these three

palettes so this is the next ultimate brights I got this palette because I wanted to experiment with color and the James Charles palette was insanely expensive for not a lot of variation in colors so I got this palette and it's actually a very good color palette this is the color pop Mar palette I did a look with this a while ago and I complained about how patchy it is because it is patchy the shimmers are nice but the mats are just not good I'm actually been able to create a lot of nice looks with this palette and I might include a picture of one that I posted to my Instagram recently because I was really proud of it but overall this just is a pretty unremarkable palette I think the only shade that I really like actually is that blue like look at that that's actually like a really nice color like color pop who told you you could do that that's one swipe I love it and this is the old packaging and formula I'm assuming of the Too Faced natural mattes palette I used to use this a lot but I really don't anymore unless I'm going into that pill white shade on top this is one of my favorite palettes that I

own this is the color pop all I see is magic palette I really love this palette what I like to do with my eyeshadow looks is I like to keep the crease and everything neutral but then like put a bold shimmer on my lid there's this really pretty like green purpley duochrome shade here that's my favorite shade in the palette and this is like kind of holographic white and this is the shade I use the most for like brow highlighting and inner corner highlighting if I were to say at which palette I actually use on a regular basis constantly it would be this palette this is the I think I love you palette from colour-pop it has literally everything I need for a basic I look for school it has the nice Brown maps and a lot of very pigmented beautiful shadows to complement it this is probably my second favorite color pop palette because it is so versatile and easy for me to use now this is the original tartlet palette my friend gave this to me this was my very first ever high-end eyeshadow palette and I don't use it anymore I should use it more okay we're almost done this is the naked heat god I really regret getting this palette this

was my first ever urban decay purchase I got like again like 50 bucks from a family member for getting my first job and I had seen this palette on tred mood and I really wanted to spoil myself so I got it and I don't like it oh Jesus this subculture palette think you know how I feel about this palette from my get ready with me random rant that I posted recently it's a bitch to work with I'm desperately trying to learn how to use it it's actually kind of sad because I really wanted this palette for a long time it seemed like the perfect palette for me I loved the colors and my mom got it for me at t.j.maxx I don't know I just I need to learn how to work with pressed pigments this is another one of my favorite palettes this is the Jaclyn hill x morphe palette it's a very nice palette I love the colors I love this palette and I really got this one to complement it do not take this as an endorsement for Jaclyn hill I really don't like that woman now you may be asking if you don't support that creator then why did you get her palette if I wasted all my time thinking that I shouldn't get certain makeup because I don't support the

people behind it then I wouldn't have any makeup okay I don't care if you're jaclyn hill i don't care if you're Jeffrey star I don't care if you mani MUA or Laura Lee I don't like any of those people but if I'm inclined to try their makeup I'm going to try their makeup I don't feel as strongly about that as other people do and I'm sorry if people have a problem with that but it's it's just makeup this is a highlighter palette that my mom got me from route 21 the highlighters are kind of they're not very pigmented or shiny on the face but there's unicorns in the pan and they're pretty colors and they're kind of good on the eyes this is a magnetic palette that I have filled with a blush that I really love a pressed powder that I really love and like oh god these eyeshadows are so old and shattered I should really throw these away but yeah this is a magnetic palette that I have some random depotted stuff in these are Ardell magnetic lashes you can only see one pair of them I have been in theater and dance my entire life false lashes are a part of my life during performance season I don't wear them the rest of the year but when it's

performance time god damn it I need lashes that the audience can see and I don't like wasting time with glue and messing up my makeup with glue and smearing stuff everywhere so these magnetic lashes I don't know if you can see but they are pretty full and pretty thick and pretty voluminous and they show up really nice on stage so these are really the only false lashes I have and I really only use them for performances here I just have a random pack of eyeshadow applicators for stage makeup I have like a pencil sharpener for like makeup pencils my brother this for me this is like a green Maybelline Color tattoo liquid shadow that I really like these are two eyeliner pencils that I like to use one of them is like a raspberry purpley color and then one of them's black this is a Rimmel London stay matte lipstick whenever I do commit to lipstick this is usually the lipstick I wear this is a Milani contour and highlight little duo thing it has a stick contour thing on one side and then a liquid highlight on the other side this is another one of my specific stage makeup items because I can really deepen my contour and then go

in with bronzer on top to get a really nice contour that can be seen onstage and then the liquid highlighter I kind of use it as a primer for my other highlighter because it really makes it stick and it really makes it glow much better on stage this is a really old Milani blush I don't know why I still have this I remember getting this for prom this is a Laura Geller eyeshadow duo this is basically what I used before I had any eyeshadow palettes and you can really see that I've hit pan there's a dent in the other one this was all that I use to put for I got eyeshadow palettes here I have this is another thing for a stage makeup I don't oh god I don't want to blind you but essentially one side of that mirror gets really really close up which is really helpful for my eye makeup and here I have two more foundations one is the L'Oreal infallible Pro matte and the other is the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless these are both in my summer colors depending on how tan I get after a summer of lifeguarding I have a dense little powder brush that I use for contouring for stage makeup this is the lipstick I use for stage makeup it's

nice and bright on one side it's a stick lipstick and the other it's the matching gloss another contour brush for stage makeup and here is my stage makeup blush look at that red oh my god I only use this for stage makeup I just a white eyeliner pencil and unlike a matte pencil lip color that I use to prime my lips for my stage lipstick this is a nude gloss that I sometimes wear and then the rest of this is just chapstick because I am a chapstick addict all right I hope you guys liked my little makeup collection video I wouldn't say that my makeup collection is pretty minimalistic but I would say it's a reasonable amount of makeup for someone like me I wear makeup on the daily but I also need to be able to do some really heavy versatile stuff when I go onstage so this is really all the makeup I own and use I don't really buy new makeup unless I need to like refill something or if I feel that I need something new but as for right now I really feel like I have all the makeup I need and all the makeup I really want I actually have a little soft spot for my makeup collection a lot of it is stuff my friends and family gave me a lot of

it is stuff that I saved up to get stuff like that and I don't really have any friends who care about makeup as much as I do so it was really nice to make a video sharing what I have with you guys if you like this video be sure to leave it a like and if you want to see more from me hit subscribe we would love to have you and as always thank you for choosing to spend your time with me it's the most valuable thing you have and I am so grateful that you chose to click on my video and spend it with me I'll see you guys again in my next video bye